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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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Nick La what    

Discipline begins at home, and as we can see her parent’s didn’t know parental control as they were all spending money and living on high. Now Lohan is high and will soon murder some innocent person. It’s only a shame for the innocent life that is soon to be taken because of Lindsey.

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

They will never learn, and neither will the courts until someone innocent is gone, and someone powerful OR a relentless family member comes along and makes them all literally pay for continuing to let Lohan and her friends out of jail AND Prison time.

This girl needs a real real help, like Prison

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

Why is it that the people who are having serious troubles, that CAN be helped, so that they will never return to their old ways, always commit suicide? But these sorry ass useless people with all the advantages just keep going, when they have more access to the means.

Better for Lohan to take her self out alone, than to have her murder someone else because the courts keep giving her special treatment. What a waste. There are so many that want help and the families & courts ignore them. But these people keep surviving until the kill someone else, or kill someone & also themselves.

Lohan needs prison NOT jail. The California courts are too soft on the rich & spoiled. Although sometimes when they do murder the innocent they still can walk the streets& go to nightly parties. Like the singer Brandi, who is still walking around free with NO court date for the death that she –Brandi – caused. They’re living still wild & free while the bereaved families cries nightly & thinks of their murdered loved one. They are the ones that have needs because of their lost. They can’t lie on the beach & travel for weeks to exotic destinations until they feel better like the useless celebrities. The families of the victims have to go right back to work, & then work even harder for the rest of their lives.

Lindsey needs to rid herself now. I don’t think anyone would miss her. Lindsey is like Paris & Vanessa Millino (Nick Lachey’s Girlfriend) they are useless to everyone, especially themselves.

Don’t say goodbye Lindsey…just go away…you are making California & the American youth look dreadful. Too hear about Daniel Rancliffe, Bindi & etc... from other countries doing something in their careers or for the environment were they live and here in America IS useful to everyone, & themselves.

BUT…You’re embarrassing Lindsey & so useless. You and your drugged out, in the closet bi-sexual, alcoholic nobody friends. Your smug smiles aren’t cute now, and they surely won’t be after the innocent has been murdered because of YOU and YOUR friend’s irresponsibility.

2656 days ago

Nick La what    

These young people in Hollywood need to be placed in front of a real authoritive figure that won’t give a dam about what they have BUT instead what these young people will do is let go.

They need a true justice…like Judge Judy or Alex. A hard knock woman and Ex-detective won’t give a dam about them, but more so the law and the innocent people FIRST…just as it should be anyway.

2656 days ago


Well the apple doesn't fallfar from the tree. If rehab is not the solution, then, jail time will certainly help.

2656 days ago


Just another coked up STUPID slag! At the rate she is going we will not doubt be reading her obituary before she turns 22.

2656 days ago


please get her a residential facility for at least 2 years pronto.Before she killls herself!!

2656 days ago


This girl just needs someone to talk to.

2656 days ago

you need a life    

How about you people get a life
y do you care about other peoples lives so much
you all are pathetic losers
p.s. you have low self esteem

2656 days ago


Promises "rehab" is anything but, their counselors are not certified addiction treatment specialists (i.e CAADAC, NAADAC, or any other), they are friends of the owner (who makes bank from this beachouse toted as a rehab) and make 3 or 4 times the money a REAL addiction treatment specialist makes. The reason they can't hire any certified specialists is because they would be asked to do unethical things that go against the policies of the certifying bodies - they are asked to wait on these 'stars', if they want alcohol at 3am you get out of bed and go get it for them, they are prescribed narcotics while in the rehab, anything that will get them to stay the 30 days is done for them, this is why it's $50k a month....a real counselor would not work there for these reasons, there is no treatment - this would be akin to asking a medical doctor to use his profession and skills to hurt people instead of helping.

2656 days ago


I think all this about Lindsay is ridiculous. WHO CARES ABOUT STUPID YOUNG A-LIST CELEBS they are just a bunch of screw ups. How about we worry about other things that are more important to the country, not Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton for that matter? Has everyone forgotten there are men over seas dying for our greed? Maybe we should think about that for a change how to get them home, not stupid tabloids.

2656 days ago


Ok, I think it is a forgone conclusion, that she will not get off this time, with out doing some jail time. She was already facing charges for DUI before this happened, and her having drugs on her, only made it worse, does not matter who’s drugs she is saying they belonged to. She had them. Paris Hilton has set an example for the judges now, and I think Miss Lohan is going to have to serve some jail time. In the long run, it might be just what she needs. It might sober her up to what is going on in her life, that she has come to this now. I hope she can get her life back on track.

2655 days ago
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