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Lohan Chase -- You've Got the Wrong Chick

7/24/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While other outlets are reporting that it was Lindsay's longtime assistant, Jenni Muro, who was involved in the late-night chase and arrest, TMZ has exclusively learned that Jenni was NOT involved in the incident, and furthermore, she was not even present at the time of Lindsay's arrest. Jenni, in fact, only learned of the arrest this morning.

TMZ has learned that it was Lindsay's second assistant who was on the scene, and from what our sources tell us, she had been relieved of her duties last night -- exactly why, we're not sure.

According to our sources, Muro has been a good friend and companion to Lohan for a long time, and is a "lovely girl."

Lindsay's rep told TMZ, "Please leave Jenni alone. She is a private citizen."


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Let's have a pay-per-view event and burn her at the stake.

2557 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


2557 days ago

Amy Jessup    

There should be no bail.

2557 days ago

Bandita Chavez    

Other outlets are was TMZ that ORIGINALLY reported
Muro was involved in the chase with Blohan. Now you've received
updated info and are trying to make it appear like you guys had it
right while everyone else had it wrong. The truth is TMZ had inaccurate
info just like everyone else. This is an emerging story, and many of
the early reports will no doubt be proven false as investigations proceed
and reputable news sources release accurate details.

Just as TMZ isn't renowned for journalistic integrity or accuracy, Harvey Levin
isn't famous for good looks or charisma.

2557 days ago

Andy Valenzuela    

Jail is not enough punishment for these type of broads. The people who are putting money in their pockects should "STOP" making life easy for them. Or we will wait until the next time when they seriously hurt someone.
By the way where is MADD and what are they doing about these people.

2557 days ago


Want to know where Lilo got that cool blue bag.

2557 days ago



2557 days ago

Carol Ann Jordon    

Promises, Promises, Promises

Joke of the year,
along with Wonderland and other new overly expensive/new edge/high tech treatment models. Marketing scam is unraveling. Relapse rates are low at many facilities, old and new. At least the clients at Hazelton and other reknowned/older/simpler centers give one a decent chance to back off and recover without the glitz and cameras. And the public is not at risk, unlike these past few months in LA when many notables were in and out on passes and still drinking and driving.

2557 days ago

5 cent    

The problem is not Lindsay, the person. It's not entirely her parents either (although they have some major responsibility also here). The problem is the Hollywood system that TOLERATES bad, even illegal behavior and covers it up every day.

If you or I did these things, we'd be fired. But, in Hollywood, anything goes as long as the almight buck is involved. Just sweep widespread drug use, alchohol abuse, spousal abuse, sexual abuse, and general bad bahavoir under the rug. It happens all the time. It's only when the police get directly involved that it gets out.

The execs and producers MADE Lindsay. They still follow the idea that no publicity is bad publicity. If you're 20 years old and your whole life is "take whatever you want because no one's going to say anything", then you end up a mess like her. Don't believe me? Just look at her take for the goodie bags at any "event". Lindsay (and Paris) are the ones with the largest hands grabbing all the free stuff they can take and then some.

Take that stupid rehap thing she went to. It's a freaking country club. She's sneaking out and sneaking stuff in. If it were a really a true place for rehap, they would have kicked her out. But, it's OK because she's a star. Just let her do what she wants. She's paying us 50K a week so don't rock the boat!

The only way to stop stuff like this is to hold the execs and producers in Hollywood accountable for their actions (or inactions). If they see someone with a drug problem, stop giving them drugs! If they have a problem with drinking, don't through a big party in Vegas and invite all her friends! If they need rehab, send the to a place that really does the work necessary and not just a fancy hotel that makes for a great PR campaign.

And, kick off the set all of their "yes" BFF's and hanger ons who sit there and just tell them whatever they want them to hear no matter what the truth is.

So, don't feel sorry for Lindsay. She should be able to tell right from wrong so it's her own fault. But, it's the people and the industry around her that creates messes like this.

Someday, she's going to drive that SUV head long into a car filled with kids. When that happens, maybe some of you who feel sorry for her may realize that it's time to end this pop tart crap and get them under control.

Lindsay: I hope you break Paris' record of time behind bars because without any sense of reality, you are going to hurt yourself and some innocent person in the future.

2557 days ago


She is now at the Tarzana Treatment Center .. the TTC is known for it's program with young adults and teenagers. They're pretty tough there. It's not exactly high-end rehab, it's a nice facility, but it's not PRomises. Obviously, the two cushy rehabs she's been to before haven't helped, though.

2557 days ago


She needs to disappear. Wow she is not even that good looking! What make up can do! I was comparing photos of her from a few years ago and what a difference. Her nose changed so much! Coke - the ultimate nose job! She is 21 and looks like she is 40...see what drugs can do to you! Make you rich and live in Hollywood with the rest of the former rehabbers. WHo wants to bet Brittany is next!?

2557 days ago


She needs to disappear. Wow she is not even that good looking! What make up can do! I was comparing photos of her from a few years ago and what a difference. Her nose changed so much! Coke - the ultimate nose job! She is 21 and looks like she is 40...see what drugs can do to you! Make you rich and live in Hollywood with the rest of the former rehabbers. WHo wants to bet Brittany is next!?

2557 days ago


I guess the biggest question I have is why these celebs with all their money and their coke and drinking problems just don't use their drivers to take their asses everywhere???? - half of them would not be in this trouble if they partied like they did and then get their asses chauffered all over town. Why bother driving????

2557 days ago

Ayla of no people    

Why is she not in Jail? Any child of yours or mine would be in jail for a second offense like this and especially with cocaine in her pocket no matter how small the amount.

I guess they don't feel that she is any kind of flight risk, but what about the risk of her driving drunk again and again and again?

She should be drying out in jail just like any other criminal.. She can go to a REAL rehab facility after she has been tried and found guilty and then done her time IN Jail.......

I know it sounds harsh, but this is what she needs. No more moddlecoddling

I don't give a flying blank about how much she drinks or how many drugs she does. I did most when I was her age. I did not however EVER get into a car and drive anywhere. We always partied safely at home.

In the old days one hardly ever heard of this kind of doings with stars. Things were taken care of and covered up.

Times have changed. These kids do not have to pay for their crimes.

Someday one of these girls is going to put the hurt on one of your family members and then maybe, just maybe things will change.

Maybe they should go bac to the Studio System, where the Studio directs every aspect of their lives. Give them the drugs to get up, give them the drugs to come down. Lives like Micky Rooney and Judy Garland and to some extent Marilyn Monroe.

I wish Lindsey the best. I hope she goes to a far away REAL rehabilitation center. One that shows her how it Really is to be down and out and strung out on drugs and what happens to your life.

Good Luck Lindsey

2557 days ago


Do you think it's time to teach her a lesson. Forget rehab maybe she should pull time in prison with Paris Hilton

2557 days ago
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