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Beyonce Trips Out

7/25/2007 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Got to hand it to Beyonce -- even when she eats it big time, she's still looks goooooood.

Beyonce bounced down a few stairs while performing in Orlando last night. Ring the alarm, people!

Then, as only a diva would do, she popped right up and kept performing without missing a beat! You can't keep a good woman down ... for more than a beat.

After the fall, B reportedly asked the audience not to post the embarrassing footage on YouTube ... but she didn't say anything about it getting on TMZ! Enjoy!


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SHE LOOKS GOOD??????????? What the hell is she flipping that hair and her head around like that for? That does not look good it looks DUMB and it's no wonder she fell. Hope she got herself checked out medically!

2600 days ago


Beyonce is still the best. She is a true artist and performer. SO WHAT...................she wears do WHITE CHICKS and Latinas so STOP the hate. AND for those who don't know.........................many BLACK WOMAN have natural long pretty hair.

2600 days ago

Miss. Smile    

I'm sorry but that was too funny and she got back up like it was nothin. I know she was hurt...but the show must go on huh lol

2598 days ago


Just wanted to respond to comments 5 & 6. Getting the weave is no different from white women trying to emulate black women with the lip injections and butt implants. And to let it be known, there are some black women who have naturally long, straight hair. White women aren't the only ones who can have that kind of hair. The only diffence is a black woman's hair isn't flat and limp, and they can pretty much do any kind of style imaginable without having to put in tons of spritz and hair glue. Black women getting weave is no different than a flat chested woman getting implants, a woman who wants fuller lips getting lip injections, a blond dying her hair the end IT'S ALL FAKE. Don't knock black women for altering their appearance when white woman do the exact same thing.

2596 days ago


74. i just want to spread them big juicy butt cheeks and stick my face up in there and sniff her mud that too much to ask for?

Posted at 1:05AM on Jul 26th 2007 by bbb

Ewww! You are nasty! lol.

2593 days ago


I read some comments on here before I watched this video. I am no Beyonce fan but judging from what I've read on here, people can just been mean-spirited for no apparent reason. Oh wait, maybe just sheer jealousy? Firstly, on the video prior to her falling, she was not singing, which contradicts what those of you that have been bashing this woman about lip-syncing; the backup singers were the ones singing the chorus. Secondly, our fall was neither due to her dance moves nor from spinning her head with her weave all over the place but from missing her step coming down the stairs on the stage. Also, she still was not singing while going down those stairs. So, how could she be lip-syncing if she wasn't even singing in the first place? Like I said earlier, this goes back to being mean-spirited and jealous of the young woman's success. There are just so many people that will try to bring others down in order to boost their extremely low self-esteem. I don't see anything phony about her as posted by some on here. She did stated that the fall hurt and pleaded (note she was laughing too) not to put the video on youtube. personally, I commend her for being a very good sport and very professional about the fall as well. Just like someone posted, she's human just like everyone of us and there's really no reason for the level of immaturity I've seen diplayed on here by some of the posters. Peace!

2593 days ago


yeah gurl that is what i'm talkin about get right back up. keep doing your thing

2590 days ago


1st of all,, u ppl wit the hatin ass comments really need 2 check yalselves. Beyonce is the only female right now givin us hot,good,understandable music. so what, she fell,,, AND her pockets still fatter than yours, mine and them. yal need 2 stop hatin and respect her game she can neva play out she is the HOTTEST,BADDEST, ALL THE ABOVE sinder,dancer, we have right now. i njoyed her concert and yes. i am a HUGE fan of hers, TO THE HATERS get a life and learn what REAL music is. LUV U BEYONCE AND HOPE U STAY AROUND AS LONG AS U CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2588 days ago

name withheld    

Your the best B

2587 days ago


Of course she bounced.......she fell on her ASS!

2584 days ago


Only a true professional like Beyonce could keep on going... You all know that was a HARD fall.

2615 days ago


beyond funny

2615 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Shake that fake ass hair

2615 days ago

Two girls in vegas    

We are both sorry but this is freaking hilarious! We are sitting at work and watched the video and we hope she is ok but just laughing at how she got back up and was still doing her stuff! It looks like a headbanging concert gone bad!

2615 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

LMAO this looked like a movie fall where the character falls dramatically and gets right back up

im so agreeing with #7. even my coworked who is a beyonce lover thought it was funny

2615 days ago
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