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Kimmel's Benoit Burn

Too Hot for TV

7/23/2007 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a line you can cross when roasting Flavor Flav -- and Jimmy Kimmel was the one who crossed it.

Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Benoit, Flavor Flav
During last night's four-letter fest in honor of the "Flavor of Love" star, Kimmel was poking fun at the fact that Flav has several children with several different women, when he said that "Chris Benoit is a better father than you." What, too soon?

A TMZ staffer who was at the roast (airing August 12 on Comedy Central) just happened to be sitting next to two censors for the network. When Kimmel made the crack, the censors looked at each other and laughed while shaking their heads "no." One immediately put down "Chris Benoit" on a list of jokes to cut. Another joke to make the list came at the end, when the Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli, called the "Flavor of Love" girls sprinkled throughout the audience "nappy headed bitches."

C**t, c**ksucker and ni**a were fine -- but current events, ixnay?


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I never watch his show and I don't listen to his ugly girlfriend.

2657 days ago


Kimmel sucks so bad that he has stretch marks around his lips.

2657 days ago


that's the best thing kimmel has said in ages! go jimmy! u rock, lisa!

al sharpton, jesse jackson (aging adulterous attention-ho), u wish u were as talented as flav-a is...'n God passed him by when He was giving out talent!

rip benoit family.

2657 days ago


Shutup must have Tourette's Syndrome for posting. What a loser.

2657 days ago


It all goes to show you that all of Kimmel's fans have ADD or some kind of mental

2657 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel is a disgusting, homophobic prick. He needs to be removed from the airwaves.

2657 days ago


people it was ROAST, NOTHINGS off limits thats what makes it so funny, besides its no worse then people poking fun at 9/11, its just That was years ago, get over it and whoever said Al sharpton should go after him is an IDIOT, Al should be roasted hes the biggest trouble maker in America.

I support free speak (and this includes comedy)

BTW this is comming from a life long wrestling fan who watched Chris Benoit since i was about 10

2657 days ago


the NAACP????????? why the hell would they get involved?? this is not a black issue its a roast that flav signed on to do on live TV why NAACP??? when they allowed that Joke about Kurt Cobain (when Courtney Love was NOT even being the one roasted I might add) JESUS people are NAACP happy these days huh? news flash not EVERYTHING that goes wrong in your lives is because you BLACK as much as most people and the NAACP would like everyone to believe.

2657 days ago

Disco Stu    

Why do they always ban the funniest jokes???
Thats right, it was a joke.
Also, it was a ROAST! Thats kinda the idea of a roast, be rough but funny. We need to allow humor to continue without everyone getting so offended. Otherwise we'll only have jokes that are lamer than FDR's legs.

2657 days ago


It's funny that the world still makes jokes about OJ Simpson, who was ACQUITTED BY A JURY, about him being a supposed murderer, but Jimmy Kimmel can't make a joke about an actual murderer... a murderer who did not stand up like a man like OJ did and face a jury and his accusors??

F^&K Benoit! They should make his name a permanent joke, because that's what he was- a joke.

I hope you all find the inner strength to pull the sticks out of your asses....

2657 days ago


That joke was incredibly funny. lol

2656 days ago

Glenn Turner    

those of you saying making a joke about a tragedy one week old are being stupid with that statement, people are still gonna be upset/offended whether the joke was 30 minutes after 30 days after or 30 years after, time has nothing to do with risque jokes. Also why is it that the joke is "too far" bcoz a child is involved, a woman was also involved , and a man was involved, a fan of benoit's an independent wrestler hung himself cuz he idolized benoit, age and gender duz NOT make this joke more/less offensive...equality remember! The incident was a tragedy but that duznt mean jokes about it shudnt happen, if people want to make those jokes then they shud feel free too, a sense of humour no matter how extreme is always a good thing, if u make a line here that benoit tragedy jokes rnt allowed then where duz that stop, no Nazi jokes?

2616 days ago


Oh no, a comedian made a joke about one sack of s**t referencing another sack of s**t.
Big deal. To those pathetic individuals who are offended, guess what? No-one cares.

2656 days ago

Up Yours    

#61 Tony, I personally haven't heard of any comedians making jokes about
9/11, I've heard Al-Quada jokes, but none directly about 3000 plus people
dying in joke form, also were talking 6 years ago to last month, it's
called a timeframe. If 9/11 was last month would you laugh then, also
a Benoit fan since you were 10, what are you 11 now?
#63 If you think people who watch wrestling are tards, does that make you a douche for
using a comic hero name for posting?
Jimmy Kimmel is a class A loser.
Hey Jimmy, go have a few drinks and drive home.

2655 days ago


first of all, comic view has ALOT of 9/11 jokes and YES some did it RIGHT AFTER 9/11 (like oct of that year) the thing you need to realize is people deal with tragedy diffrently for some its through humor and for THOSE people Jimmy makes jokes like that and if its not your cup of tea fine no ones forcing you to watch it simply TURN IT OFF.

Now your defending the "wrestling fan" against #63 yet saying I MUST be 11 since im a wrestling/Benoit fan? make up your mind

everyones tough behind a keyboard, I'll bet my life you would NOT tell me im acting 11 to my face, and you more then likely would NOT tell him hes a douche bag to his face, there should be a rule IF YOUR TOO MUCH OF A PU$$Y TO SAY IT TO SOMEONES FACE YOU SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SAY IT ON THE INTERNET

2655 days ago
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