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Mindy McCready Does it Again

7/23/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melinda McCreadyCountry singer Mindy McCready (and apparent permanent train wreck) was arrested early Saturday morning in Florida and charged with battery and resisting arrest.

McCready, 31, was charged with the two misdemeanors, according to booking information. The Lee County Sheriff's Office would not discuss what happened nor what led to her arrest.

McCready, who had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with "Guys Do It All the Time," has struggled in recent years, beginning with a 2004 conviction for fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers. She was on probation for that offense when she was charged with driving under the influence in 2005.

She was found not guilty of the DUI charge, but guilty of driving on a suspended license.

McCready was released on $1,000 bail Saturday and is scheduled to appear in court August 14.

UPDATE: In an interview with WINK TV in Florida, McCready says she is considering filing charges against a Sheriff's deputy for what she calls brutality. McCready told the TV station the bruises on her body were put there by deputies. She also says she was starved in jail and maced for no reason.

McCready accused the officers of tackling her while she was holding her 15-month-old son. "They tackled me. They didn't give any directions. They just tackled...It's just not right," she said. But the sheriff's department countered that they, in fact, took the baby away before wrestling McCready to the ground. As for the mace charges, police say McCready caused a disturbance in jail and was subdued with pepper spray.

According to the Sheriff's Department, deputies were called to the house because of a domestic dispute. When they arrived, McCready's mother claimed her daughter became violent after drinking. Officers say they saw scratches on the mother's face and say McCready's breath reeked of alcohol. McCready reportedly denied everything and called her mother "crazy." According to WINK, McCready resisted arrest, and had to be restrained. That's when she hit her her head on the ground, which caused the gash on her face in her mugshot.

McCready was then taken to jail, where deputies say she acted so disruptive they were forced to use pepper spray to control her.

McCready told WINK News, she plans to visit a doctor and a lawyer today.


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nut sack , nut sack ! washed up-opportunist trying to sue the police dept for her drunken disfunction !!!!!!!!!!!!!sad sister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feel sorry for her poor mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mindy no, respect for your wonderful momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's as low-as it goes girl !!!!!!!!!
Your need detox and drug therapy ! Sad ----------but true !
Now, you all know why the actor Dean Cain didn't marry this money hungry gold-digger
Class Up Girl, before its to late !!!!!!!!!
You give Nashville and Southern People bad name !!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Foxworthy is writing material about you right now !
Jeff is a borned-again christian so ?maybe not !!!!!!!!!
Maybe Ron White or The Cable Guy are rippin, ya a new one???????????
You sure could use a new one
Disgrace girlfriend !
Your momma brought ya into the world and she ???????should take you out!!!

2627 days ago

just me    

Seems she had a promising career going back in 1996. Don't know anything about her but I would the ranch that the career she had going turned around and fizzled out because problems like this in her personal life made it tougher and tougher to find gigs. A gifted client who begins to have troubles like this is every booking agent's nightmare.

2627 days ago


hope she gets her.she has talent.pls friends family intervention needed here

2627 days ago


She hit her mother? Police should have REALLY beat her ass.

2627 days ago


Several people here have referred to her as a "kid". She's not a kid. She's a 31 year old young woman who has the responsibility that comes along with having a child. I have followed her stories thru the years and she needs to stop blaming others for her mess of a life, get herself cleaned up, focus on being a mom and get her singing career back on track.

2627 days ago


We have he same probation officer - how is she getting away with all of this and not doing some time? They are so strict here in Williamson County that I could serve some time for a speeding ticket while on probation. She is also suppsed to have a nightly curfew, how in the heck is she traveling out of state? Why would she stop acting a fool when she doesn't get any consequences?

2627 days ago


Don't you know that "TMZ" and "compassion" don't belong in the same sentence? Posters at TMZ don't know how to get off their high horses.

Mindy is such a talented singer. I hope she can get the help she needs, for her son.

2627 days ago


She needs long-term rehab. She looks years older than the last mug shot I saw of her a couple of years ago. Sad.

2627 days ago

lisa z    

Man, she's sure looking fugly. Too bad, so sad. Oh well.

2627 days ago

lisa z    

TMZ, I had some comments about Al, Al Gore. What happened about that? You(re) people found it worthy to post Fibiker's rantings, and posted 85% of the Republicans views, yet somehow, discreetly dismiss real talk. Guess for a few dollars more, you would wipe someone else's ass, too.

2627 days ago


Where is her child..??? If she has custody.. why isn't child protection people involved in what is happening. This child is with a parent who is so out of control. This is not the first time and she has even admitted to drinking and drugs while pregnant. GET INVOLVED FOR THE CHILDS SAKE.!!!! I don't understand how CELEBRATES can act so spaced out.. (she isn't the first) and still maintain their children, even at times adopted ones. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

2627 days ago

bama Girl    

this girl needs help but she won't get it unless she has to stay in jail awhile.

2627 days ago

Dragon Breath    

Psychologist speaking up! Er.......first what's right with her?

2627 days ago


Well, if Paris, Lindsay and Britney can do it I suppose she should get off with an ankle bracklet or a posh cell in hte county jail for 23 days too.

2627 days ago


Response to Steve's comment:

I agree with you "who the hell is a mindy mccready"? Also, if that person want to be on a path of destruction, let her do whatever she wants but don't drag down innocent people especially your own child!

Then again, I don't want to know who the hell she is but I guess she told us (she's an alcholic and a drug addict)!

2627 days ago
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