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Hilton Moves to Hollywood Hills

7/22/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Movin' on up ... to the Hollywood Hills!

Paris' lil' sis Nicky Hilton -- that other party-hopping heiress -- just dropped a load on a new home. The non-con Hilton ponied up a cool $3 million for her new pad. The new abode -- which measures up at around 4,000 square feet -- isn't considered excessively large compared to some of her compatriots' quarters, has an office-gym and 4-1/2 baths. The house features just three bedrooms, just enough for when sis Paris needs a place to crash after a long night out around town.

The designing Hilton -- who runs her own clothing line, Chick, for chic chicks -- kept it in the family, and had her uncle Mauricio Umansky help her with the sale, reports the L.A. Times.


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2650 days ago


who really cares about the blond whore or what her sister does damn its time to stop talking about the stupid blond .ENOUGH FOR GET THE WHORE

2650 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Nice to see some neutral Hilton news! Good for you Nicky!!!!! Predicting there will be serveral comments on this post from Fat Cheeto eating slobs that "live" in Ohio" bashing the Hiltons!!!!!!

2650 days ago

Hang em High    

Its nice to see that one of them seems to have half a brain anyway.

2650 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Maurcio Umansky is married to Kyle Richards. He is her second husband and he is extremely rich. That is a cheap house that Nicky Hitlon bought with his firm representing her. His listings are worth tens of millions. Look up his website.

Nicky Hilton is not so bad like Paris. Paris is not so abd, but she has made many foolsih mistakes all on herself.

2650 days ago


Somebody already dropped a load - and called it Nicky Hilton.

2650 days ago


Who's cares... I mean who really cares! What is she really knows for... nothing????

2650 days ago


Wow, Katie, you sure are one hate-loving chick. Your judgemental rant about people you don't even know and can't even see makes you sound like a fat Cheeto-eating slob from Ohio. Make that INBRED slob. Maybe you should do something about all unresolved anger, that much could land you in a padded cell. Which is where a screeching maniac like you should be kept at all times anyway.

Nicky Hilton, another spoiled over-indulged brat living on her family's money but pretending her wealth is actually because of a cheesy clothing line fit only for fat Cheeto-eating slobs from Ohio like Katie. If not for Hilton money, Nicky's cheesy clothing line would be nowhere, would not even have got off the ground. The Hilton's pour their money into anything their brain-dead daughters come up with, and if not for the Hilton money, nothing would ever see the light of day. Go away, Hiltons, no one cares about you except fat Cheeto-eating slobs like Katie from Ohio.

2650 days ago


Parisite probably talked her into buying a house so she would have a safe place to party and do her drugs and film some more pornos without getting caught and therefore, proving that she is not the little miss perfect that she tries to portray. Oh wait, that cover is already blown.

2650 days ago

chillout music girl    

Great for nicky...she seems intelligent and involved in her own interest.

The buyer is Nicky Hilton, 23, Paris' younger sister.

Her new house, built in the '40s, is traditional in style. And it's not excessively large by today's benchmark for the well-heeled. The 4,000-square-foot house has three bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms, an office-gym and a family room. Hilton can use the family room as she has many cousins who visit.

There's a pool, but it's relatively nondescript.

In picking the neighborhood, Hilton followed many others her age who flock to the Hollywood Hills. Although they don't necessarily frequent the Sunset Strip clubs, they like the trendy restaurants and boutiques.

Except for having a marriage annulled and appearing on numerous magazine covers, including GQ and Vanity Fair, this great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton manages to live outside the limelight.

Nicky Hilton became an apparel designer in Tokyo in 2001, when she was 17 and, earlier this year, launched a new clothing line. She turned down a role starring with her sister in "The Simple Life."

Victor Kaminoff, director of architectural and unique properties at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Sunset Strip, had the listing.

Hilton's uncle, Mauricio Umansky at Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, represented his niece.

2650 days ago


Good for you, Nicky? Why, cuz she is a lame heiress who did nothing herself except be born into wealth? As IF she would be living where she is living because of anything but the Hilton money. Why is she even news, the Hilton name is nothing, just stands for attention-whoring uneducated stupid lying slut that produces sex tapes of herself and has herpes. Wow, what a claim to fame to be a sister of THAT! You'd think Nicky would have enough sense to know what a stigma the Hilton name is and change it. Have some more Cheetos, Nicky, LOL.

2650 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Good for Nicky.

2650 days ago


"Apparel designer???" ROTFLMAO! Uh, yeah, looks like another feel-good pile of steaming feces from the Hilton PR machine. Nicky's "apparel designing" would have gone nowhere without the Hilton name and the Hilton money. Nicky is as big a liar as her sister, pretending her money is directly attributed to a clothing line that is directly attributable to the Hilton money. What a crock, Nicky is as spoiled and worthless and self-centered as Paris, lives off her family's money and pretends the family's money is not behind her high living and clothing enterprise. Go away, Nicky, you phony piece of trash and take your PR a$$holes with you, we can smell PR BS a mile away.

2650 days ago


For those of us wondering why tmz is such a kiss ass to the HILTON FAMILY they are on of their main sponsors , that explains alot of things

2650 days ago


Sounds good to me...:)

2650 days ago
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