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Gummi Bear: Down the Donut Hole

7/25/2007 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With conflicting reports as to whether or not Gummi Bear is in some sort of outpatient treatment facility, TMZ has determined the whereabouts of the bear -- and learned that the voluptuously plump oil prince has been holed up at a Beverly Hills donut shop! Self medicating, perhaps?!
Gummi Bear
TMZ spies spotted Gummi, human name Jason Davis, with a male friend at gourmet donut shop Frittelli's on Wednesday -- in Gummiworld it's always time to make the doughnuts! And in a story right out of Ripley's Believe It or Not, we're told the Gumster actually looked "much thinner." Has he sworn off kegs as well?! We're also told the clumsy bear was sporting a dark suit and a HUGE scab on his forehead. Fall out of a cake?

Sources tell us GB ordered a caramel frappuccino and said, "I'm gonna look at the doughnuts, but not touch. I'm trying to be good." In a related story, hell froze over today!


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Umm..Don't know who this guy is...Is TMZ trying to make a nobody 'popular' Kim Stewart?

2585 days ago


Who is this guy? This site mentions him a lot, and the discussion boards attached to your articles about him always have the lowest number of hits EVER (a sign of disinterest).

is he affiliated with AOL or TMZ? Or are you guys trying to make him famous? Confused. ????????

2585 days ago

in da know    

More oh more... Can't get enough... I will gorge on the Gummi until I cannot take any more... Please, TMZ, don't cut me off...

2585 days ago


Who the hell is this GUMMI BEAR and Perez?? Am I living in the stone age? I watch and read news about 4 hours a day and I haven't heard of them except on different blogs (?) Someone please inform this uninformed person about these 2 (?) people, things or what the hell they,it are.

2585 days ago


Umm...I know who he is but why even write about him? Rich eccentrics are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, why not at least write about a good looking one?

2585 days ago

The Marian Movement    

#1 costaMesaboy I know somepeople give you a hard time on here but I think you are so funny. Good call.

I like Gummi. Homer sold his soul for a doughnut but not the Gummi!

Gummi has a heart of gold and I hope everything works out for him.

2585 days ago


Someone used Photoshop on those doughnuts.

2585 days ago


# 36 "Who the hell is this GUMMI BEAR"

Gummi Bear is Paris Hilton's 9 year old son. He like's doughnut holes.
slow news day I guess.

2585 days ago


I cannot understand how and why this guy's parents kept breeding these MORONS...Greezy Bear & Gummie Bear !!!! I hope there arn't anymore of these Davis' out there !! They are disgusting & just not worth the time of day !! And as far as that Kimberly Stewart, who the hell cares about how she is spending daddy's money ? ? ? Yea, TMZ has deleted every single negative comment on her and they still keep writing about her...She is worthless & a wanna-be-no-talent piece !! She's ugly & going bald !! That whole family is dysfunctional !! And as far as the McDonald's that goes along with her, I'll never ever buy another McDonald's as long as I live !!!!

2585 days ago


Gummi, I really LOVE you! Don't be a stranger - come out of hiding. Please, give us more monologues. You are so full of wisdom and knowledge - YOU COULD BE PRESIDENT!

2585 days ago


How in the hell is this guy?

2585 days ago

tush #20,24,26,35,39 and any one else who think stories like this are "funny" or "entertaining". it's obvious u have absolutely nothing going on in your lives. it is also obvious that your sense of humor falls somewhere between adults who watch the teletubbies for the writing and someone who shoots rats in an alley for fun. i imagine you were they guys who got shoved into your locker after band practice. yes, you are stupid indeed and probably should start your own blog for utter moron entertainment. if i could, i would send viruses to crash your computers because idiots like you should not be allowed to use them. the thought of encouraging stories like this speaks volume about the vast wasteland between your ears. to tmz, make sure there is an actual interest in someone before wasting yours and our time on them. to the rest of you readers...i suggest going to to keep updated on stuff that is actually worth your time.... i am outta here forever!!

2585 days ago


The donuts on the pic look disgusting!!

2585 days ago


Ha...maybe he fell out of a cake! Thats great!! TMZ I love you guys!

2585 days ago


Google HAUNTED HONEYMOON...and look up Dom Deluise' character.. AUNT looks just like Gummi (all he needs is a dress)

2585 days ago
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