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Lohan Blasts Back: "I am Innocent"

7/25/2007 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is refusing to accept responsibility for her Tuesday morning DUI arrest, releasing a straight-to-the-point statement to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush yesterday:

"Yes. I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."


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It is a shame this young lady, who can't or won't take responsbility for her actions. Her mother is worthless, and trained her well. LiLo is a good actress, but the police taking a blood alcohol test don't lie. She needs real rehab, and a mother/father or human being that cares for her to step up to the plate. Stop trying to be in the spot light, and help your daughter you useless mother. LiLo is too good to let her life go down the drain. I will keep her in my prayers.

2617 days ago



WHO THE HELL WOULD BELIEVE HER!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@?

2617 days ago


LOL. They found the drugs in her pants pocket. What, did she loan out her pants to her friends who put the drugs in there, then game them back to Lohan??

What an idiot.

"Sorry officer, but that blow in my pants pocket doesn't belong to me"

Jack Ass!!

2617 days ago


Wasn't that YOUR car when you were driving? come on, dont act stupid. your suppose to be famous for being an actress, not some coked up sex craving drunk!!

2617 days ago


Is she for real? Has anyone told her about the BAC results? And if she is concerned about being alone - well, then give her a roommate. One that will love her and hold her at night. This girl needs to be thrown in the slammer and an example needs to be made of her.

2617 days ago


Every crook always claims "the drugs aren't mine". Doesn't matter. She had them on her, so she's guilty of possession. I might have felt a little bit sorry for her, but given her cavalier attitude and lying about this issue only makes me want to see her punished to the fullest extent of the law.

2617 days ago


She better get all of that jail time. She feels no remorse for what she did. She deserves jail.

2617 days ago


She has lied so many times she is starting to believe the crap that comes out of her own mouth. Give it up Lindsay, no one believes you anymore.

2617 days ago


She is so cracked out that she probably thinks she's telling th truth.
What I want to know is where is this girl's mother? Oh right, probably blowing coke with her. Her poor younger siblings. That's who we should be concerned about. They're going to be more screwed up than Lindsay!

2617 days ago


If she is so innocent thatn why did she check into rehab? Yeah whatever...Grow up Lindsay and take responsibilities for what you do! Twice they found cocaine on her and twice she denies it. Who blow into the breath test at the police station, the drinking drug using fairy?

2617 days ago


Her excuse will be "I let so and so wear my jeans and never checked them when she gave them back. It's her drugs, I swear."

2617 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

first step to recocery is admitting you have a problem.
In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter if the "coke" was yours, it was on you so it doesn't matter who's it was.
Lindsay, your 15 minutes is over, NEXT
Hollywood there are plenty of up and coming young starletts who are just as capable at this trainwreck, let them do her movies and let them become famous. I promise we will learn to worship her replacement and you won't have to pay as much per movie.

2617 days ago


When something is in your pocket it belongs to you. Only an idiot would carry someone else drugs in thier pocket knowing its illegal!! And besides she has a history of drug abuse

2617 days ago


To be in a position of role model for our young girls and not take responsibility for any of your actions, is a horrible thing. I have a 7 year old and I hold her accountable for her behavior and choices she makes. LiLo's parents need to step up. Even though she is 21 years old, her behavior is that of a young child. She doesn't need "Promises", that place is a joke. She needs heavy duty rehab where a patient can't leave to go to the gym or a job!

2617 days ago


Of course she is innocent. They weren't her drugs, wasn't her driving and wasn't even her breath in the breathalizer. She was holding that breath for someone else. She is the victim here. We all new this was coming..deny, deny, deny.

2617 days ago
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