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Dubya: Fashion Fascist!

7/26/2007 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With 543 days left in office, George W. Bush has beefed up security at the White House so much, he's now enlisted the services of one of the most dreaded forces in the Western world -- the Fashion Police!
Pres. Bush
Despite approval ratings at record lows, the ongoing war in Iraq and a health care system in dire straits, Dubya has decided to take on the very serious issue of -- tour group attire! The terror alert has been raised to: Fanny Pack! Signs have reportedly been put up around White House entrances to remind visitors of the dress code: no jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and most importantly, NO FLIP FLOPS! Paging the Northwestern women's lacrosse team!

With the new policy, the White House now has a more stringent dress code than the Vatican! Further proof that Bushie wants only conservatives in his White House. The Pontiff merely asks for covered shoulders, no shorts or skirts above the knee. Holy chic!


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Come on guys, I agree with #14. President Bush didn't come up with this policy. He just gets the blame for everything. But again, I think this whole country is getting too sloppy myself, and think it is a good idea, except for the tennis shoes. People used to dress nicely when going to church, funeral home, etc. It's getting worse all the time. It's called RESPECT people. Whether you like him or not, shows some respect.

2643 days ago

Adam Mc.    

At least he didn't ban do-rags....can wear a nice suit and still wear my do-rag, yo! DAT IZ RIGHT DAWG! And he didn't ban bikinis females can show Bushie some skin.

2643 days ago

Joe Tyler    

He sure looks better then Hilary Clinton. However John Edwards is the pretty one!!!

2643 days ago


FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE days too long though we must "endure" and make certain there are no hanging chads nor faulty voting machines as we cast our votes in November 2008! Jeb Bush is awfully quiet, I wonder what undercover mischief he is up to now that he got his brother elected?

George W. Bush has never been my "President" and he called me "Non-Patriotic" because I/we didn't agree on his Iraq War position, i.e. to "grab oil". Our beautiful country and it's citizens are seven LONG years overdue for change and, hopefully, the Office of President of the United States of America will next be occupied by an "intelligent", "qualified", "skilled in human relations", "honorable", and "dignified" (real) LEADER!

George W. Bush and Richard Cheney have brought shame upon our great country and to our military forces! Whoever is elected after their reckless administration of the White House has an undaunting task (as do we as citizens) to unravel the mess created by Bush-Cheney while they helped line their own pockets and those of their cronies.

Every Christmas that Laura Bush has lavishly trimmed trees, entertained at the White House, and called in the media to photograph her, I've felt sickened knowing the suffering of our military families--I haven't celebrated Christmas for seven years!

Enough is enough....

P. S. not buy into the Bush-Cheney propaganda that most likely will be unleashed during the next 543-day period (already started last week)--they are one mentally deranged team.

2643 days ago


The White House should have a dress code. People should be respectful!

2643 days ago


We have such idiots living in America. For god's sake this is the White House, President Bush is a spokesman for what anyone should know whether it is a tour group or a couple on vacation. . . . respect is the key word here. Flip-flops, short shorts, bathing suits, tank tops all have a place and are fun and for vacation but not America's White House.

2643 days ago


Damn -- NO SNEAKERS?? And what the bloody hell does that man expect tourists to walk around that huge city in -- high heels and dress shoes? That's torture!!

2643 days ago

Linda Nelson    

This sounds patently ridiculous. In a world where jeans and sneakers are what the rest of the world wears to sightsee (except in a few churches and holy places), people should be encouraged to visit in appropriate -- but not contrived -- clothing. If you are appropriately covered up and shod, that should be enough. I guess this is another case of no shoes, no shirt, no service...but since there is no service anyway why should the clothese matter.

2643 days ago


To #50: YOU are the deranged person. You have just been brainwashed with what all the leftest media has put in your brain. Think for yourself why don't you. Listen to all sides, why don't you. But no, you and all the leftest won't do that. You just keep pounding the same thing over and over. President Bush gets blamed for everything, that's how the dems want it. Just so they can take back congress, (and do nothing) and try to take back the Presidency (and hide under their desks!)

2643 days ago


And Oh, Before Bush was president, back in the 90's, I got a speeding ticket. I went to the courthouse on my scheduled date. As I was waiting to see the judge, a courtroom person, came up to me and said I couldn't see the judge because I was wearing shorts. I had to leave and come back. It's called respect, that's all I'm saying. You younger people don't know what that is anymore.

2643 days ago


no shorts in dc weather from may-sept is very odd.
i think they just want to cut the # of tourist from tromping on their carpet.

2643 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

How 'bout Burkas? Veils? I suppose if one of the Bush twins wanna show their Hoo Haa's It'd be OK with me.

2643 days ago


sorry, it was #49 not #50. My apologies to #50.

2643 days ago


Good for him for TRYING to bring back values to this country! I am not a big Bush lover by any means...but show some decency instead of skin!

2643 days ago


Susan. 53.

For your information, I am an "Independent Voter" and I "listened" to EVERY word spoken and speech given by George W. Bush while on the (first) campaign trail. For the astute "listener", it was clear Bush-Cheney would enter into an war with Iraq without 9/11 ever having occurred!

People who speak the "truth" only appear to be "deranged" to those who truly never weighed (both) sides during the (first) election!

2643 days ago
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