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Lohan Blasts Back: "I am Innocent"

7/25/2007 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is refusing to accept responsibility for her Tuesday morning DUI arrest, releasing a straight-to-the-point statement to Access Hollywood's Billy Bush yesterday:

"Yes. I am innocent... did not do drugs they're not mine. I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom. I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."


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I don't know why i even waste my time in reading stories about her. She's not worth anybody's time.

2644 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

admitting you have a problem
It's a big step but an important one.
She will get more sympathy playing the I need help card instead of the whole world is against me card.
again I say
Your 15 minutes are up, I am spending my money on the NEXT one and the studio that hires the "new" starlett. We promise to come to worship whichever non alchoholic non drug using actress you find to replace her. Look at the bright side, there is so much talent out there waiting to be discovered and you won't have to pay top dollar for her.

2644 days ago


Well if she's not an addict, then she definitely doesn't need rehab she needs jail. Stupid Lindsay should shut up or just cry that she can't help it and needs help.

2644 days ago


Oh yes..I was just holding the cocaine for a friend...Original..You know what hey say addicts deny everything because they don't believe they have a problem until they hit rock bottom, wen;s that when you kill someone. Your supposedly an adult at 21 why not try acting like one and accepting your mistakes and responsibility.

2644 days ago


Didn't your parents vever tell you-"If you do something wrong,that's bad,If you lie about it,that's worse" If someone was chasing you,then why didn't you tell THAT to the police?Oops!

2644 days ago

Premiere TMZ    

Lindsay said that she was going to search for the "real" culprits. Something about Columbian Drug Dealers.

2644 days ago


They are going to find her dead in some sleazy motel on Sunset Blvd.

2644 days ago


She is innocent until proven guilty, but it was probably unwise of her to give a statement right now, especially something that comes off less than professional. "I was almost hit by Tarrin's mom"? I know she's young, but she's been in Hollywood a long time and should know how to phrase things in a public statement.

And let's be realistic. You know when there are things in your pocket, a recovering addict is not foolish enough to carry drugs on themselves, and her attorney already admitted she had a relapse.
She's very young, and she's wasn't raised in the most structured environment.
Maybe it would be best for her to find some happiness somewhere outside Hollywood.

2644 days ago


She needs to go to jail just for lying (unfortuantly no law against that) in florida if you get 2 dui in 1 year manadory 10 days in jail and your licence is suspended for 5 years. Add a federal offence onto that 6 months, not sure what it is in california but i would imagione its pretty strick since they have the 3 strikes law. She should most definatly go to jail she is freaking delusional does she think we are so dumb that we believe her , maybe so . As for
privacy yeah right attention whore

2644 days ago


Eventually she'll be out on the street and you can get a 50/50 for $20.

The train's a rolling and can't be stopped.

2644 days ago

Michael Richards    

OMG...she even SOUNDS like a damn jail bird. "Its not mine....Its not mine....blah blah blah"....."im innocent blah blah blah". Im sure the damn alcosensor was also wrong and not calibrated properly....

2644 days ago


Yeah, I'm innocent! I blew a .13, but it wasn't MY was someone else's!!! I was just hanging on to it for them...

2644 days ago


She just doesn't get it does she! She is not low enough yet, hopefully her money will run out before she kills someone. She has to make anyone that gives a damn sick to their stomach.

2644 days ago


LINDSEY!! Oh my gosh. That is what MOST criminals say when drugs are found on them. "IT IS NOT MINE!" That is a very common excuse.

2644 days ago


Danny Bonaduce called it on Glenn Beck a few weeks ago. He said the next star to wind up DEAD from drugs/alcohol would be Lindsey Lohan. That's what it's going to take and that's where she's headed. He may not be an "expert" but he's "been there, done that" and I agree with him. She is body bag bound...

2644 days ago
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