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Dillon Pulls a Dourdan

7/23/2007 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Dillon isn't familar with how TMZ treats people who like to hit.

Without saying a solitary word, the other Dillon brother walked right up to a TMZ photog in New York this weekend and smacked the s**t out of his camera. Not cool, dude! After the sneak attack, the not-so-tough guy walked off in a huff -- only to stop a few seconds later to stare down our shooter.

What's he so pissed about? It was the public that had to endure "You, Me and Dupree"!

In a statement to TMZ, Dillon's rep claims "You don't show the part of the footage where the photographer kept hassling him. He wouldn't have pushed the camera away if he hadn't."

For the record, that footage doesn't exist as our photog shot every frame of footage from the other side of the street -- until Dillon approached him.


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photog ghouls and vampires.......deserve to get the crap beat outa them! They are just like pesky bugs. Sooner or later you get out the bug spray .....

2626 days ago


I love the movie Paparazzi. Maybe a few real life situations as played out in the movie may get these sleeze balls to back off.

2626 days ago


If the damn photographes would leave these people alone for a change, maybe they wouldn't get so irritated. And what's worse is how the editors of TMZ and all the rest of those places, write something so crappy about the star, and say something to make it look like it's all the stars fault and "what did we do to deserve this", when you know damn well those SOB's follow people around, get into their space, shoot pictures without even asking if it's okay--or if the person would mind, and I'm sorry, so much of it borders on stalking it isn't even funny. And I know a lot of you out there are going to say, "well, it's the nature of show business, and if you can't stand to have photographers following you around, then you shouldn't have become a star", and I'm sorry, I just flat disagree with that. People are people first, and they're stars second, and if at least the photogs would ask first if someone minds having their picture taken or not, then at least everyone starts out on a level playing ground, you know? Give the star or entertainer the right to say if he or she wants their picture taken first, and if they don't, then the photographer(s) should respect their privacy and walk away. During the past year or so, several stars have really lost their cool with photographers, and I can't really say that I blame them.

2626 days ago


I think celebs should get squirt guns and fill them with goop and spray every camera they see. there's no good reason to film someone if they haven't been asked to. if they laugh while they squirt the cameras, then they won't be charged with assault. enough is enough!

2618 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Sue him!

2647 days ago


I don't know if this is true or not. But I wish people could stop being so mean to the Paps.

2647 days ago


I love it when the celebs hits these people

2647 days ago


Anyways as Paris said on Larry King last month: "Paps are out trying to make a living and I don't like how people treat them."

I wish celebrities could stop abusing them just because they're doing the only thing they can to make money. It's impossible to find a minimal wage job out west because illegal immigrants (including border-hoppers) steal jobs out there.

2647 days ago


I seriously doubt you guys didn't do anything to this guy. TMZ is ALWAYS the first to get every shot. how do you do it? Simple, Harrass the stars.

2647 days ago


Hit him again Dillon!!! They need to STOP HARASSING PEOPLE.

2647 days ago


screw paps - if you poke a dog enough times, it will bite you....

2647 days ago


Big deal. He barely did anything. You guys are such babies. You're annoying people so don't expect to be treated differently.

2647 days ago


The photogs are a slimy bunch of weasles. In other words, good work boys.

2647 days ago


tmz provoking actors again...only this time it's on a caucasian.

dillon's a cool guy wid a cool how much did tmz pay the photog to provoke him? like the whiney-b!tch photog who provoked gary dourdan of csi fame, instead of goin' to the nearest cop station to make a report they don't cuz they know they'd get their azz's thrown in jail for stalkin' 'n more.

again, i won't be watching the fake news on the upcoming tmz show...y don't y'all join me in "sitting this one (lousy tv show) out".

2647 days ago


all the paps haters with the standard "hit him again".................WHY ARE YOU ON THIS ENTERTAINMENT SITE????.........WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE ACTORS, THEY LIKE ATTENTION take the good with the bad, celebs.........i like Matt, hopefully just a bad day

2647 days ago
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