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Got a New Pucking Dude

7/26/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Hilary Duff is off the market again, and her new dude seems to be a pretty good catch, eh?

Hilary and fresh boy toy Mike Comrie were spotted having a romantic dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Try the veal cutlet! Comrie is the center for the New York Islanders hockey team, but his "net worth" doesn't stop there; the Canadian pucker comes with quite a wad of cash -- as heir to the Brick Warehouse fortune. Score!

Sources tell us that the twosome have been hot and heavy since a wet weekend of jet skiing in Idaho.


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kaitlyn h    

you better watch your mouth, cause seriously ..
I AM CANADIAN and its literally the greatest place to live.

POINT ONE- Our neighbours love us [THE U.S], and always ask for help
POINT TWO- You dont hear about anyone bombing Canada and you prob never will
POINT THREE- Our Canadian girls are way prettier then american girls just look at [CANADAS NEXT TOP MODEL]
POINT FOUR- Our guys are way hotter.
POINT FIVE- We have an earlier drinking age. here its 19 HAHA

so basically we have it better .

AND anyone willing to say different can shove your comments right up your big fat
ASS !!!

2582 days ago


No, definitely don't have to cross the border for lower taxes, but Americans sure do like to come across the Canadian border for affordable healthcare and medication, yes? I thought so.

2582 days ago


Omg anybody but comerie please!

2582 days ago


Do you guys not realize Mike Comrie is the LAMEST hockey player in all the NHL?

She's totally gone down. A least people knew who Joel Madden is. Comrie is the worst player, and he got all his breaks cause of his stupid daddy.

2582 days ago

Beautiful Baby    

Love Hilary Duff...a young woman with class. All the best to u Hilary and your new romance. Be seeing you in concert in Aug. Can't wait

2582 days ago


To #65 (Kaitlyin)
All you told me is:
Point #1 *You Canadians suffer from hallucination (U.S.A. dosn't ask for help to ghosts)

Point 2 *It would be like bombing Suriname...they don't bomb insignificant countries you get it ??

Point #3 *You gotta be kidding about that one! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Point # 4*You are a joker right??

[Point #5 *So you just telling me you are proud of being an earlier alcoholic.

Point #6 *So now you are telling me that you guys are so stupid and retarded that you can't pass a SAT????????? Get a life loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2582 days ago


I don't think this relationship will last very long. He dated another actress where the relationship didn't last very long.

2582 days ago


Come on guys! Why all the anti-American and anti-Canadian remarks?! This story is just about 2 people who are dating. The U.S has its good points and so does Canada. We have alot in common, and also things that give us our separate identitys. I am Canadian, and although I am proud of that, I am also happy to have the U.S as my neighbour. For all of you Canadians who want to trash the U.S. at every turn, give it a rest. So what if they don't know about the Brick! Why should they? There are plenty of things that you don't know about the American culture. And as for the Americans calling Canadians morons, give that a rest too!
We have as many intelligent people living here as the States does, and we have as many stupid and naive people living here as the States does. Everyone take a deep breath!!!

2582 days ago

I Know Mike well.    

I have known Mike Comrie and his family for 25 years. The comments about him and his family on this site are amazingly innaccurate. There amazing period.

MIke is one of the most respected people among his player peers in the National Hockey League. Because he is a really decent young man. When he was traded from Edmonton, most all 23 members of the Oilers immediately came over to his home to wish him well. Not one of them has anything but good to say about Mike who stood up for what he believed in leaving Edmonton. They admired him for it. He maintains those relationships. Ryan Smythe, one of the greatest Oilers ever flew to Anaheim with his wife to support Mike in the Stanley Cup finals. Those who know Mike and his family well know that the trash spewed out by the uniformed is just that. Mike is a really nice young man.

In fact, of the hockey players I have know over the years, Mike is one I would promote dating one of my daughters. I cannot say that about many of these guys. Its because Mike hails from an amazing family that is more widely respected in Canada than almost any family here. It was once said about his Dad that he is the "only billionaire I know who is the a better Dad than a businessman." An amazing quote really. His Dad sold the company and gave his staff close to $50 million as a thank you for all their contributions to the company's success. How many people do that.

Mike is one of the most respected young men in hockey. He is a smaller player it is true and, not yet a star, but to suggests he sucks when he is a 2 time 30 goal scorer who has scored 20 goals every full season he has played in the NHL at just 26 yars of age. Those comments are more riduculous than anything.

