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Lindsay's Dad to TMZ: "I'm Partly Responsible"

7/24/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's estranged dad, who was recently released from a two-year stint in a New York state prison over a DUI, tells TMZ that he's partly to blame for his daughter's constant problems with drugs, booze and the law.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ, Lindsay's dad said that he doesn't believe that the 21-year-old can survive this latest DUI storm on her own, and wants to put the nasty custody fight with his estranged wife Dina on hold, in a last ditch effort to save their daughter's life. "I want to withdraw everything -- court wise -- sit down with Dina as Lindsay's parents and figure out how to help her," Lohan said. "Lindsay can't do this on her own ... when we were together, none of this was happening."

Last month, a Nassau County Family Court judge ordered Michael and Dina to see a family therapist as part of an ongoing custody war over their two children, Ali, 13 and Dakota, 11. The couple was also ordered to stop speaking negatively of each other in front of their kids and undergo counseling at a hearing on Monday.

TMZ also contacted Lindsay's mother Dina, who had no comment.


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wow, look who is capitalizing on hhis daughtert's misfortuneto get his own publicity. Remember, his is the new 'born-again" who is looking to raise funds to open his own rehab center. wow, I really feel sorry for Lindsay now.

2651 days ago

tuna marie    

this guy is an attention whore, just shut up, michael.

2651 days ago


Geez Jen - haven't you ever heard of FREE WILL. Lots of people come from broken, messed-up homes and turn out just fine - if they have the proper support around them. LiLo has had none of that her entire life, but that doesn't condone the fact that she's chosen to live her life this way - CHOSEN. It doesn't surprise me that her mother is "non-existent" right now - at some point, you have to let them fend for themselves and deal with their own existence. As for her dad, at least he said something - the guilt he's feeling is finally rearing it's ugly head - I hope he can help, but I doubt it - she's hit the wall and without a REAL REHAB - outside of California - she's doomed to an early grave!

2651 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

damb right!hes more than partially responsible i know he waz abusive 2 her!they should let her not go 2 prison shes nice and i like father waz abusive 2 me.society places 2 much emphasis on the opposite"oh,sum1 let her hav e fun!"thats not the problem!its more the opposite!i find it 2 easy the cocaine in her pants pocket maybe she waz set up!!!!!!!!!!!

2651 days ago


I think he is right but Think that her mother also is responsible for her bad behavior she parties with her. It is time to send Lindsay to jail like Paris Hilton. It is time to show them that they are normal as anybody else

2651 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Linds is not a child, she is an adult now and should take responsibilty for her stupid antics!

2651 days ago


Tell us something we don't already know, Michael. Too little too late.

2651 days ago


With parents like Michael and Dxina, its no wonder that Lindsay has turned out like she has. Michael is just using this latest episode to get his own name in the papers. I feel so sorry for this child. And yes, she is a child, a scared little girl who has no direction on her life. Very Sad.

2651 days ago


OK, this silly snizz needs to get the book thrown at her hard. I'm saying at least 8-12 months of behind bars. She is way too stupid to learn from any past lessons to make it in the real world. ParisITE, Britney, Lindsey are all so out of control that, TBH, they should all be looked up and have the key thrown away. What is the justice system waiting for, one of them to kill an innocent bystander with their vehicle.

This latest batch of Hollywierdo's really deserve to just be locked up for good. They are all just out of control.

2651 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I know it sucks to have horrible parents but ya gotta dump them and move on..

2651 days ago


It's never to late to try....from everything I've read he has been completely shut out. At least he's trying to do something........where's Dina been this whole time????

2651 days ago


Hey Michael, how much $$ will it take for you to go away for good!

2651 days ago


Let's just hope it's not too late for the two other kids.

2651 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Her dad looks like Mandy Patinkin..You know head grim reaper from 'Dead Like Me'..

2651 days ago


So a few hours after his daughter is arrested he's talking to the media? I don't understand. Why is he always talking about Lindsay to the press?

2651 days ago
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