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Cut to the Chase in Lindsay's Case

7/24/2007 9:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanTMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan may not have been chasing a car at the time of her arrest. Lindsay says she was also a chase victim.

Sources connected to Lindsay tell TMZ both Lindsay, who was driving a Denali, and the Escalade in front of her, driven by the mother of Lindsay's former assistant, were both being chased in a "unsafe and threatening" manner.

We're told there may have been more than one vehicle chasing the duo, though we do not know the identities of those drivers. We could not confirm if paparazzi were chasing the cars. One thing we do know: there are no known photos of the incidents.


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What difference does it make who was chasing who? Here she goes again....not wanting to accept true responsiblity for her actions. She is a real loser in my opinion. Something will come along to humble her and make her ashamed of the life she is currently living.

2655 days ago


They were probably being chased by a dealer who Lindsay shorted after picking up an 8 ball.

2655 days ago


it doesnt matter if she was being chased or now. thats no excuse for her to be drinking, driving under a suspended licence & having cocaine in her posession. no matter what excuses she tries to make up in that daft little head of hers, she needs to take responsibility for her actions.

2655 days ago


How convenient!

2655 days ago


It doesn't matter - she was caught wasted out of her mind!!!!

2655 days ago


I feel sorry for this train wreck. This one got the short end of the gene pool for parents.

Maybe Drew Barrymore should step in and show her how to get sober without parents.

2655 days ago


Regarding Lindsay, why can't she get it right. She's already been in trouble for the same things. She's too young to be experiencing these problems. Girl needs big time REHAB, not just 6 months. Looks like this time she get rehab without the catering in the County Jail. I don't think the courts are gonna be too lenient with these young actors/celebrities. Hope Lindsay gets straight with GOD, and let him take care of her. She just needs FAITH. I'll be praying for her. Love you anyway.

2655 days ago


It was PEREZ HILTON who was following them.

He thought they were going to CUPID'S........

2655 days ago


You know as long as people keep defending hollywood brats that don't have the moral fiber of an aardvark they are gonna continue to behave with such reckless disregard. And I personally am sick of it!! 2 dui's,2 cocaine possessionsand all with a suspended license? Sounds like central regional detention center to me, as it should be! Every other person in this world has to pay for breaking the law ,why should'nt she? If she did'nt learn from Paris that fat meat is greasy , then I say make an example out of her until it's coming out of her ears!! For you who sympathize, we all make choices she made her's now it's time to pay the piper!!!!!

2655 days ago


#5 good question

2655 days ago


I think they the cops need to throw Lilo's butt in jail, and let her detox there. Instead of letting her go back to the "rehab" center. They don't seem to be doing much for her.

2655 days ago


This matters ... whyyyyy exactly?

*goes to do laundry while waiting for some real news*

2655 days ago


leave the poor girl one knows the real story. Everyone knows she's on coke so quit acting like its a surprise. If you were being chased by 5 million papparazi freaks you would go crazy too. Maybe if people would stay out of all these celebs buisiness they wouldn't keep making all these mistakes. Media in this country is too obsessed with celebrities.

2655 days ago


So- does this excuses her drunk driving and cocaine possession??? Does she have to kill someone drunk driving b4 anyone will take it seriously?????

2655 days ago


It's funny how the tmz papacrapzi will STALK Lohan on every move she makes to the point where they pay people off to tell them when she is drinking or doing drugs, then they call the police when she leaves in her car, only to film her get ting arrested so they can make crappy headlines. THAT IS REALLY LOW!!! There are far more important things in this world that you should be covering instead of the low life celebrities.

2655 days ago
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