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Cops: Lindsay's Assistant Quit Hours Before DUI

7/24/2007 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's former assistant saw this whole thing coming ... in her rear view mirror!

According to police, Lohan's assistant quit just hours before Lohan was popped for DUI, and when the assistant's mother came to pick her up, Lindsay gave chase. We're told the assistant's mother called the police, warning them that Lindsay was hot on their tail, and that she was headed for the nearest police station.

The chase ended in Lohan's arrest this morning.


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Lindsay and some of the public may not know it, but the prosecutors could very well strike her out under the Calif 3-Strikes law! Others have received 3-strikes for offenses that come from the same incident.

The first 2 offenses have to be serious or violent. That might be a charge of (1) kidnapping, (2) carjacking or (3) assault (when she ran over the young man's foot).

You only need 2 serious or violent offenses. Then, ANY FELONY after the two serious or violent will qualify as a 3rd strike. She may have numerous offenses that could qualify as a 3rd strike. (1) possession of a controlled substance, even a very small amount). (2) obstruction of justice, when she lied and said 'the black guy was driving.'

There are others that the police and District Attorney can come up with, and there are several less serious misdemeanor offenses, such as DUI, wreckless driving, speeding, etc. She is very fortunate that there was no accident with a death. That ALONE, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, would be a strike, vehicular manslaughter.

Some 3-strikers have received all of their strikes in one incident. And some have received 50 years to life, 75 years to life, and more, because of this very thing.

She definitely needs (1) some prison time, because she needs an attitude adjustment, but I believe the 'time should fit the crime,' whatever that is. I hope she doesn't spend the rest of her life in prison because of the 3-strikes law, but this law needs to be changed so that she and others lives are not destroyed. She also needs (2) some REAL psychological and substance abuse treatment. She really is messed up. (3) She needs a damned good attorney.

Find out more about the 3-Strikes law at

2653 days ago


somehow how i suspect we still haven't reached the peak, the over-the-top ugly extremity of these
know nothing winners of the celebrity lotto that is now Hollywood. But we who buy the tickets are
the real dumb ones. At least when Robert Mitchum
got busted for dope, someone asked him what he for a living. His reply was, "Former actor."
I take pleasure at least that her movie has flopped. May she never work again. The she can
pin that on "the black kid" too.

2652 days ago


Regarding the name of the 'assistant' - she has more than one. At least they finally got it straight in all the sites, she was not JM as first told. JM's name totally disappeared from every single site. Amazing your facts got mixed up as well as others. Hope this helps with #37.

2652 days ago


lock her butt up for 6 to 10 years just like they would do to any one not famous. start locking up these cebreties and maybe they will get the idea they are no better than anyone else.

2652 days ago


if the black kid jumped out of the suv and she run over his foot, what was he doing inside the suv doing a car chase with Lilo? and the passanger in the front couldn't take the key out of ignition? and the assistant's mother? had she picked up her daughter when she pulled out of her driveway? AND TO ANSWER ALL THAT DON'T BELIEVE SHE HAS A PROBLEM WELL SHE DOES AND ITS HER MOTHER fault. Lindsay has the adicction since she was 6years old. and it does not matter how many rehabs she goes 2 they wont help cuz she gets the drugs at the rehab centers. Lindsay needs to ger rid of her so called friends specially that lesbian susan or whatever her name is. there are other and better girls for lindsay ,back to the mother:::: SHE WANTED THE FAME AND MONEY THROUGH HER DAUGTHER(lindsay). AND NOW SHE IS LOSING IT THAT IS WHY SHE IS WORKING ON THE YOUNGER SISTER..IT WONT BE LONG BEFORE SHE TO IS A bad lindsay is 21 she is now an adult. she is being looked at as shuch but lets look at this girl SHE STILL IS A KID WHO NEEDS HELP BUT NOT THRU THE HOLLYWOOD REHAB CENTERS.

2652 days ago



2652 days ago


This is sooo sad. If she doesn't acknowledge the fact that she needs professional help, and truly wants it, then she'll be dead sooner than later. No one stepped in to intervene with Anna Nicole and look where she wound up.

2651 days ago
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