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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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I think that they should just send her to jail and let her sober up there. Any other person would have to do that, so why not her?

2587 days ago


How the F*$# did she post bail?? A few weeks ago the bitch hit a tree and they found drugs in the car. WTF. Do they have to find a dead body in her trunk before they throw her ass in jail.

2587 days ago


Another case of too much, too soon, and no parental guidance. I hope her "mother" is happy now when she sees what all the partying has led to. Maybe they can get a 2 for 1 deal at rehab.

As for Lindsay, I have to feel sorry for her in a way, because no one apparently has ever had the balls to sit her down and tell her the real facts of life. First, you are NOT the center of the universe; second, life does NOT owe you a nonstop party; and third, do the crime, do the time.

I heard that she and some friends had a bet that she could "bed" David Beckham by this fall. I'd guess her attraction has somewhat diminished.

Let's hope this is the REAL wake-up call she needs to do whatever it takes to get her act together. Otherwise, it's a real short trip down to hell. She's practically there already.

2587 days ago


I was like so shocked, especially since she was posing with the alcohol anklet monitor just the other day..... Addiction is a hard thing to kick, you think just this one night and oh I can control it, just do it different. She was way out of control chasing someone who quit's mother down the street. She must have been really doped up... Been there, done that.... the only thing that brought me back to reality was a dose of prison and time without partying in my environment. Good luck to her cuz she is a hot chick... FINE FINE FINE and BI.... There is no way of getting out of jail time for her, 4-sure!

2587 days ago


what is with you people? cant u understand that she has been in the spotlight since she was 11 years old. Her folks are acting really immature. she is only reacting to what is going on around her. This girl needs to be taken out of hollywood pronto , in order to have somewhat of a normal life. Leave the girl alone and let the courts decide what should happen. Maybe the girl does need jail to smarten up , who knows. But dont knock her situation. think about what it is like in hollywood being surrounded by papparazi every day of your life with absolutely NO privacy...I would not like to live my life that way. I feel sorry for her she is crying out for help. instead of getting the help she needs , she has everyone in her life coddling her. i hope she finds her way, or else she is gonna end up being in a tragedy. good luck lindsay.

2587 days ago

just asking    

seem like jail is the only hope since glorified rehabs in calif serve no useful purpose but to take your cash..
here ’s how the story should end:

lost of movies for 3yrs
lost of endorsments for 3yrs
losrt od singing contract for 3yrs
lost of freedom ( see courts)
serve 1 yr in jail for dui and cocaine position ( back to back dui’s )
must watch videos of mangled bodies from dui accidents for -5 hr a day
must watch video of surgeons trying to save lives of dui victims -3 hrs a day
must watch funerals of dui victims - 3 hrs a day
must read letters from orphans whose parents were killed due to dui
must donate 1 million to MADD
go to rehab outside of california for - 2yrs
serve community in service for 2000 hrs after release from rehab talking to teen about driving drunk and drugs

2587 days ago


Next headline..." Lindsay Lohan Dead at 21" so sad, but its probably true. 4 words...THIS GIRL NEEDS GOD.

2587 days ago

Allergic 2 Skank    

Everytime I see a pic or video of lohan, my eyes water and I sneeze and break out in hives. Oh yeah, she's a skank. As skanky as can be for that matter.

2587 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Jail is the only rehab that will help this girl and I ain't talking 23 days.

2587 days ago


A little thing called personal responsablity is needed in order for Lohan to receive the treatment she needs. This is a concept that doesnt seem to ring a bell with many young any more. She will fail unless she is empowered to stop using.

2587 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

She's probably at Hazelden in Minnesota. When I bartended at the Madison Club in Madison, Wisconsin, (the state capital) some of the state legislators and lobbyist and other political mucky-mucks would dry out at Hazelden. Worked every time. And these guys were seasoned power drinkers, top-shelf booze on your tax dime.

2587 days ago


What ever...she's a putz

2587 days ago


No, I'll bet she's at Stone Eagle in kept secret of the stars.

2587 days ago


I think that Lindsay is a great actress and I am sure there is an extraordinary person in there somewhere. I think that people try to make excuses for her actions, which is wrong because you know that they say about excuses.
I think that Lindsay needs to leave L.A. and go to a rehab that isn't so posh and luxurious. She needs to get out of that element. There is a fanastic rehab center in the town I live in (San Angelo, TX).....maybe she should try coming here and living a normal life for a while.
The cocaine is that thing that confuses me....where and who did she start this with? It doesn't seem that Paris or any of the other girls she hung out with were doing it....seems odd to me. And did she get treatment for the cocaine or just for the alcohol??
Anyway, I would love to see her get on track. I think that she needs to look to Amanda Bynes, Mandy Moore and other celebs like that for a good example of what she should be doing and more importantly, not doing.

2587 days ago

Nick La what    

Why is it that the people who are having serious troubles, that CAN be helped, so that they will never return to their old ways, always commit suicide? But these sorry ass useless people with all the advantages just keep going, when they have more access to the means.

Better for Lohan to take her self out alone, than to have her murder someone else because the courts keep giving her special treatment. What a waste. There are so many that want help and the families & courts ignore them. But these people keep surviving until the kill someone else, or kill someone & also themselves.

Lohan needs prison NOT jail. The California courts are too soft on the rich & spoiled. Although sometimes when they do murder the innocent they still can walk the streets& go to nightly parties. Like the singer Brandi, who is still walking around free with NO court date for the death that she –Brandi – caused. They’re living still wild & free while the bereaved families cries nightly & thinks of their murdered loved one. They are the ones that have needs because of their lost. They can’t lie on the beach & travel for weeks to exotic destinations until they feel better like the useless celebrities. The families of the victims have to go right back to work, & then work even harder for the rest of their lives.

Lindsey needs to rid herself now. I don’t think anyone would miss her. Lindsey is like Paris & Vanessa Millino (Nick Lachey’s Girlfriend) they are useless to everyone, especially themselves.

Don’t say goodbye Lindsey…just go away…you are making California & the American youth look dreadful. Too hear about Daniel Rancliffe, Bindi & etc... from other countries doing something in their careers or for the environment were they live and here in America IS useful to everyone, & themselves.

BUT…You’re embarrassing Lindsey & so useless. You and your drugged out, in the closet bi-sexual, alcoholic nobody friends. Your smug smiles aren’t cute now, and they surely won’t be after the innocent has been murdered because of YOU and YOUR friend’s irresponsibility.

2586 days ago
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