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Baby Mama

Forcing QB

Out of the Pocket?

7/24/2007 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeinartHe's taken on some of the biggest, baddest men on the planet, but it's his baby mama who's hitting football stud Matt Leinart where it hurts the most -- his wallet!

TMZ has learned that the NFL pretty boy is locked in a raging legal fight with his ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, over the couple's 9-month-old son Cole. According to sources close to the case, Brynn wants Matt to hand over more than $30,000 per month! That's a ton of jack for a 21-year-old living with her parents! According to sources close to the case, Leinart's pissed -- having already bought her a car, as well as voluntarily giving her around six grand a month. Leinart signed a six-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 -- reportedly worth around $51 million.

We're told Leinart's also waging a "gung-ho" battle for custody, and recently filed a petition to establish paternity. Sources tell TMZ that the former USC star already "comes back to L.A. once a week, every week, to see the baby," but he wants a schedule where he can see the kid in Arizona as well. Unlike most pro athlete dads who have kids out of wedlock, we're told Matt is an engaged father who wants to be in his son's life.

But Cameron claims she's doing all the hard work when it comes to parenting, telling the Ventura County Star that Leinart "comes and goes whenever he wants ... he likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

The two are scheduled to hammer it out in court on August 13. Attempts to contact Cameron were unsuccessful. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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UH next time perhaps he will keep it in his pants! Try being more responsible Leinart before a bun is in the over dont expect girls today to be the gatekeeper!!!!!!!!

2614 days ago


I hope he gets the kid and she gets squat.

2614 days ago


It's disturbing that you're siding with Leinart. The money is for his child-he has a responcibility towards that baby. And he has the money to give more than 6000 dollars. It doesn't matter that the baby's mother lives with her parents. It's absurd that you would make a point of that.

2614 days ago


"Unlike most pro-athlete dads that have children out of wedlock..."? I guess TMZ hired a statistician for that one. Probably not. I guess the unspoken idea is that the Black athletes aren't engaged fathers like the White ones. Just like the White athletes (usually those who are no good, e.g. Chad Pennington) are so smart and often described as intelligent.

The Black athletes are super strong, but rarely described as bright. Check yourself, TMZ!! And Gary Dourdan is a complete brute. And dogfighting didn't exist before Mike Vick. More racist media! Very transparent.

2614 days ago


Why is the world would she need $30,000 a month unless she was a gold digger? It is behaviour like this that is increasingly causing a divison between the sexes.

2614 days ago


$30k a month is nothing next to his $51 million a year...plus the fact that he lives with her parents is beside the point.......the girl is raising the kid on her own..he should pay up I think...........

2614 days ago

George I Think I Got It    

Oh yeah #5 -- JLM -- a 9 month old needs $30k a month. Stupid b*tch!

2614 days ago

Get a Grip    

They both insured that this kid will be damaged....she should get all she can from him and maybe there won't be a "next time". STOP making babies. Kids aren't pets. Would you be a good pet owner if you only saw your pet once a week?

2614 days ago


I meant "SHE" lives with her parents...is beside the point........

2614 days ago


I wonder why in 2007 there is any thing called a BABY DADDY! Use some products people! When U screw you get screwed. You would think people would have figured out how babies are made by now!

2614 days ago

Lady Hadenough    

51 million and he's bitching that he gave her a car?!!! 6 thousand a month is pawltry in comparison to what he earns. The judge is going to cream him if he doesn't give up some more of his cash. If he's so interested in being an involved dad why doesn't buy his baby mamma a house in AZ? She's living with her parents I bet she would love her own space.

2614 days ago


give it to her - it's a good life's lesson.

2614 days ago


Hmmmm...so ladies, what you're saying is that when you're on your backs, the meter is running.

2614 days ago


She sure liked "hollywood stuff" when she got knocked up didn't she. That's one little grasshopper that has alot of growing up to do.

2614 days ago


He should have thought about that before nailing his baby's mama.

2614 days ago
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