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Mindy McCready Does it Again

7/23/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melinda McCreadyCountry singer Mindy McCready (and apparent permanent train wreck) was arrested early Saturday morning in Florida and charged with battery and resisting arrest.

McCready, 31, was charged with the two misdemeanors, according to booking information. The Lee County Sheriff's Office would not discuss what happened nor what led to her arrest.

McCready, who had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with "Guys Do It All the Time," has struggled in recent years, beginning with a 2004 conviction for fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers. She was on probation for that offense when she was charged with driving under the influence in 2005.

She was found not guilty of the DUI charge, but guilty of driving on a suspended license.

McCready was released on $1,000 bail Saturday and is scheduled to appear in court August 14.

UPDATE: In an interview with WINK TV in Florida, McCready says she is considering filing charges against a Sheriff's deputy for what she calls brutality. McCready told the TV station the bruises on her body were put there by deputies. She also says she was starved in jail and maced for no reason.

McCready accused the officers of tackling her while she was holding her 15-month-old son. "They tackled me. They didn't give any directions. They just tackled...It's just not right," she said. But the sheriff's department countered that they, in fact, took the baby away before wrestling McCready to the ground. As for the mace charges, police say McCready caused a disturbance in jail and was subdued with pepper spray.

According to the Sheriff's Department, deputies were called to the house because of a domestic dispute. When they arrived, McCready's mother claimed her daughter became violent after drinking. Officers say they saw scratches on the mother's face and say McCready's breath reeked of alcohol. McCready reportedly denied everything and called her mother "crazy." According to WINK, McCready resisted arrest, and had to be restrained. That's when she hit her her head on the ground, which caused the gash on her face in her mugshot.

McCready was then taken to jail, where deputies say she acted so disruptive they were forced to use pepper spray to control her.

McCready told WINK News, she plans to visit a doctor and a lawyer today.


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steve darling    

here is the mug shot! much more to come an insider here who has been through the ringer of the mindy mill

2618 days ago


Didn't she go on Oprah? And she was pregnant with some jerk's kid?

2618 days ago


Perez had this posted this morning . . . yawn . . . old news.

2618 days ago

Josh Fan in Franklin, TN    

I'm sad for her. I hope she gets well and on the right path. Her son deserves a mom who has it together. The music biz spit her out and she hasn't seemed to move past that, and she doesn't seem to run with a healthy crowd. I'm pulling for her - if she has an addiction, I hope that she'll get help for it. Sincere Good luck, Mindy :)

2618 days ago

jProud American Author    

Is this the NEW CELEBRITY? Arrests, over abundance of drugs and alcohol? So sad.
I was born in a time there was innocence and hero's.

2618 days ago


She must be following her brain with her large crooked disgusting nose.

2618 days ago


This poor kid is having a rough time. I feel like maybe this time she will hit her bottom and get some help. Drugs really screw up these celebs as well as everybody else. Her friends have prob told her to get help but it sounds like she resisted and this is the result. It takes a trama like this to start to hit home and then usually they see the light. I hope for the best for her.

2618 days ago

Fan of Mindy's    

Mindy is a very talented singer. I have her albums. She got into a horrible relationship, and like normal people do. is having a hard time moving past it. She's not completely to blame for would you fare in her shoes?

There are people out here rooting for you, Mindy! God bless!

2618 days ago


10. Didnt she also somewhere along the line have a baby? What happened to the baby? Does she have it or did she put it up for adoption or even worse? Does anyone know?

Posted at 8:46PM on Jul 22nd 2007 by candie
Rosie O'donnell ate it ...

2618 days ago


Florida sherrifs usually know how to beat a confession out of a suspect.

2618 days ago


who cares?

must be a bad day for gossip. . .

2618 days ago


I think she Mindy McCreedy more than prayer, I think she needs help and a safe place to be. I've read about her family and it sounds like she was the *adult* at a very young age. Her mother is portrayed as an incredibly self-absorbed woman who didn't lend much emotional support and had a bad temper during her growing up. Dad not really there. I know that she needs to be responsible for her life, but I don't like the trashy way she is always portrayed.There is more to her story. I think she lived through a lot at a very young age..

She's still young and it's never to get help for psychological stuff and drug abuse. I also hope her family steps up to the bat and does help her..She could die otherwise. I definitely think Ms. McCreedy needs help, not judgement. Her whole situation is very sad. The police stepped over the line. They probably didn't like her *Attitude* and decided to teach her a lesson. I'ved spent time in Florida, unfotuantely some(not all) but some of the cops there are not overly bright and have a Very Macho attitude-hope they are looked into, not swept over which Florida is so good at doing with things.

2618 days ago


Domestic violence is also her habit, I don't think the police roughed her up. She beats herself up every time she takes a drink or does a drug.
Of course it's everyone else's fault, It always is.
At 31 time is moving faster and so will her illness's. If she were my daughter I'd take the baby and sadly ask her to leave my life untill she completed long term rehab.

2618 days ago


# 24
Her past bad relationship has nothing to do with her drinking and drug problems today, also that relationship is over and she still is finding herself in the mist of violence. she needs to hold herself accountable and get help. Enabling her with excuse's will only help kill herself or someone else.

2618 days ago


who... the hell... is Mindy Mcready?

2618 days ago
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