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Hilton Moves to Hollywood Hills

7/22/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Movin' on up ... to the Hollywood Hills!

Paris' lil' sis Nicky Hilton -- that other party-hopping heiress -- just dropped a load on a new home. The non-con Hilton ponied up a cool $3 million for her new pad. The new abode -- which measures up at around 4,000 square feet -- isn't considered excessively large compared to some of her compatriots' quarters, has an office-gym and 4-1/2 baths. The house features just three bedrooms, just enough for when sis Paris needs a place to crash after a long night out around town.

The designing Hilton -- who runs her own clothing line, Chick, for chic chicks -- kept it in the family, and had her uncle Mauricio Umansky help her with the sale, reports the L.A. Times.


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"what's wrong with Cheetos...........". _Posted on Jul 22nd 2007 by BB


Need you even ask? Orange finger tips, orange lips, orange teeth, orange tongue, orange mouth, not a very orangy breath, and orange crumbs strewn about anywhere you sat gorging on that ORANGE snack. Try Original SunChips. They're tasty, crisp, just enough salty flavour and sweet flavour rolled into one, cool texture, and better yet, even healthy for ya. That's more in check with California Au Naturale. Plus, they're great plain, and even good with crab dip, blue cheese salad dressing, queso, salsa, and guacamole. Cheetos just doesn't pair well with anything but it's very own colour, Orange a la Mess.

2653 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Dear Fellow Posters,

Just slammed back a couple of beers.... I felt I need to take issue with Theo and several others that attacked my original post, #2.

Theo ...I DID NOT thearten anyone. Your miserable half-witted post basically said that I shouldn't be allowed to state my opinion. Why? I am very very sorry about your homelife and bitterness... please accept my apology.

Your Friend,


I agree with poster #65 about Cheetos.

2653 days ago


All I have to say is this .....Hilton Family are unstable people . They ALL are using

great grandfather's money , if they didn't have that , they wouldnt be any differences

than you or I . Hiltons aren't but spending great-grandfather

MONey , THEY'RE MONEY HUNGRY . Look at Paris she has no college education

bleach blonde bitch with no talent . Soon the Hilton HOtels will be sold out by some

other investment company ............. for billions . Rick Hilton better hold on to his

realestate company because that's all he's going to have ...........

2653 days ago


All she did is buy a house..jeez

The people fart and it's news to TMZ

2653 days ago


You act like when she realized she was born into a wealthy family, she was suppose to disown

I CANT STAND PARIS, but Nicky has really done no more than try to avoid her sister's paparazzi overload. She stays in the background and tries to begin a life of her own WITH NO FLASHBULBS. She probably hates being Paris' sister actually. She's always in the back and had to come home early to show family support while she was minding her own business, trying to quietly enjoy her vacation when the ditz Paris was going to court. Every excuse is made for Paris, while Nicky is the only one that acts like they have a shred of common sense in the entire family.

Paris could learn a thing or two from her sister, Nicky.

2652 days ago


Some of you posters need anger managment classes and some therapy to manage the hate that resides inside your souls!
There are tons of second, third and fourth generation wealth out in the world. I think you would better be served to criticize the Walton family where almost EVERY memeber of the Walmart clan has BILLIONS of dollars and they treat their employees like crap. What does THAT family do. NOTHING AT ALL FOR THE MOST PART. And what about the royalty in England. NOW that is a waste of money as is ANY royalty in any country. They are simply country figures who get a hell of a lot of money, fame and fortune for just being 'born' into the hundred year old monarchy. Get rid of these folks first before you bash the Hilton girls!
And PLEASE get some real help for your deep-seated anger and hate issues. You need it.

2652 days ago


I may have not agree with number 67. " They spending their great-grandfather spending money". I have read somewhere about month that the investment company bought some of Hilton Hotels about month ago from the Hilton Corporation. I have read that the late Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels must be a sucessful businessman until he made a millionaire. I used to go Hilton Hotel near my hometown (NC) where I went to the high school graduations and wedding parties. It is nice.

2652 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Good for Nicky.
So many on these sites bash the Hilton's. But Paris and Nicky apparently inherited the Hilton business genius from their grandfather. Nicky not only has a line of great clothes, but is also creating a line of boutique hotels. Her desegn work for charities is well known.

2652 days ago


To #65 - Susan

Firstly, many people who are born into a life of priviledge do not tout themselves as a role model for teenagers in the way Paris Hilton does.

Secondly, we do look up to many of those people; e.g. Ivanka Trump Anderson Cooper, etc.

You aren't reading hatred hear, you are reading disrespect. I won't go into the many reasons Paris is so disrespected; there are too many to list here as many people know. But many are just tired of being force-fed by TMZ on her photos or any story that will link her name to it, such as this one has done.

These are the reasons why you are reading such comments.

2652 days ago

I call bullshit    

Hilton's uncle, Mauricio Umansky at Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, represented his niece.


2652 days ago

I call bullshit    

EVERY memeber of the Walmart clan has BILLIONS of dollars and they treat their employees like crap. What does THAT family do. NOTHING AT ALL FOR THE MOST PART.

...yes 'Susan' but none of them whore themselves out to the media because of their name......

2652 days ago


both hiltons are talentless, uncreative (thus, not "designers" of anything), & don't want to give credit where credit is due or even pay the people who do their work for them - they want to walk all over people & discredit them when their ways are "outed".

anyone can graduate from high school - doesn't take much....but someone who enters design school usually has a portfolio of work to show to get in...hilton paid her way in, make a bet of it....then when it comes time to actually show her talents & compete in design school, which would require honest effort & work (& mind you, it's not rocket science or engineering, or even english lit), she's unable to do it & quits....hilton's are talentless quitters, sluts & std-spreading whiners, & worse.

i'd be afraid to stay at any hotel either of them are a part of...might come home with who-knows-what-disease....3 mil in the Hills is pretty darn cheap - thought she could do better, but i guess she's not making much on her "business skills" nor on her cheesy "clothing line". go back to school, n. hilton...& take your sister with u.

2652 days ago


u'd think she could afford more house. surely all those "cousins" she's inbreeding with, with her sister, would need more room....or, does she live in the 'Bu and have them stay in the Hills while they visit?

i'm sure her class-less-ness is just sooo welcomed by 'the neighbors'.
pass the cheetos, please....

2652 days ago

I call bullshit    

"i'd be afraid to stay at any hotel either of them are a part of...might come home with who-knows-what-disease.... "

Even Paris won't stay at a Hilton - it was her last choice a few weeks ago in Hawaii after she was turned down by several other hotels.

2652 days ago


Hate to be hater but why should we care? What's the use of headlining the story when they have any pictures!? C'mon TMZ, I luv ya but you're losing it.

2650 days ago
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