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Chased by Lindsay: A Mother and Daughter

7/27/2007 8:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just another ordinary day for a working mother and her busy administrative assistant daughter -- capped off by a high-speed celebrity chase!

Michelle Peck (inset), who was featured on "EXTRA" as a skin specialist who provides oxygen facials for celebs, escaped by the skin of her teeth the other night after Lindsay Lohan pursued her in one of the wackiest car chases not arranged for an Eddie Murphy movie. Her daughter, Tarin Graham (left) was seen walking with Lindsay after lunch on Monday. Tarin reportedly quit later that same evening, the circumstances of which led to the chase.

It was Ms. Peck who made the frantic 911 call to police while being chased by Lilo.


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don't believe she could have taken their suv w/out their allowing it.
lawsuit detracts from their credibility.
the guy did not go to hosp. for his injured foot either.
i think they allowed her to drive.
to avoid trouble made up the story.
is there definitive proof as to who was in fact driving. ie: independent
eye witness.
yes, she is in need of help, however proof is still important.

2613 days ago

Larry Wallace    

Hollywood tramps are a waste of life.

2613 days ago


I do find it interesting that Ms Lohan has nothing more pressing to do than to putter around updating her myspace. Shouldn't she be attending to something, ANYTHING more substantial??

2613 days ago


Hey Michelle #90 Thats a really good question, why is LinHo hiding? that always seem to be the first things celes do when they get in trouble run to rehab,here this dumb,dumb has a new movie just out and she nis no-where promoting it,I think she (like Parisite) is also too dumb to give an interview or speak to the public unless she is playing a character from a script.

2613 days ago


People can say what they want about Sir Donald Trump, But he has somehow raised the Best grounded set of rich kids on this planet, I believe it has to do with where a rich person started out. OK you say Parisite was born rich; but her mother married rich she originally came from trash! as well as nitwitbrit and her family, and most definatly LoHo's family. Even Demi Moore's daughter was recently caught up in a drug raid. Why? because she was in the crack housh, but what happened? of course she was let go and showed favortisim because of who her parents where instead of being held responsible like everyone else that was in the crack house. I expect we will be hearing more from this future Queen in years to come.

2613 days ago


To post 66: Monica girl
Give me a break! I have no idea who you "think" you are talking about "YOUR"
big break and how LONELY you were. PATHETIC. You should have done something else more rewarding then. You mean to tell me there is not ONE DECENT PERSON in Hollywood that she could trust? WHATEVER. She doesnt like those people because they are BORING! There are plenty of actresses Miss Lohan worked with that would gladly reach out and help her. She DOES NOT WANT THE HELP. She and her family know best. Its BAD BEHAVIOR and everyone knows what that is. Even Celebrities. There is NO excuse for what she is doing with her life. NONE. She chose to lead her life a certain way. No one forced her. You should join her in her big pity party. You would fit right in! Many people would give their left arm to have the successes that she has had and not throw them all away placing LIFESTYLE over WORK.

2613 days ago


I think we all have had with these young people in Hollywood going wild. We just don't care anymore what they're doing. Let them screw up. I say replace them with another person who is serious about being a actor. These immature young women need to be taught a lesson and that is to act appropriately and do their job, this is why they're getting paid. They're nothing but a bunch of idiots. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2613 days ago


Hahahaaaaaa TMZ do a better background check on those 3 men, They are well known drug dealers, that's why one of them jumped out of the vehicle because he realized the cops had been called, You guys had me ROTF Appearing on TV, Ouch!

2613 days ago


I'm a little confused. Tarin's mom said she came home but was scared because she saw a strange car. Who doesn't have neighbor's and visitors and come and go? Also if she was being chased at speeds of up to 100 mph, how was she able to talk on the cell phone at the same time? She also keeps referring to a "he" on the tape. Could anyone with a .13 alcohol level really drive at 100 mph. I'm not defending because I think this is a bad example for kids out there today. Her parents need to start acting like parents. I was just hoping someone could help me put some perspective on things that don't make sense to me.


2613 days ago


Hey (Travis #102), It seems that YOU are the one that NEEDS to do your homework!, When that young man jumped out of the suv LoHo hadn't even driven a good mile yet and the police were'nt called until Loho started chaseing the assistants mother!, maybe YOU are the drug dealer......... I'm sorry, I forgot you are just a user thats how come you know that these guy's are the right ones to get your crack from!

2613 days ago


What witches! Poor Lindsay

2613 days ago


The 911 call is laughable she clearly doesn't sound like a person in real need, otherwise she would have provided actual details, she refers to people chasing her as " He " and even states he's got a gun " WTF? If her accounts of seeing a gun are this clear why is she continuously identifying driver as he? IMO that was one of the strangest 911 calls from a actual concern citizen I've heard in a very long time, listen to the 911 call from Patty Porter mother of Jesse Davis who was 9 months pg, whose B/F was a cop, hell even Jesse Davis 2 yr old son gave better descriptions of the crime scene, these guys are apparently lying about something and It wouldn't surprise me, if they were hiding drugs, therefore had to claim they we're " victims " yet initially don't report this to cops upon their arrival, why because most likely one of the guys who jumped out had to discard drugs prior to cops arrival, Come on it takes one to know one!

2613 days ago


Bottom No need to get all bloody over yourself I'll be glad to send you a supply of kotex pads Your right sexy I like my drugs , why not get on top bottom you'll read later I was right doesnt matter how fast or when cops were called a dealer knows sooner or later the pigs will be called. Now give me a kiss.

2613 days ago


OK (JUST WONDERING) say you need help figuring out how she was able to drive 100 miles an hour and talk on the cell? maybe she had onstar, or a blue tooth2. you were wondering why she was scared of the unknown vehicle being in her yard? Well for one the vehicle was an "UNKNOWN", also she was about to pull in her yard after 2am in the morning when LocoLoHo came flying up and trying to cut her off, that wood make anyone nervous, and finally you asked about her mentioning about a (HE)? That was during the time when after LL pulled up at the lady's house driveing like a fool, the guy in the passenger seat (owner of the suv that LoHo stole) got out to calm things down, he started walking over to the lady's vehicle but it was dark and the lady was nervous, also she was still on the phone with the cops while he was doing this. Thats when the home owner put her vehicle in drive and got out of Dodge, this is also when LoHo did a U-turn and proceeded to follow her Hense:....High Speed Chase.

2613 days ago


Travis, WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!! don't need maxie pads I'm a MAN. But will still be glad to give ya that kiss! Now hold on...... pucker-up an kiss your screen where my a$$ is so gently pressed up against it!............

2613 days ago
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