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Lindsay Back in Rehab, Lacks Promises

7/24/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan has returned to rehab, but not to Promises in Malibu -- where she recently spent 45 days.

We're told she is in an undisclosed treatment facility.

Let's hope it works this time.

UPDATE: A rep for Promises has no comment about today's events.


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hope she's able to overcome her addiction

2615 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, , tick, tick, tick, tick, , tick, tick, tick, tick, , tick, tick, tick, tick.


I placed a bet months ago that Britney doesn't make it to forty. I need to place the same bet on this Phi Beta Kappa Queen. A real good investment of $200.00 if there ever was one. Rehab? Yeah right! This chick is hooked til she OD's. Cha Ching!!!

2615 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Wasn't Stupid Girl by Pink?

2615 days ago


In the defense of the rehab center, I think they probably did the best they could do considering what they had to work with.

Wonder who's gonna die first...Lindsay or Britney?

2615 days ago


if lindsay thinkgs going to rehab again will save her from a felony and prison time, she better think again! get some REAL HELP!

2615 days ago

Nickey Milo    

Dear Lindsay,
While I can feel sorry for you I will let others do that for you. What you need is to really get serious about dying cause that is the course you are on and have your friends make funeral arrangements for you. Your next step is jumping in your grave. The reality of it all is I was just where you are now, only it was 19 years ago. I am sober and clean 19 years 5 months and 4 days, but who is counting. I attend alcoholics anonymous and cocaine anonymous along with all my friends and yours. If you just got in a cab and told them to take you to a meeting and admitted it and forget your media circus which has made you famous for no apparent reason, sat there and listened to how hundreds and thousands of people fight this disease every day, you might have a chance of living. I often got to jails and hospitals and speak to inmates about recovery so I guess I will be seeing you there soon. Hopefully it will be there and not in the morgue. This is a disease that wants to kill you and your heading that way. Take my advice, take a cab to a meeting...

2615 days ago

jennifer ramirez    

lindsey back in rehab only 6 hours after getting out of jail???????? it makes me angry that these celebs think they can go to rehab after arrest and everything is okay?????
if she was a normal citizen like us we would not be given the chances they get we would
leave rehab and go right to jail no doubt??????????
these girls have issues and no jail or rehab will help them unless they want to stop and
have a career instead of having a messed up life money talks?????
jennifer ramirez- ventura ca

2615 days ago


IMHO the mother did Lindsay a favor. Lindsay's lucky she didn't hit and kill anyone!

2615 days ago


Her lawyer probably thinks this is a good move as far as her legal troubles go. Too little too late! That and she doesn't have a disease or any medical addiction whatsoever.....unless you call an overinflated sense of entitlement and general negligence for anyone but herself a disease. She does the drugs because she wants to, not because she's addicted. She drinks because she doesn't care what anybody thinks because "she's Lindsay Lohan," and it's all catching up. Rot in jail like your dad and never come back to this city, ya hear? You've now disrupted my friendly beach community, so out of Santa Monica, Lohan. Out of LA and out of my peaceful beach community! Can we please give her career a 10 count?

2615 days ago

getting tired of crap    

After one stint in rehab, I don't think the judge will buy it.

2615 days ago



How unfair is this new rehab trip?

1. Paris did NOT have cocaine on her when she was arrested, she just did not have the right to drive.... and she ended up in JAIL. It seems to me the next logical step for LILO would be JAIL, and for more than 45 days.

2. If ANY of us got arrested while frantically chasing in a SUV, he would be thrown face to the ground and handcuffed; I don't see why Missy LILO has the right to walk out on bail after that kind of stunt...

2615 days ago


Thank God it is not Promises. I suspect that with all of those day trips she took outside of the facility that she was drinking while in rehab last time. I hope that this rehab facility works for her but I am not too optimistic. I think it will take some serious jail time to scare her straight. But then again since her dad has problems it may just be heireditary and there may be nothing that will help her. It might just be a lifetime struggle for her. It is a real shame because she is so talented.

2615 days ago


I applaud the assistant's mother for calling the cops. Lindsay wasn't getting it so if it has to be that way -- kudos to the assistant's mother. Someone doing something. Whether some people think it was her being a bitch doing it that way -- at least somebody is stepping up and doing something. LiLo was not helping herself. By her getting behind the wheel of a car -- that's like giving her a weapon to kill someone.


2615 days ago


Will someone remember that this girl needs to be accountable. the Person who called the police did not make her drink. The rehab facility did not make Lindsey go immediately to Vegas when she was released. She is an addict-granted a famous, rich one, but an addict all the same. I hope that she stops letting everyone else take the blame and really want help.

2615 days ago


Hopefully she has some investments to live off of the rest of her life because her career is so over. She threw away her recording career, modeling was just a by-product of the acting and the acting career peaked at Freaky Friday.

I liked her but all this drama and disrespect for others is just repulsive. I hope she gets thrown in jail and after that goes away. I would like all of them to go away ... Paris, Britney, Nicole, wanna be Kadasssian, Mischa .. GO AWAY dumb skanks.

2615 days ago
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