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Two Rappers, Two Guns, Two Arrests

7/23/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two hip-hop heavies -- Ja Rule and Lil' Wayne -- were rapped last night in New York, both for possession of .40-caliber pistols, and just an hour and a few blocks apart from one another.
Ja Rule, Lil' Wayne

The NYPD tells TMZ that around 10:30 PM last night, Ja Rule's 2004 Maybach was stopped on Manhattan's Upper West Side for excessive speeding and expired tags. When cops investigated, they found a .40-caliber Taurus pistol inside the car. The scrap-happy rapper (real name: Jeffrey Atkins), his driver and a female companion were all arrested on charges of criminal possession of a weapon.

An hour later, just blocks away, Lil' Wayne, who had just played a show at the Beacon Theater, was "observed" by cops allegedly smoking pot in his tour bus. When police did a subsequent search of the bus, they again found a .40-caliber pistol, and arrested Wayne (aka Dwayne Carter) for criminal marijuana possession and criminal possession of a weapon.

At the time of posting, both rappers were awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.


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The funniest thing about all of this they probably each make more money than everyone who commented combined, I love America

2652 days ago


Gungsters - HaHaHaHa ,Whom he can make badly,he is a Big Kids !!! If they would know what this tattoo mean at prison - "tears at face " ,it means that he kill,his roommate of cell in jail...How much tears,so it is a lot of victims,and if he don't do this,big people must kill him,he can't wallk with this !!! In Russia simply do this tatto=SUICIDE !!! I trust that they have pistols , only with an inscription "GAMO" on the underside,and full pockets of plastic, yellow bullets....;)

2652 days ago


I think we've found the level of african american society in general, in what other
culture/forum (Rap) could so many young men like these become idolized and rich.

I saw the BET awards tribute to James Brown, by Public Enemy, it looked pretty
militant to me, waht s up with all the fists in the air, reminiscent of Black Panther movement
if you ask me.

What I cant stand is their "It's all about me, me, me" attitude.
And before some of you think I'm a bigot.. etc, I do have the utmost respect for jazz, blues, gospel and reggie music.

2652 days ago


Thomas if you truely believe that,then you have made my point. The way whites view and treat blacks is so twisted and foul that there is very little chance for blacks to get a fair chance in almost any facet of American mainstream life. This is the sad truth.

2652 days ago


What abou the way blacks treat whites??? Do you think that racism is one sided? It isn't. Blacks have had so many opportunities to better themselves...but the majority of maintain the status quo! How many blacks who have elevated themselves out of the ghetto and raised the standard of living for themselves have returned? They don't! Period. They move out and into upper middleclass neighborhoods with good schools!

Listen, I've got no issue with blacks on the whole...or any race....but I do have a problem with anyone who wont "tow the line"... suport themselves.....

If I saw a different action, I would have a different opinion.

2652 days ago


My point is that racism has had and continues to have a heavy toll on black people. I cannot stop at the gangs and drugs. I have to ask well what caused the environment that allows gangs and drugs to flourish!!! What caused it is the destruction of the black person started in slavery and continued, although in a residual sense, today. Poverty and dispair brought on by decades of disenfranchisement-as a whole, not to say that some blacks haven't elevated themselves of course. So what can we do to stop this cycle? First off the residue of racism that still exist is just as potent and crippling as full on slavery, so this issue has tobe addressed. There is a sense that everwhite man that ever did anything in this country did it by sheer brute hard work. That is to say he never caught any breaks. There now is an atmosphere that looks down upon any breaks that a black gets as social welfare, when in fact people get breaks all the time. This is a residue of racism. Second, the criminalization of the black male by bothblack and white society has to stop! Third but not last is closing the opportunity gap created by the education system in he US. Diversity should be enforced and imposed for the betterment of this country. Public schools should be publicly funded equally, all the money should be put in one big pot just like social security. This would be the real social security as with opportuity and good education comes good citizenship!!!!! But this is not the case, because of racism and classism, the later of which may be the mother of the former.

