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Cops: Lindsay's Assistant Quit Hours Before DUI

7/24/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's former assistant saw this whole thing coming ... in her rear view mirror!

According to police, Lohan's assistant quit just hours before Lohan was popped for DUI, and when the assistant's mother came to pick her up, Lindsay gave chase. We're told the assistant's mother called the police, warning them that Lindsay was hot on their tail, and that she was headed for the nearest police station.

The chase ended in Lohan's arrest this morning.


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Lindsay, Paris & Nicole all have a GED. (G)ot (E)nough (D)inero.

2648 days ago


because i have the right to post comments

2648 days ago


My girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, paaaaaarrrty all the time...
-Eddie Murphy

HOLLYWOOD is fun! (to laugh with)

Keep up the good work ladies, I love me a Trainwreck!

2648 days ago


I would like to direct my comment to #39. Your question was "Why is a 65 year old postin(g) on TMZ?" Since when is there an age limit regarding Freedom of Speech? A man of 65 years never had a child that acted in this manner because parents in MY DAY were held accountable. That means we learned by having our asses beaten. No time outs, no unplugging the cable, no password protecting our computer & no sympathy. It was called "Child Rearing" for a damn good reason. I can't wait to see how your life & family turn out as you age #39. Your negative comment regarding age just means that you are in for a rude awakening. It is also necessary for senior citizens to post here because they are obviously the only ones that can spell. Crack a book once in a while you Dummy.

2648 days ago


I'm going out on a limb but number 4... you are a little upset with her behavior huh? I'd still take LiLo regardless of her problem... she will be ok

2648 days ago

this is gay    

who was she trying to play? are we the american public as stupid as she believes us to be. we all know what she is, she can pretend at rehab that she wants to quit the coke, but i know and you know whats going on.she's just a trashy skank who fell in a bag of money, you can take the yae-yo out of the trailor but you cant take the yaeo-yo out of the lindsay!

oh, sorry she was researching for a new roll, SCARFACE PT 2, so she had to get the whole coke thing down!

2648 days ago

Dennis Shumaker    

She needs to escape the routine that enslavens her as soon as possible!

This means leaving her friends, probably her family, her current advisors, her residence, and her known career. Each one of those items are toxic for her. The combination of them all are deadly. She is blind to the real dangers and none of her so called friends and advisors are helping her to heal correctly. Most of those saying they are there to help her are only trying to help themselves to a piece of this troubled person.

She could easily pursue some other interest for a few years and come back (if she chooses) a 'different and stronger' person, . A college degree, a humanitarian project, etc. There are many other things that will give her fullfillment and time to heal from the Toxic Hollywood Syndrome/Scene.

Staying where she is at is suicidal.

2648 days ago


Lala i cant believe what you just commented. You wish she'd die? Dont be surprized if you or someone in your family dies or kills themselves. You're a idiot.
Lindsay needs help like all coke users.

2648 days ago


I really don't feel sorry for Linsay and her Dad should stop feeling like it's his fault. She is an adult now and needs to take responsibility for her own actions. I just hope that the judge who recieves her case doesn't feel sorry for poor Lindsay and makes her serve serious time for her crimes. If Paris's crimes, which in my opinion is nothing compared to Linsay's, resulted in 45 days then I feel Lindsay better get a much harder sentence considering the fact that she has recieved TWO (2) DUI'S and COCAINE POSSESSION in less than 2 months and her rehab was just a game to show everyone that she is nothing like Paris! Hopefully justice will be served correctly this time.

2648 days ago


This is in response to Craven Moorehead's diatribe rantings. Who are you to point fingers of blame. Most of us American's have no more say or control over these young girls than you do. Why blame the public? Other than boycotting their music, TV show(s), movies, etc. we're helpless to do anything. It's up to the legal systems to take these crazy girls off the streets before they harm someone who's innocent. Your tirade was insulting to innocent people. Lindsay, Paris, Brit, Nicole etc. could give a flying fruck what you or anyone else thinks. If they did, they wouldn't keep doing these crazy things with drugs and alcohol. SHAME on YOU for berating us public folks who have nothing to do with these stupid antics.

2648 days ago

jane doe    


Why are you here reading this then?? :)

2648 days ago


It seem No. 4 (Craven Moorehead) hasn't been laid in long ass time. Calling everyone else an ass and he/she's the one reading this website...

If you don't want to read other people's opinion....LOG OFF you oxymoron!

2648 days ago

L in SF    

I have nothing againest the amount of money that entertainers make, that's how big the pie $ is, but this young lady can not handle the fame and the money well, at all. She needs to be on a strict allowance and move away from LA, the parties and the people who pass along stuff to get her high from. I am sure their are millions in the bank, which should be placed into a trust fund and she should walk away from the whole lifestyle, right now...maybe move to Hawaii or something, and go back to school, learn something, get her confidence back... If the acting talent is there, she'll find work when she returns and her finacial future will be saved, for when she might need it.

2648 days ago


Looks like Paris' pooch escaped again in the background.

2648 days ago


hey #39 what does age have to do with posting? I am 72 answere please

2648 days ago
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