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Got a New Pucking Dude

7/26/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Hilary Duff is off the market again, and her new dude seems to be a pretty good catch, eh?

Hilary and fresh boy toy Mike Comrie were spotted having a romantic dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Try the veal cutlet! Comrie is the center for the New York Islanders hockey team, but his "net worth" doesn't stop there; the Canadian pucker comes with quite a wad of cash -- as heir to the Brick Warehouse fortune. Score!

Sources tell us that the twosome have been hot and heavy since a wet weekend of jet skiing in Idaho.


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Thanks for having sex with your goalies wife mike - you ruined the oilers there for awhile - oh well at least you are no longer an Edmontonian. Keep your prick in your pants Mike with all the little herpes on it.

2616 days ago


you suck MIKE

2616 days ago


Man Comrie is so lame why would you waste your time on him Hilary when you could be with a real stud like myself.

2616 days ago


1. TMZ has in fact given a false label to Brick stores which sell furniture.

2. To the other readers of this page, keep the Canada-bashing to yourselves. Racist and derogatory comments have no place here.

2616 days ago


It might just be me, but I don't think that guy is attractive at all. It might be the picture but he looks like he had a HUGE head.

2616 days ago


Haha Canadians are morons! Have you ever watched Jay Leno "Jaywalking" you people dont even know why you celebrate the fourth of July or who the vice president is. I guess like president... like citiziens! It may be an american website but I believe I've seen Pam Anderson and Jim Carey on this site (both canadians for you inbreds) And considering your reporting on Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie who is canadian incase some of you can only look at the pictures and cant actually read dont know! And we are superior in not only class and style but with the fact that every other country doesnt want us destroyed!

2616 days ago


Mike Comrie played with the sens- I like him, he was an awesome player in cup finals this year. It was kind of a shock to see that he is dating Hillary Duff now when just at the start this summer I used to see him at local bars and restaurants around Ottawa lol.

Also I am from Canada and i don't get what the HUGE concern is about "The Brick" comment. No one was personally attacking anyone...calm down people.

2616 days ago


It's kinda too bad Canadians always feel the need to defend themselves to Americans. I used to want to live in the States but after watching Michael Moore's latest movie I'm more than thrilled to be part of a Nation that looks after its own, rather than be part of a socially backwards country that only looks after a select few while ignoring those that need the most help.

George Whatever.

2616 days ago


F--- Canada! Do something for the wolrd for once and stop riding everyone's coat tails. France sucks too!

2616 days ago


Ha I am from Mikes home town....His dad is the big guy for a the Brick Furniture...Ha this guy was an Edmonton oiler and he is pure Canuck.......Mike the pretty boy.......ya he is the spoiled little Mikie.....
Good luck!

2616 days ago


Serene - He does have a big head. He went to Michigan and is best friends with my favorite hockey player and his head is just that long. He has a very square head. I liked to call him bucket head.

Also, it would have been better to compare The Brick to Ikea, not Sears. Yes, Canada has Ikea's too, but that is more like it. Or Art Van, or Gardner White. Art Van probably would have been the BEST thing to compare it too. But yeah. I love most the comments are about that, not about the actual people involved. lol

And it was never proven that Comrie slept with Salo's wife. That was just a rumor. Comrie wanted out of the Oilers. Simple as that. I just love how people are so bitter about him in Edmonton, STILL. Yes, he sucks and what not, but get over it already. He didn't want to play there because of the pressure Edmonton puts on their team. Most people can handle it, but it's hard when you are FROM there. Just look at Lupul. He didn't do well and will probably light it up with the Flyers this year. You can't escape in Edmonton as is, so when you are from there, it just adds on to the pressure.

2616 days ago


boy we have allot of U.S people not happy about Canada.....the rude remarks are not nice...

Maybe we should stop selling you in the States Oil, and maybe we should rmember the U.S.A. on the attack of the war they started.......and how people in the states seem to be trigger happy.........

But they sure to brag allot.....and it is nice to travel and not have to say your from the U.S.A.

2616 days ago


How do you jet ski in Iowa?

2616 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

I'm so glad she's over that subway-looking grafetti wall of a skidmark Madden. Nicole, good luck with that offspring! Nicole AnnoRichia, that is.

2616 days ago

Dawn Day    

Enough bickering of Canada vs. America people! There is real tragedy here....her purse with that outfit!!!! OMG, what was she thinking?!

2616 days ago
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