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Cops: Lindsay's Assistant Quit Hours Before DUI

7/24/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's former assistant saw this whole thing coming ... in her rear view mirror!

According to police, Lohan's assistant quit just hours before Lohan was popped for DUI, and when the assistant's mother came to pick her up, Lindsay gave chase. We're told the assistant's mother called the police, warning them that Lindsay was hot on their tail, and that she was headed for the nearest police station.

The chase ended in Lohan's arrest this morning.


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It's her loser mothers fault. Why does these "stage mothers" insist on forcing their young into early stardom? Haven't there been enough "True Hollywood Story"'s about what happens to kids who are forced into this bizarre world?

Her mothers lust for money and fame is what has driven this ugly beast.

Dina Lohan not only parties with Lindsay but constantly excuses her behavior! It is sickening. Now her jailbird ex-convict dad seems like he is the most normal out of the bunch. How sickening.

Dina Lohan should be ashamed of herself.


2619 days ago


So ... How old was her assistant ??? She had to have her mom pick her up???
Or were they both getting loaded and the assistant had the brains to call up
dial-ride-mom to the rescue.

2619 days ago

quack quack    

# 4...So well put!
At a loss for words!

2619 days ago


Lindsay isn't going to quit until she is dead or someone else is. That is what is so sad.

She is barely 21 and already a drug-addicted alcoholic. Another tragic "child star"..when will parents learn not to do this to their kids? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize how this story ends.

2619 days ago


wow, she seems like a raging psyco, ur assistant quits so u start chasing their caR. PEOPLE CAN LEAVE ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL U SELF ENTITLED WITCH! she basically dug her own grave thinking she was above the law and going back to drugs less than a month out of rehab. how sad for her.

2619 days ago


To all of you who think this is the Mothers fault.....NO IT ISN'T! Lindsay is old enough to make her own mistakes and she seems hell bent on doing just that. Anybody who has teenagers has to hope and pray that what you have taught them will stick but sometimes there are people that have to learn from the school of HARD KNOCKS and LILO seems to be one of them. She made her own bed, now she can make it in the pokey.

2619 days ago


Sounds like Linds went psycho....paranoia maybe from too much coke???? Get ready for some jailhouse love. Oh yeah, she's going to the clink.

2619 days ago

tooth fairy    

"It's a sad day when Brittany Spears seems normal, compared to Lindsay."

Britney is on drugs too. The only reason Britney is not in trouble is because she actually spends money on body guard, assistant and driver. If she is too drunk to drive, they will drive her. Paris was too cheap to hire a driver. She still doesn't have one. She tags along with her sister when she goes clubbing now. She even took a tax home once after the party. Cheap bastard.

2619 days ago


Comments just in from:

Paris....."I have an UNREAD Bible that you can have, you little firecrotch!! U go gurl!!

Brittney....."That's rite gurl, u don't neede no skanky ho, uptight ass istant to try and tell u to get strate...." call me gurl, I still got my license to drive and i'll get a sitter for those, uhhhh, kidz i have...damn, wish i could lose them..."

Nicole...."hey gurl!!!! maybe we can share a 9X12 in Lynwood together!!!"

2619 days ago

Dawn Day    

Any normal person wouldn't have a bail set and would be rotting in jail. What'd they do, swat her ass with a rolled up newspaper and send her home? Bad girl.

2619 days ago

Mad As Hell    

Maybe she quit cause Lindsay brought out the knives?

2619 days ago


She deserves to go back to jail.

2619 days ago


I want to HEAR THE 911 CALL!

I want to know what the mother said to the cops!!!

2619 days ago


Idiot! Lindsay, Paris (whom it appears has not made any effort to change after her jail time). Britney, Nicole..... I am sure glad I don't live in L.A. anymore. I would hate to driving there with these twits on the road.

2619 days ago

Ken W    

Three cheers for Amanda Bynes, the young talented comedic actress with a future, who to my knowledge has not done cocaine or DUI.

2619 days ago
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