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Lohan: I Wasn't Smashed During Ivy Crash!

7/25/2007 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims that the man accusing her of being liquored-up during a 2005 smash-up is full of s**t -- and she can prove it!
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According to legal documents filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Lohan claims the boozy accusations in a lawsuit filed last month by Raymundo Ortega are "nothing more than an attempt to extort money from a celebrity by setting forth false and scurrilous allegations in a complaint." Ortega alleged that Lohan "consumed alcohol and became intoxicated" at the famous Ivy restaurant in in West Hollywood before making an illegal U-turn and crashing into his red van.

But Lohan claims that the police report from the scene makes it crystal clear, it said, "MS. LOHAN had not been drinking." The officer at the scene went on to write, "I did not observe any objective signs of either alcohol or drug intoxication and determined that no further investigation regarding intoxication was warranted."

Ortega is suing both The Ivy and Lohan for damages in excess of $200,000.


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Erika that is hilarious! I was thinking the same thing about this "chick" making way too many U-turns...LOL!

2616 days ago


Pay the man--Romundo Ortega, and admit you were at fault--at least this one could be settled out of court. The next two court dates may not be a piece of cake. Grow up "little
girl" and --I have a feeling you will after spending some time behind bars for while.

2616 days ago


Lindsay is completely spoiled. Fame is becoming her downfall, and if she doesn't deflate her ego, then things are just going to get worse. Dina, her mother, made the sad mistake of being her friend and party buddy instead of her mother. I hope that she, too, realizes that family has priority over Hollywood, and that the partying and big-time spending has to stop. Wake up, Lohans, and realize that you're destroying eachother. Start acting like a "normal" family or else the next daugher in line to become a star will go down, too. Dina set no boundaries for Lindsay, in the beginning, and now she's out of control. Maybe Michael, the father, can clean up this mess.

2616 days ago


This is a young lady in denial. She is a deeply troubled soul.
This lady needs to go to JAIL... She is a danger to herself & others.
If the justice system fails .. Next you will be reading headlines: Ms Linsey
found dead. This is a wakeup call.. God only gives so many chances to
save her.. THIS IS HER BOTTOM!! Next is death.. her memory will be
so young to die a waste of good talent DEAD. How sad. I pray she gets
the help and support she desperately needs.

2616 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Hey Lindsay, put a stamp on it and mail it to last year, when anybody cared!

2616 days ago


#15 u and me both! LOL

2616 days ago


Ortega may be an hourly paid employee and knowing that the police report sided with Queen Coke Addicter & her highly paid legal firm, I wouldn't have shown up. You know you couldn't win as this was pre all this Promises rehab fiasco and the other night. Now the truth is coming out. It wasn't a fact then.

He originally asked her for $3600 to just fix the van. Give me a break about dogging the poor guy. That pocket change or a night out for Loser Lohan. He wasn't asking the moon.

By him filing for $200,000 now, you know full well it gets knocked down. I don't blame him one bit as she disregarded the whole issue. She had a chance to get out of it for $3600. Now when it goes to court -- her driving history records a tad differently instead of blaming him. I remember the story reading -- Lohan said she was being chased by paps.

I think it's time for Lohan to hire a new script writer. The 'pap chase' excuse has worn it's welcome out and is freyed around the edges due to over usage.

2616 days ago


First of all some of you people need to relax. I'm certainly not one of her defenders or a fan, but this specific incident is about nothing more than a guy trying to milk her for money hoping she will settle out of court. The accident was caused by someone else making an illegal u-turn in front of her, striking her vehicle which then struck the parked van. There was never any question about paying the guy his $3k...but there were issues over the way it was supposed to be settled and how the liability would be recorded. The battle was between the insurance companies and when this guy got told by some crack pot attorney he could make some quick cash off of it he bit. The fact is...he didn't show up to his case...end of story.

2616 days ago


Excuse me, everyone can have an opinion & the fact you are getting your info here doesn't mean you know 'THE FACTS' either

Tell me to relax -- F**K OFF LOSER. RAM IT UP YOU A$$.

2616 days ago

Laughin at LiLo    

Uh huh.. we believe you.. just like the coke wasn't yours.

2616 days ago

BOEING 787    

# 12 I wish so too.
Lindsay need to go out of town. The problem is she is in denial, she is so spaced out
from alcohol,drugs,bad people [guards,(Dina)], and psudo-friends that sadly I don't think she remembers the incident.

2616 days ago


I thought she took off from the accident or was that another accident after the last accident? this train wreck is so full of BS she is digging a hole for herself, her lawyer isn't helping with the constant justification updates to media outlets. I don't want to be mean but I really hope the law slams it to her once and for all. Nothing is going to work but a jail sentence long enough to wake her up. Rehab is just a joke to her.

2616 days ago


I can't stand Barbara Walters!. She puts on the illusion she is of royalty and lacks sense of humor. Pucker lips should retire and leave that chair to allow someone younger and less willing to bend to friends pressure.

2616 days ago

fame ho    

COCO Lohan can NEVER prove anything....she is a loser amd soon to be twice convicted felon...who will never be hired gain.....

2616 days ago



2616 days ago
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