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Britney Out of Her Mind ... for Expensive Clothes!

7/25/2007 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears comes to shop -- chaos follows! The once-hot spendthrift mess took a wild shopping trip to Hollywood on Monday, and word from inside the store is that Britney also dropped a shrimp boat load of cash!
Britney Spears
Sources tell TMZ that Britney's super spree at Lisa Kline on Robertson Blvd. was every bit the spectacle one expects from the credit card-wielding weavewreck. Britney asked one employee, "Do you like my hair blond or brown?" They politely replied, "Blond." And Brit said, "I know, blond is totally traditional Britney." Like flashing your babymaker for the paparazzi!

Brit's shopping odyssey included the purchase of Chip and Pepper jean shorts for the brothers Federline, a skull scarf (gotta hide that weave!), a butterfly locket, a Tuscany leather jacket for $564 and a pair of earrings for $214. Happily, she also bought some thongs and a g-string. She then asked to take home the "try on shoes" used by the store for all the customer fittings. What? She also purchased an entire line of Jack Daniels clothing. Nothin' says "I'm classy" like a tee shirt with Old No. 7 on it, y'all!

In less than an hour, Mama dropped $5,263! How she'll end up wearing all that stuff in the course of the next few weeks -- can be found right here, in the Thirty Mile Zone.


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tuna marie    

this woman is worse than lindsay. at least lindsay doesn't have children. i used to like her, but she has serious mental problems, if her mother doesn't step in now she will die.

2655 days ago


being a native louisiana this bitch is giving us southern a bad name. i never thought i would be saying this but kevin really need to get those kids away from this little girl. even though she is a adult ( by age only ) she is really behaving like a child. the one woman that had her back she turn against her ( her mother ). i am so sick of this girl and all the rest of them please make all of them go away

2655 days ago

Michael Cabina    


2655 days ago


OK magazine's web site is now reporting that K-Fed is going after custody of the kids.

I hope he gets full custody, and I hope that she gets the help she so desperately needs. She can't take care of small children; at this point, she can't even take care of herself. Why she isn't being 302d is beyond me.

2655 days ago


Maybe she should drop a few bucks towards her kids and buy them some proper clothes, and stop dressing them like their daddy!

2655 days ago

Back to the Ward Darling    

Brit Brit is clearly bipolar & needs some Lithium STAT! (And off the coke, if that's concurrent.) Hope she gets the help she needs from responsible professionals, not more "help" & advice from her friends, who are probably well-meaning but clueless.
She's like Mariah Carey, after all.

2655 days ago


its called bipolar disorder aka manic depression...spending sprees.

2655 days ago


It's time Brit realized her career is over. All her teenie bopper fans have grown up and it's time she did also. Get councelling and get on with a normal life away from the limelight

2655 days ago


drop dead skank and GTFO my internets ktx

2655 days ago


Oh brother, another skank whore. Ok she is way beyond trailer park trash, she is more like a red neck from the South, now living in Cali. She also needs to be bitch slapped. WTF is wrong with these kids in Hollywood?

We should start a pool to see who is going to croak first? Her or Linds? My money is on Linds.

2655 days ago


Why does CNN quote TMZ when they can't even spell BLONDE correctly. I hate that I read this BS site. I feel dirty now...

2655 days ago


Why is TMZ ALWAYS so mean and sarcastic toward Britney Spears? It's really old.
If you all hate her so much, don't write about her every day!

2655 days ago


you spell blonde with an e dumbass.

2655 days ago


Brit should be in a mental facility not a rehab facility.
She's whacked. Get those boys away from her before
she totally freaks out and does something really stupid.

2655 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

#22 Andrea Yates! Please get those kids away from that nut case.

2655 days ago
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