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Baby Mama

Forcing QB

Out of the Pocket?

7/24/2007 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeinartHe's taken on some of the biggest, baddest men on the planet, but it's his baby mama who's hitting football stud Matt Leinart where it hurts the most -- his wallet!

TMZ has learned that the NFL pretty boy is locked in a raging legal fight with his ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, over the couple's 9-month-old son Cole. According to sources close to the case, Brynn wants Matt to hand over more than $30,000 per month! That's a ton of jack for a 21-year-old living with her parents! According to sources close to the case, Leinart's pissed -- having already bought her a car, as well as voluntarily giving her around six grand a month. Leinart signed a six-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 -- reportedly worth around $51 million.

We're told Leinart's also waging a "gung-ho" battle for custody, and recently filed a petition to establish paternity. Sources tell TMZ that the former USC star already "comes back to L.A. once a week, every week, to see the baby," but he wants a schedule where he can see the kid in Arizona as well. Unlike most pro athlete dads who have kids out of wedlock, we're told Matt is an engaged father who wants to be in his son's life.

But Cameron claims she's doing all the hard work when it comes to parenting, telling the Ventura County Star that Leinart "comes and goes whenever he wants ... he likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

The two are scheduled to hammer it out in court on August 13. Attempts to contact Cameron were unsuccessful. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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Always shoot high and hope for some where near the middle, it's just legal games.
So he bought her a car big whoop. When he gave it to her I'm sure she didnt think it would be used against her.

2627 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

21 and living with Mommy and Daddy? Open your eyes people this chick is out for money and that's all. His job is to support the child which unlike a lot of parents out there he is doing. 30 grand a month? What does this kid crap in gold diapers or what?

2627 days ago


#260 = The life he deserved was with MARRIED PARENTS rather than having a mother who deliberately got herself knocked up to try and trap a rich football player OR alternatively a mother who was so stupid she didn't understand that contraception exists and was too stupid to get herself on the pill and/or LIED to him saying that she was on the pill when in fact she wasn't.
Posted at 3:49AM on Jul 25th 2007 by Sick of immoral women

Your very clearly a very lonely hateful human being. Not once did you give any responsibility to him, it is all her fault. Your paranoid and I'd watch you closely if i knew of you, your the self righteous high moral type to go off one day and harm someone. Get some help.

2627 days ago

tommy trojan    

Perhaps someone can educate me on how Brynn will spend $30,000/mo. on a nine month old baby.

For example:

1000-thread silk diapers: $6000/mo.
formula by celebrity chef: $8000/mo.
former navy seal nanny: $9,000/mo
pacifier made from real human nipple: $2800/one time
publicist to publicly bash father daily: $4000/mo

2627 days ago


It doesn't matter what anyone here says. The judge will decide and he will rule in favor of Ms. Cameron

2627 days ago


Brynn Cameron is also on the University of Southern Calif women's Basketball team. She seems a little bitter in some articles I have read about being the child's main caretaker while he laps up the father hood credits. Lots of women can relate to that one I'm sure.
She is young and doesn't realize yet it's not his fault he didn't live up to who she wanted him to be. He is ok with the Hollywood scene, she isn't. Very opposite people in every way.
To me she does not appear to be a gold digger. Only having money until the child is 18 is not hitting gold, those years go by real fast. California as guidlines, The court will decide how much child support he pays..

2627 days ago

The King of the World    

As indicated above, 6000 doesn't go that far anymore, she'd be living in the hood.. Can you picture Matt Leinart driving up to the trailer park hood every week end for his visitations?

I dont think so...plus with that money shes going to move out and get a mansion and raise her child in comfort and style, per her taste, as was their equal attraction to each other. They were together long enough..he's the daddy, he needs to to make sure his child is cared for.

2627 days ago


For the childs emotional well being I hope the mother stops making snippy comments in the press about the babies father. She needs to stop being the child now.

2626 days ago


Hopefully Brynn will keep her legs closed next time until she's on the pill or in a serious relationship.

Plus hopefully the hospital gave her lessons in BIRTH CONTROL so she doesn't get knocked up again the next time she has a new f*ckbuddy. Still with her track record of stealing men's sperm, most new guys she meets will be very wary of screwing her - they'll probably use two condoms and not just one....

2626 days ago


Grow up people! In California, you can ask for, but that does not mean that you will get that kind of money. 30K is lawyer-speak for dog-with-big-bark! She is a decent young woman. She was committed to Matt for many years. She is still inlove with Matt. If they had gone through a marriage ceremony - would it make that baby any different?

2626 days ago

The King of the World    

this stud should have been responsible and wore a condom...then he wouldn't be having these worries.

2626 days ago

The King of the World    

This guy is very sexy! I'll pop him out a baby anyday......than what I would soak him for so much it would make Brynn look like a girl-scout. I'd take him for every penny and then some. Then he can come over rand service me on demand.

2626 days ago


Here's the interview with the stupid tart:


"It's kind of hard for me as the mom — I'm with Cole probably 99.9 percent of the time — to open a magazine or read a newspaper article with Matt saying, Oh, I love being a dad. I love changing diapers. I love doing this. I'm like, Wait, what?' " said Cameron, who added, "I don't know how to word how he is about this, but it's been hard when I'm doing all the work, but he gets all the credit for it."

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback and former USC star "comes and goes whenever he wants," Cameron said.

Cameron says she and Leinart have Cole's best intentions in mind, but co-parenting is a challenge with two unique individuals.

"I don't want to sit here and bad-mouth his lifestyle, but it is hard because we are different people. He likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that and raising a kid together, you have to work together as parents, but we're so different," Cameron said.

"It's hard, but I have to raise Cole to be a strong, secure kid so he knows what's right and wrong, what's good and bad and what really matters in life, which isn't what's going on in Hollywood or who's dating who. That's not what it's all about, and I think he'll know that being raised by me."

The Star's attempts to reach Leinart through the Arizona Cardinals were unsuccessful


Of course Matt "Comes and goes whenever he wants" - he's not your husband you stupid unwed tart! If you wanted a HUSBAND you should have waited until you had a ring on your finger before spreading your legs without being on the pilll!!!

2626 days ago

The King of the World    

I would spread my leggs for this guy in moments notice! Or without any notice. Id just follow him around naked ...ready to spread wide eagle at his whim.This guy is so handsome and rich!! Gorgeous yummmmy

2626 days ago


This guy is an ASS! I'm sure he's not involved in his kids life at all. Pig.

2626 days ago
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