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Lohan Chase -- You've Got the Wrong Chick

7/24/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While other outlets are reporting that it was Lindsay's longtime assistant, Jenni Muro, who was involved in the late-night chase and arrest, TMZ has exclusively learned that Jenni was NOT involved in the incident, and furthermore, she was not even present at the time of Lindsay's arrest. Jenni, in fact, only learned of the arrest this morning.

TMZ has learned that it was Lindsay's second assistant who was on the scene, and from what our sources tell us, she had been relieved of her duties last night -- exactly why, we're not sure.

According to our sources, Muro has been a good friend and companion to Lohan for a long time, and is a "lovely girl."

Lindsay's rep told TMZ, "Please leave Jenni alone. She is a private citizen."


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Nick La what    

Why is it that the people who are having serious troubles, that CAN be helped, so that they will never return to their old ways, always commit suicide? But these sorry ass useless people with all the advantages just keep going, when they have more access to the means.

Better for Lohan to take her self out alone, than to have her murder someone else because the courts keep giving her special treatment. What a waste. There are so many that want help and the families & courts ignore them. But these people keep surviving until the kill someone else, or kill someone & also themselves.

Lohan needs prison NOT jail. The California courts are too soft on the rich & spoiled. Although sometimes when they do murder the innocent they still can walk the streets& go to nightly parties. Like the singer Brandi, who is still walking around free with NO court date for the death that she –Brandi – caused. They’re living still wild & free while the bereaved families cries nightly & thinks of their murdered loved one. They are the ones that have needs because of their lost. They can’t lie on the beach & travel for weeks to exotic destinations until they feel better like the useless celebrities. The families of the victims have to go right back to work, & then work even harder for the rest of their lives.

Lindsey needs to rid herself now. I don’t think anyone would miss her. Lindsey is like Paris & Vanessa Millino (Nick Lachey’s Girlfriend) they are useless to everyone, especially themselves.

Don’t say goodbye Lindsey…just go away…you are making California & the American youth look dreadful. Too hear about Daniel Rancliffe, Bindi & etc... from other countries doing something in their careers or for the environment were they live and here in America IS useful to everyone, & themselves.

BUT…You’re embarrassing Lindsey & so useless. You and your drugged out, in the closet bi-sexual, alcoholic nobody friends. Your smug smiles aren’t cute now, and they surely won’t be after the innocent has been murdered because of YOU and YOUR friend’s irresponsibility.

2615 days ago

Nick La what    

Too bad they can't learn after death...which is just were this girl is headed. Death will come soon, even if it take a whole year more. She will not make it to 30 years old.

2615 days ago


She really is dumb as a stump. This is what happens when you drink too much and do too many drugs. She was still driving DRUNK and still had cocaine in her possession! Does it really matter if she was chasing someone or being chased? I am so sick of her!

2615 days ago

Kwame f    

Do you want to see Lindsay Lohan in your local city?


Milwaukee - Almost all of the city has alcohol breweries. They make alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey). There are a lot of drunk drivers there. After the Milwaukee Brewers or the Milwaukee Bucks plays, people get drunk in the bars and nightclubs. Lohan will love this place. There is a beerfest which is held in Milwaukee every summer. Every people in Milwaukee are obsessed with alcohol. Milwaukee is the only part in Wisconsin which does not serve dairy products.

Detroit - This is the best place for Lindsay Lohan. Detroit is way, way worse than LA or any other city in the planet. Detroit has many abandoned homes, buildings, wreck cars and graffiti. Detroit also has many drug addicts, prostitutes, drunk drivers (worse than Milwaukee), murderers, unemployed workers, fattest people, terrorists, muggers, arsonists, homless people, uneducated people, drive-by shooters, abortion, profanity and broken English speaking people here. Detroit has the #1 corrupt cops in America. Michigan (especially in Detroit) has the worst driving in the world, every roads and freeways in Michigan has potholes and it's noisy, Michigan lefts are confusing (which means you have to make a right turn on the main road and a U-turn in order to make a left turn). Detroit also has the most Arabs and Muslims living outside the Middle East and they are potential terrorists. There are alot of unemployed workers in Detroit especially in the auto-making factories. Detroit is also the hub of Northwest Airlines, the worst airline in the world. Every mayor of Detroit is also corrupt because they did not restore the whole city. Detroit has no nightlife. Every minute people are murdered there. And that's good that Detroit hosted the Super Bowl there and no one there wanted to visit Detroit. This is the best place for Lindsay Lohan to be in. Houses in Detroit are cheaper than cars! And also has the cheapest merchandise in the US. The Detroit Auto Show is held every January and she might bring all of her Mercedes in the arena. There are also nightclubs in Detroit and she might go to one of those nightclubs in Detroit. She might drive drunk and crash her car in the mean streets of Detroit (Remember police are corrupt in Detroit). She doesn't know what 'Michigan lefts' are. Or she might be murdered by muggers in wee-hours Detroit.

2615 days ago


Anyone know what that purse is she's carrying? i actually love it- something good from Lilo imagine that... lol

2609 days ago
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