2652 days ago


These comments are disgusting. You are saying that anyone who raps is a ghetto gangster. Don't comment on what u know nothing about. What happened to them could have just as easily have happened to someone white. What bothers me most is I see so many racist comments being made, I really thought America was further along then that. OBAMA in "08"!!!

2652 days ago

calvin broadus    

While I prefer Lil' Wayne's "Georgia - Bush" to the more blatant party anthems of Ja Rule, I try not to be biased in thought that if they stopped Lil' Wayne's or Willie Nelson's tour bus, it'd be ablaze. A driver, a passenger AND Ja' Rule...and they all got the clink? Fishy. I don't buy it. But then again I haven't been speeding around the upper-westside in a Maybach. Obviously a Maybach is better suited for the longer stretches of highway, the New Jersey turnpike for instance...but Manhattan? Oh, PR Tom Cruise did. I get it now.

2652 days ago


You all sound completely ignorant. Pretending to know anything about either one of them. This just shows how racist white America is. "march them into a jet engine" for having a gun? You should be just for saying that. Ever thought maybe just maybe they feel the need to protect themselves or here's a thought they obviously weren't the only people in the bus/car so why do the guns have to belong to them???? Just another example to me of how the NYPD targets rappers as they have said and have shown proof of but I'm sure you would all approve of that. They had guns in their presence so what did they shoot anyone??? Its obvious to me by reading these comments that you all do not know what you are talking about especially Kate who says that they rap about the "thug life" well if you took the time to listen to their music Lil Wayne does not rap about the "thug" (lol) life and Ja Rule doesn't even rap anymore and hasn't for years. It's obvious to me after reading these comments that racism is here and America has a long way to go.

2651 days ago

SUPER HOT white girl    

To ellis, Dont give an F, and Lazy eye, U need 2 keep your ignorant comments to yourselves. These men r talented guys and their musics not goung anywher so y don't u crawl back under the rocks u came from.

2651 days ago


You all are so negative towards black people is that jealously? This situation could have happend to a white person to . Lil Wayne does not rap about "thug life " sorry but you got him mixed up with tupac and he has been dead for years so yeah. Ja Rule we haven't seen nor heard from he in years. Maybe if you take the time to listen to the music you will understand what they are talikng about. Rap is never goinh to stop and as a matter of fact it has just began. I am only 15 and i kknow more about them then half of you adults that are leaving these rude ass comments. I am blackand i don't stay in the ghetto actually where i live i stay in one of the richest neighboor hoods i love Lil Wayne and his music pay attention to what he rap about Lil Wayne is known as the best rapper alive but most of you won't know that you all are so racist he don't even write his raps he free style and the only time he does write is when he is writing for some one else he will tell you that you WHITE people need to chillax and listen to some rap music and maybe you will learn something from us black people.

2649 days ago

Black is Beautiful    

I cant believe that there are still people alive like you all who are making these comments about these rappers. Or "Thugs" as many of you look at them. Well you all need to look around at some of these "white" Thugs walking around with trench coats and shooting up schools.(thats after of course listening to some hard rock song). These So called thugs as you all put them or kkk-kool kolored kids (which i found quite disturbing to read such a comment) grew up in neighbor hoods you all only hear about and never have experienced. I think most of these comments made on this site are very prejudice and slightly racist. NO one has the right to pre-judge anyone. Based on their music or whatever. We hip-hop fans dont go around calling most of the rock stars Crack heads or Meth users or Herion addicts though most are. And though most talk about using drugs and bashing someones head, It wouldnt be right to call them junkies or poor white trash, would it???????? All Im saying is that many people grow up in different situations, so you should never judge anyone unless you yourself is perfect. Which no one is in this world. Ja rule and Lil wayne keep your heads up through this!!!!!! Peace and Luv

2645 days ago


the funiest thing is that all the h8 comment come from ppl who sound like they never even listend to a rap cd look em up on you tube befor trashin them dont hate rappers and judge their fans because stupid ppl listen to the lyrics and think "wow thats gangstar if i do that ill be cool" iv known ppl that do this they look like complete ****s cuz they normaly over sesitive ******* tryin to fit in

1366 days ago
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