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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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Winnie the Pooh    

What a waste of skin

2594 days ago


It's the Tarzana Treatment Center that she has been sent to the TTC is known for it's program with young adults and teenagers. They're pretty tough there. It's not exactly high-end rehab, it's a nice facility, but it's not PRomises. Obviously, the two cushy rehabs she's been to before haven't helped, though.

2594 days ago


this is bs why in the hell do these people with money get to go to rehab when regular people get get jail time and alot of it for less a crime... the criminal justice in this country is a f'n joke...

2594 days ago

Biff Loman    

Promises is not to blame for the problem here. I'm sure the facility has successfully treated many people who were ready to make the change to sobriety. Anyone who thinks jail will be good for this person is an idiot. It may help her reach her bottom but it won't cure her or give her access to services.

Our prison system is currently full of addicts and alcoholics who couldn't afford or get access to decent substance abuse treatment. Addiction and alcoholism are merely the symptoms of deeper seeded issues which need to be addressed in this young person's life. The fact she's in the public eye will likely speed up her ability to reach her bottom. Most people in her position, full blown addiction, don't get the luxury of this attention. They languish for years in their disease until they've lost hope and are ready to die. Then if they are lucky, they seek help before it is too late.

Only time will tell if this is her bottom or if we're watching a very public self-destruction which will culminate in the waste of another human life, like so many thousands of other people, left untreated and uncared for by us all.

2594 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


2594 days ago

Carol Ann Jordon    

" Lohan out of rehab, 'working hard on sobriety' was the theme in magazines and Entertainment shows. the whole time at Promises was less than sobering.

Promises should have its doors locked and liscense reviewed. Everyone knows when just beginning treatment you detox, go thru therapy/ and hopefully onto the 12 steps. Then you learn to associate w/ new friends, you acquire new paid staff, and alternative celeb and non celeb activities. All not involving alcohol. It is called developing a healthy lifeplan.

Promises promoted her attending the 4th of July drinking bash w/ a Promise' escort. She also was allowed to drink on a limited basis while a client of the rehab. And they monitored the alcohol bracelet program. (RIGHT)
Hello, abstinence means no alcohol or drugs, while turning to a new healthy life plan. You cannot have all those choices/privileges when at the bottom of the recovery process. It has to start off on an austere and direct note. IE, no passes to come and go during the first week for shopping outings and partying with old enablers from your drinking past. .OMG

2594 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

#8 is right on.............Promises is in no way a place I would sent someone with a drug or alcohol problem......the place IS a joke. Betty Ford is where she should be headed,actually prison would be even better. It would be interesting to see just what Promises success rate is, seems like more of a hide away than rehab. Close the place down it just takes money from these pathetic stars.............

2594 days ago


Don Imus was Right.... He just said it about the Wrong Group of "Women". Britney,Paris,Lindsay and Nicole are the Blonde "HO's" of Hollywood !


2594 days ago


The best thing that could happen to this girl is that no one sees her movies and they become flops, let her mature and in a few years perhaps come back. This time having cocaine in her posession is a felony. I wonder what the jail sentece is going to be.

2594 days ago


This is a girl who obviously needs help and has no one around her helping her get clean. She needs to go to rehab for a year minimum because obviously she is a true addict. Her father is an addict and her mom seems to be one so she has a family history of drug and alcohol abuse and needs to address it before she winds up dead.

2594 days ago

Jonas Hansen    

I does not work until she wants to quit her addiction.

You can send her to several rehabs, prison etc.

Quote some guy on TV, who claims to be a doctor:

"You can not change what you do not acknowledge!!!!"

Put her into prison and then send her to the Netherlands. There she can live legally with her addiction until she is ready to face her problems.

2594 days ago

doc phil    

18 months in jail.......................................she will die if she is out on the streets, trying to score!

2594 days ago

Carol Ann Jordon    

Promises and other high end newer rehabs that offer a menu of choices to a detoxing client need to have their certificates of operation reviewed. Or at least say, hey maybe going to an Independence Day blast is not the best option while a client in active treatment. Yes, the individual is the one who has to sober up and follow a program of sobriety. In the end Lindsey and other clients' have to take on the responsibility.

Programs like Promises and others, need to step away and review the quality and outcomes of their interventions and programs. I see them as enablers not treatment providers. Just like Lindsey et als posse, if you have money people will not say no. Until Lindsey can say no, someone needs to say no for her, if not the treatment center than who?

Sure, the alcoholic is the one who has to change. Lindsey and others need to do the work and change. But with help like Promises you are handicapping progress. There r many over the top programs in high end settings out for the buck. they may mean well on some level but r offering practicing alcoholics a menu of immense choices and community integration after 3 days. They are back in front of the cameras seen shopping, certainly not helping to promote healing. Why put that stress on recovery during the first week. Then to throw people into parties with staff from the treatment facility. Why not send the team to alternative events to sample life while enjoying sobriety.It is counterproductive to positive change. Why pay for this lack of judgment from a treatment provider?

2594 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

Producers of the Surreal Life take can probably get her on your show, no one else will want her..............Lindsay, Britney & maybe Paris, What a fun house that would be! You guys love train wrecks, well here are 3. Perhaps Promises will let you use their place, they will need the money now that word is out what a joke they are.

2594 days ago


OMG, please don't tell me that she has run to another rehab. This girl is using the system in hopes this will keep her out of prison. I really hope the judge throws the book at her. Giving this girl breaks is not a favor to her nor her victims. I don't care who she is, she keeps breaking the law and our justice system seems to be turning a blind eye. I don't feel sorry for addicts. You have a chose, and when you choose to destroy yourself, well have at it...just don't put me in danger while you're doing it. Get her off the highways!!!!

2594 days ago
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