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Lindsay's Dad to TMZ: "I'm Partly Responsible"

7/24/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's estranged dad, who was recently released from a two-year stint in a New York state prison over a DUI, tells TMZ that he's partly to blame for his daughter's constant problems with drugs, booze and the law.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ, Lindsay's dad said that he doesn't believe that the 21-year-old can survive this latest DUI storm on her own, and wants to put the nasty custody fight with his estranged wife Dina on hold, in a last ditch effort to save their daughter's life. "I want to withdraw everything -- court wise -- sit down with Dina as Lindsay's parents and figure out how to help her," Lohan said. "Lindsay can't do this on her own ... when we were together, none of this was happening."

Last month, a Nassau County Family Court judge ordered Michael and Dina to see a family therapist as part of an ongoing custody war over their two children, Ali, 13 and Dakota, 11. The couple was also ordered to stop speaking negatively of each other in front of their kids and undergo counseling at a hearing on Monday.

TMZ also contacted Lindsay's mother Dina, who had no comment.


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No.....he's probably an enabler. But, she's a big girl and shouldn't be able to rely on Daddy for her excuse. She needs to take responsibility for her own screw-ups.

2618 days ago


This is a very sad situation. The first requirement for recovery from addiciton or for success in anything is a burning desire. Lindsay doesn't seem to have it yet. Unfortuantely she needs to lose more or suffer more. As sick as that sounds the future will prove this to be true. At her age she cannot conceive that Hollywood will "dump her" but it will without a second thought. She is simply not talented enough nor pretty enough nor sexy enough to risk money. At this point she is a very risky investment. A hard truth.

If she doesn't hit her "bottom point of anxiety " soon there are only three real options for her: jails,mental institutions or death.

Like most of us humans she lacks gratitude for her gifts therefore she is throwing them away with the misconception that she is something much more special than others and there will always be more gifts and money available. Whew! She is in for a rude awakening. She is already tagged as a drunken addict which unfortunately she actually is at this stage in her life. Her tendency toward excessive consumption will always be with her. The only answer is that she learn to manage it with prayer,abstinence anf guidance form an experienced person who is not out to expolit her. At this point in her life she can't see the positive aspects of any of the things that will save her. It is a paradox peculiar to alcoholics addicts.

Robert Downey Jr. who is immensely more talented than Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of a person whose ingratitude cost him one of the most promising careers in Hollywood.

Money people and directors forgave him time after time and he received good solid parts after his releases from jail but now at his age his parts are fewer and he has to waste the talent he still has on "B" parts and supporting roles. Neither Robert nor Lindsay seem to have a spiritual or psycological guide wo cares enough about them to really help them.

Addicition is " cunning , baffling and powerful" yet millons take it lightly and others laugh, taunt or exploit those who have it.

Lohan's father is correct in his analysis of her situation but unfortuantely because of his own weaknesses he won't be able to sustain his good intentions because he himself needs long term help before he can be a relable Dad to anyone. When I read his comments I sighed and remembered the old adage, " The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

2618 days ago


Please- Lindsay's father is not concerned about his daughter. He's an opportunist who is using his daughter's issues to promote himself. Rather than being so concerned about giving exclusive quotes to TMZ, he should be putting his time into becoming a better father, so maybe his other children won't have to go through the battles Lindsay now has to.

2618 days ago


In response to post #1
BS...She’s grown enough to know right from wrong. I don’t think mom or dad said here Lindsay a beer and some coke with your cookies.
My parent went through a divorce when I was 13 and my mom became an alcoholic, with help she got over it. I never used drugs in my life. Hate when we blame parents for out of control GROWN KIDS.

2617 days ago


Everyone is so quick to blame the parents they both need to put all their problems aside and concentrate on getting her well. Regardless of how their parenting skills were in the past it is now time to step up to the plate and save their daughter's life. Instead of planning for her next court date and how they can get her out this mess she put HERSELF into they will be planning her funeral. She needs at least six months to one year of rehab and strict lock-up.

2616 days ago


I think that is very sad that her parents cannot put their problems aside and save their daughter's life. Regardless of their parenting skills in the past they need to come together and do what is right. They should not try and get her the EASY WAY OF THE MESS SHE PUT HERSELF INTO. She needs strict jail time and rehab nothing less than one year to eighteeen months. Put her in jail with woman who have killed other people under the influence and I bet she gets a reality check. Otherwise instead of planning her next red carpet night it will be her furneral. I really think she is a talented actress but she really needs help.

2616 days ago
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