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Britney Out of Her Mind ... for Expensive Clothes!

7/25/2007 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears comes to shop -- chaos follows! The once-hot spendthrift mess took a wild shopping trip to Hollywood on Monday, and word from inside the store is that Britney also dropped a shrimp boat load of cash!
Britney Spears
Sources tell TMZ that Britney's super spree at Lisa Kline on Robertson Blvd. was every bit the spectacle one expects from the credit card-wielding weavewreck. Britney asked one employee, "Do you like my hair blond or brown?" They politely replied, "Blond." And Brit said, "I know, blond is totally traditional Britney." Like flashing your babymaker for the paparazzi!

Brit's shopping odyssey included the purchase of Chip and Pepper jean shorts for the brothers Federline, a skull scarf (gotta hide that weave!), a butterfly locket, a Tuscany leather jacket for $564 and a pair of earrings for $214. Happily, she also bought some thongs and a g-string. She then asked to take home the "try on shoes" used by the store for all the customer fittings. What? She also purchased an entire line of Jack Daniels clothing. Nothin' says "I'm classy" like a tee shirt with Old No. 7 on it, y'all!

In less than an hour, Mama dropped $5,263! How she'll end up wearing all that stuff in the course of the next few weeks -- can be found right here, in the Thirty Mile Zone.


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Are there any young female stars that are not out of control? Would it be a long list or short?

2648 days ago


Will you guys stop with this "Y'all" stuff after every sentence?? She doesn't talk like that, TMZ does now and it's getting really old!

2648 days ago


i dont know if its so much britt's fault as it is her mother's. remember when britt came out to the public dressed like she was 30 and only 15. We mothers learn how to raise our children from the way we was raised.

2648 days ago


[[[[. You know her mother caused this all of her life. Now she is lost, doesnt have a CLUE what to do with herself or even how to be a decent mother so I dont blame her really.]]]

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the few who think DADS make a difference. Just look up the stats about how much better kids do if their father is in their life. Preferably married but divorced too. It's a crime that we let so many dads get forced out of their kid's lives by the moms if there is a divorce.

Brittany would be doing much better now if earlier on her Dad had been more involved in her life. Part of that includes getting the MOM to back off at times. But that would not be PC now would it?

2648 days ago


Britney's problems are mental, clearly. Who else acts the way she does?

2648 days ago


nothing wrong with jack daniels clothes
I own one. its just a trendy thing for petes sake

2648 days ago


Ok maybe I am a little behind in the times but does anyone find it strange that a store on Robertson Blvd that should be "high class" has the trucker girl silouettes that you see on all the trucker mud flaps. Am I to assume that the truckers are just that fashionable or should this be a sign to Britt and anyone else that this store is "trashy chic" LOL

2648 days ago


At least Britney is trying all the time she starts to think and feel a little positive k fed brings her down and tells her he’s going for custody he’s a jerk He wants her to be depressed and mad so he can look like the good guy. He really don’t want custody its all out of spite he manipulates brit with the kids and so does her own flesh & blood her mother. You can trash her all you want but no one knows what its like to walk in her shoes.

2648 days ago


The President Ronnie Ray-gun schools of deficit spending

2648 days ago


all the money in the world can't buy one thing....HAPPINESS! Britney.... your 15 minutes was up a long time ago. Get some help honey! Maybe you and Lindsay can room together at the resort... I mean "rehab."

2648 days ago


I think what bothers me the most is K-FED idiot loser dummy dummy USER. He is acting like hes a perfect father and hes partying all the time either in Vegas, whereever and even in his home. That is TOTAL BS that he is any better than her.

2648 days ago


I hope she reads this stuff, I am sick of all of them, they think because they have alot of money they can act like they are better than us.....and the paparazzis don't help it only helps to promote their madness. Obviously she has lost touch with reality. Even the fact she could lose her boys cannot stop her. I would never support her by buying anything her name is attached to....and I think I am not alone.

2648 days ago

Annonymous -    

if you're classy then change your whole wardrobe from your closets and come back as you were from along time ago

2648 days ago

big joe    

# 62 i agree w/ you . but get a job.

2648 days ago


Outrageous spending sprees like this can be a sign of bipolar disorder.

2648 days ago
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