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Baby Mama

Forcing QB

Out of the Pocket?

7/24/2007 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeinartHe's taken on some of the biggest, baddest men on the planet, but it's his baby mama who's hitting football stud Matt Leinart where it hurts the most -- his wallet!

TMZ has learned that the NFL pretty boy is locked in a raging legal fight with his ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, over the couple's 9-month-old son Cole. According to sources close to the case, Brynn wants Matt to hand over more than $30,000 per month! That's a ton of jack for a 21-year-old living with her parents! According to sources close to the case, Leinart's pissed -- having already bought her a car, as well as voluntarily giving her around six grand a month. Leinart signed a six-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 -- reportedly worth around $51 million.

We're told Leinart's also waging a "gung-ho" battle for custody, and recently filed a petition to establish paternity. Sources tell TMZ that the former USC star already "comes back to L.A. once a week, every week, to see the baby," but he wants a schedule where he can see the kid in Arizona as well. Unlike most pro athlete dads who have kids out of wedlock, we're told Matt is an engaged father who wants to be in his son's life.

But Cameron claims she's doing all the hard work when it comes to parenting, telling the Ventura County Star that Leinart "comes and goes whenever he wants ... he likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

The two are scheduled to hammer it out in court on August 13. Attempts to contact Cameron were unsuccessful. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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She's a gold digging whore. 30K a month is excessive. She's using the kid as a pay check

2648 days ago


His 51 million dollor, over six years is if he reaches certain games and stuff. If he gets hurt it is not guarenteed. Therefor asking the courts to give her hald Guarenteed of his non guarenteed income is a little mutch. Yes take 51 mil and divide by 6 years and divide that by 12 months, his monthly income is $708333.33. she wants alomst 42% of his monthly income while contributing nothing. If he does ger coustody what would she be required to pay in child support? Yes I am divorced and pay child support but if i had custody she would have to pay. So I think a third of the income or less is ok and the kid has enough to live on.

2648 days ago


Actually using the calculating system that the state of California offers on its website to figure out child support payments, if his salary is broken down into a monthly paycheck like regular folks, $30,000 a month is what the state's system says he should be paying per month.

This chick was his gf before he was the starting qb at USC, I believe she's the one who convinced him to take the ballroom dance class his last year there.

I'm a guy and I have enough sense to know that if I don't wanna be stuck paying some chick for some kid I didn't ask for or necessarily want, I better be making sure I'm protected!
Guys like Matt L. and other famous dudes----they especially should make sure they are using their trojans...they oughta now there are women out there who will get knocked up on purpose.

2648 days ago


#372 makes a good point. the kid's not in private school yet - what the hell does she do with 6k a month? why is that not enough right now? of course matt share in the cost of medical expenses, school expenses, etc. but 6 k seems more than enough at this point. and yes, i did say SHARE. why should he foot the whole bill for every expense related to this child? it took two to get in this situation in the first place.

2648 days ago


30k x 18 years equals a whole lot of love...did'nt they teach you anything at SC???No glove no love IDIOT!!! Pay up and shut up retard!!!

2648 days ago

Mesa Auto Insurance, Car Insurance Mesa    

She's got diapers and baby clothes to buy. Thirty grand doesn't go as far as it used to ;-)

2647 days ago


All you whores on here reinforce my sincere belief that nowadays any man who
gets a woman pregnant is completely out of his friggin mind. It's funny how all
the moneygrubbers on here act like Matt forced this baby into her womb and now
he has to be punished for his misdeeds! Fellas, remember this attitude and DONT DO IT! Get snipped. use a rubber or 3 if thats what it takes! Most guys go out and bust their tails everyday at some crappy job to make their personal dreams come true... Look at the posts from some of these women on here ... they have dreams too .. Start crankin out kids. And send YOU poor saps the bill! And then for the rest of eternity you get to listen to them whine about all the sacrifices they make in order to do EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO!!!! Lucky you! Their ego's tell them they are doing us all a big favor by unleashing little Xerox copies of themselves upon the globe!! And for Christ sake DEMAND a DNA test every time! As of 2004 it was estimated that roughly 30% of fathers are raising kids that arent theirs. And they have no idea. Please, please NEO im begging ... open your eyes and see the Matrix, its right in front of you! TAKE THE BLUE PILL!! (and i dont mean Viagra!)


2647 days ago


The law is the law. It's 20% of his yearly income in my state so it's probably similar in CA. His son is entitled to that money no matter how much it is. And have you ever heard of trust funds?? She seems like a smart woman and a good mom and NOT a golddigger...She is just protecting her son.

2647 days ago


Why is this woman entitled to 30K a month? Just because she spread her legs for a man with money and got knocked up? He seems like he's doing the right thing and just because she got pregnant by him does not entitle her to a change in lifestyle. It does not cost 30K a month to raise a 9 month old child. And I'm sure if he is a good dad that when the child is with him, he provides the finer things that his money can buy. I am a woman and I would never be so greedy. Where does all this sense of entitlement come from in these women? They are just as responsible to take care of these kids and unless she's contributing 30K a month, then he shouldn't have too. Quit freeloading!

2647 days ago


What difference does it make how much she gets a month for the kid, the question is how much would be going to the kids care and welfare. No one is asking is she gainfully employed? If not why not? Hell he bought her a car, and I am sure that he would be willing to make sure this kid (his kid) would be set for life. If the court system is all about the childs well being, have it ordered that this pirahna starts a trust fund for him if she wants all that money.

2647 days ago


# 11 First off he hasnt earned all of 51 million, he has only been in the league for one year, as for why he purchased a car instead of a house, hell she is not his child. WHY DOESNT SHE GET OUT AND WORK? Why is it always the man at fault, what about the trifling ass woman?

2647 days ago


13. He should have thought about that before nailing his baby's mama.

Oh, like he had the baby by himself huh? How about both being responsible before making the baby. It's so easy to point fingers these days. The question most people are asking on here is the same one I'm asking myself: What in the world would a 9-month old baby need 30k for. I do agree with the poster that stated that he should have at least bought a house for the girl (for his child too). But come on 360K a year without doing jack is very unreasonable. I'll say he should increase it to at least 8K, after all, he's getting 51million for the next 6-years. Then what happens after 6 years? What this girl need to do is try to be somebody by herself and not wait around for dude's $$$, which make her look more like the gold-digger she appear to be.

We all there's a big double standard with the law when it comes to situations like this. What if the table was turned around, would he still be expected to pay that much money? And what happens if he decides to have custody of the baby, would she be expected to pay child support to him since she's well-to-do than he is? Just something to think about.

2647 days ago


Geeeeze..the problems one has with a bastard baby.

2646 days ago

bobbi jo    

listen tmz, im a single mother and there was a time when i lived with my mother, but NEVER got any help from her, i bought our food paid half her utilities, paid half the rent, and pulled all my own weight. so the fact that she lives with her parents is irrelivent. she may be a very good mother, and shes entitled to whatever she wants especially if hes not around a whole lot. my ex has nothing to do with his daughter so my motto is if he isnt going to be paternally involved in her life, finacially that bastard is gonna pay,............. please watch what you say from now on this is a very touchy subject for a lot of people.

2646 days ago


There are many factors that determine child support, the amount of money that is earned by each parent and the percent that should go to the care of the child. Why wouldn't he want his child to live well not at his grandparents home. His ex is raising his son, contribute to them having a better than average life. She was with him when he was just another college student before all the Hollywood stuff. Men who try to ger custody to avoid child support are pathetic. Why should she have to go to Arizona to live because he is there. He lost that option when he left her. She should stay where she is California and raise her child surrounding him with the love of his families.

2646 days ago
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