And the suggestion about Eva Salo having cheated on her husband with anyone is just sickening. Eva is one of the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet.To suggest that she had a liason while married with anyone is cruel and disrespectful. In fact, when these rumors arose, Eva had already moved back to Sweden. TMZ would be wise to delete these references because they are truly defamatory of Eva and untrue. Mike can handle that, but Eva and her young daughter do not deserve to be victimised by that kind of callous, unfounded atack. Its innappropriate and made without any foundation.

Mike is an extemely nice you man. A young man most mothers (me included) would be more than pleased to see dating their daughter. But, then again - I know him. Enough said.

Lets just hope that, in the future, all those who read these things will put all this in perspective. Some of the comments are actually informed most are not - you figure it out.

I live here. Canada is fine. Its not great. In January at 40 degrees below, I have often envied Mike living in Phoenix and LA. Come on - demanding a trade out of Edmonton to get to Phoenix and New York. Really, what sane young man would make other than the choices Mike has made. Give it a rest all of you jealous, get a life, nobodys.

Hillary is as lucky to meet Mike as I get the sense Mike is lucky meeting her. I guess we will all stay tuned. Hockey needs a royal couple. This could be fun to watch unfold.

Eva never....... Don't forget that.

2582 days ago


Anyone who has lived in any major city in Canada for an extended period of time vs a major American city will tell you hands down that Canada is much better on so many different levels.

As someone who travels and has lived in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal as well as New York, LA, Miami - I can tell you first hand, the comparisons aren't even close.

As a native American - I fell in love with Canada almost instantly. The people aren't dirty, they're can leave your front door unlocked - hell you can practically leave it open (even when you aren't home) and you won't have to fear some mongrel breaking in and stealing or destroying your belongings. Hundreds/thousands of people aren't getting killed on a daily basis, like in the US. Its a clean, safe place to live (which is a hell of a lot more than I can say about the US).

I will NEVER move back to the US...Canada is my home now. We have a health care system that actually works here - and the Canadian gov't doesn't spend trillions of dollars on their military to go to war (aka secure oil contracts) in the Middle East while completly neglecting their own people back at home.

As for Comrie...he's a 20-30 goal scorer a year...he's hardly a bum. He's worth millions of dollars, his family is worth hundreds of millions, he's tappin a pop-star - his life is going great. I can hardly believe he gives a ratz a** what any of you nerds think...he's doin the damn thing, doin LARGE things. So what if he tapped his teamates wife - she's a ho, obviously and his teamate was obviously not satisfying her.

You all need to grow up - come to Canada and find out how a real country is run.

2582 days ago

John Wayne    

Go easy on Canada...they gacve us great things like RUSH and Moosehead Beer and.......
well, Rush and Moosehead Beer.

2582 days ago


I'm getting sick of all these Canadian haters.

For one, we do have paved roads!

Canada is who supplies most of your Oil. Why can't we all just grow up? Why do you all think Canada sucks? Have most of you been to Canada? I live in a province (Alberta) that is now debt free, can most of you Americans say your country is debt free? Can you say you get free health care? Didn't think so, but yet in your opinions we're less superior? Why? I really don't get this.

Now back on subject: Hilary, you could do better!

2582 days ago


Hey...get your facts straight about Comrie. He was traded because he was caught doing Tommy Salo's wife with a strap-on. We need MEN, not plastic pricks!
And as for Hilary dating this flake, well, she better head to the Doctors soon. He double dips! I can't believe you'd do this to yourself, Ms.Duff!!
And as for US vs Canada? it for another forum! A round of Prozac for everyone! With a RedBull and Vodka chaser!

2582 days ago

Oilers Fan    

Canadian Gal here - and Comrie hater. He's rude, arrogant, and ignorant. Got into a scuffle with him once and he's a puss. And he is not THE "Heir to the Brick Fortune" - he has brothers, who actually work at The Brick. She deserves better.
As for those of you who claim that Canadians "suck" and that Edmonton is "an armpit", all you're proving is the world-wide view of Americans - you're rude, arrogant, and ignorant. Look at that, Comrie belongs down there!

C'mon home Mikey, so we can boo you some more, you wussy, whiney home wrecker!

2582 days ago

Oilers Fan    

Never mind that fact we USE electricity - a lot of the electricity you Americans consume - particularly in California and Detroit - IS SUPPLIED BY CANADA.

Typical American stupidity. No wonder people hate you!

2582 days ago
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