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'I Wasn't Driving,

the Black Kid Was'

7/27/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just before Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning, she commandeered a car and took three men hostage -- this, according to the three men who were in the car with her.
Lindsay's Wild Ride!
TMZ interviewed all three, and here's the lowdown: Rewind to Monday afternoon. Dante Nigro, Jakon Sutter and Ronnie Blake drove to Malibu with the boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan's assistant. Lindsay and her assistant ran into Dante and friends. Later, the assistant text-messaged Dante, saying Lindsay wanted to invite him to a Malibu party that night.

Part One

Later, Dante says, he and his friends drove to the party. Dante and the assistant's boyfriend were let in, but Jakon and Ronnie were rejected and stayed outside. Dante says Lindsay was never without a drink during the evening and he even did a shot with her.

At one point, Lindsay's assistant and her boyfriend walked outside and got into an argument. Lindsay came out and got angry at her assistant. The assistant then said, "I quit," which enraged Lindsay.

Part Two

Ronnie says Lindsay looked "very messed up" and "raging."

Dante and crew were ready to leave. The GMC Denali they were in belonged to Dante, but he was sitting in the front passenger seat. Ronnie and Jakon were in the back seat. The assistant's boyfriend was behind the wheel. The keys were in the ignition when the assistant's boyfriend got out and continued the argument with his girlfriend. She then got in her car and left.

According to the group, Lindsay suddenly jumped in the driver's seat of the Denali, started the engine and began driving -- chasing the assistant's car. Ronnie says he was so fearful, he jumped out of the vehicle as it accelerated. Just as he hit the ground, he says Lindsay ran over his foot and just kept going.

Dante and Jakon say Lindsay then hit Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Dante says he tried to grab the wheel, prompting Lindsay to say, "If you touch me I'll sue you." Jakon says they pleaded with her to stop.

Part Three

Dante says they were going 100 mph. They say Lindsay caught up with the assistant and began doing circles on PCH, around the assistant's car.

They say at one point, Lindsay boasted, "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f*** I want."

Part Four

The now former assistant finally lost Lindsay on PCH. Dante says Lindsay thought the assistant was going to her mother's house in Santa Monica so Lindsay went there. It just so happened that the assistant's mother was pulling into the driveway as Lindsay arrived.

Dante says the mother panicked at Lindsay's crazy driving, and backed out of the driveway in fear -- not knowing who was behind the wheel. The guys say Lindsay then began to chase her at speeds of up to 80 mph through Santa Monica, blowing multiple red lights.

Dante realized the mother was driving to the police station and warned Lindsay if she didn't stop she'd get in hot water. He says Lindsay responded, "I'm a celebrity. I'm not going to get in trouble."

The two cars stopped in a parking lot near the cop shop. When police arrived, Dante says it seemed as if Lindsay told officers, "I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving."

Dante and Jakon say they saw Lindsay flunk the field sobriety test. They say when she tried touching her nose, she almost fell over.

As Ronnie put it "It was pretty much the worst night of my whole summer."

Lohan's reps had no comment.


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You know, I'll be so glad when the day comes when we no longer hear about Lindsay. She isn't all that pretty, the girl can't act, and I'm sorry, I have never, ever really known what all the hoopla is about this girl. When I'm with friends or family members and the subject of stars or people in Hollywood comes up, I've asked if anyone thinks Lindsay is really that big a deal, and hands down, everyone I know cannot seem to understand why this young woman gets so much press. She's a joke, and her talent, or lack thereof, leaves one hell of a lot to be desired. Most of the time in her pictures, the girl looks rough, and worn out, and washed out, and no one I know, including me, understands why she's been made out to be such a big deal. Now, if you want to talk class and good looks, and real appeal in every way, take a good look at Scarlet Johannsen. She is an absolutely beautiful young woman, with real poise and real talent and you don't see her making an ass out of herself like Lindsay does because she knows that a lady with class, such as herself, doesn't need to in order to draw attention to herself. Lindsay, go away and stay away.

2552 days ago


That Lohan is one crazy BIOTCH. Lock her freckle ass up!

2552 days ago

Ralph Garcia    

Hey I have a drunk friend at work who used that excuse to blame a black guy. His was that he came in late to work because a black guy broke into his apartment and started wrestling with him. It was funny as the door was locked. He said that the black guy was magic. The guy jumped on him trying to choke him. He then wrestled the guy to the ground where the black guy turned into a blanket. When we asked him if he had been drinking he said yes. They're called DT (detox) hallucinations. When you had too much to drink you're supposed to sleep it off. If not, you have DT hallucinations. As far as Michael Vick, instead of him getting pit bulls to fight, he should have thought about being Lindsay's Lohan's fighting manager. Maybe next time we can get Govenor California Arnold Schwarzeneggar to go after Lindsay. Instead of weapons like in the Terminator movie, he should take a stun gun and taser Lindsay's spoiled rotten ass. I think Lindsay forgot the part that the black guy somehow snuck the cocaine in her pocket.

2552 days ago


If the media would stop REPORTING her as something special, she'd stop BEHAVING like something special, and probably stop getting TREATED like something special.

She's not doing anything that ordinary old criminal law can't deal with, and if the media would quit letting her play the celebrity card, it would happen in a nice orderly manner.

There could be a law that says that reporting on Lindsay Lohan disqualifies one as a journalist...

2552 days ago


Hello, is anyone listening? They talk about the minor charges, what about kidnapping (2 counts), car theft, wreckless endangerment, thennnn the dui, driving on suspended, and COCAIN possesion charges... screw rehab as a penalty. Her next movie should be filmed during her 15 year prison sentance !!! Wake up America

2552 days ago


These guys are all dumb as stumps! Wow! I do however believe them about the entire event! She is a moron and deserves jail time and court sanctioned RE-HAB! Also,she needs to loose all her fair weather friends and wacko mother and father! They're not helping!

2552 days ago


well she is some what right. the law wont do any thing to her like they would us. they need to throw the book at her,she is no different then all of us. she is sick and brittny to. leave her sick ass out of the head lines she might stop.

2552 days ago


Just let her kill herself with her stupidity. She's a waste of human life anyway.

2552 days ago


I don't feel sorry for her at all. Screw that! If she had rolled over my foot or my daughter's foot, God help her! Good job by her parents I say...put her in jail, she will sober up the hard way...that's how you learn, while you are puking your guts out wearing orange and eating with other criminals. They should take away her driving privledges for 5 years. No less. Take away her driving license!!!!! She blamed it on the black kid? You know, that's really low. This girl has no class at all. Trash I say. She is trash!!!!

2552 days ago


What a POS! This one makes Paris Hilton look like a nun,Britney Spears /Mary Poppins, and Shannen Doherty /Mother Teresa. And in the latest news, President Bush's polyps were seized by secret service agents after they were revealed to be Saddam Hussein's long lost cache of Weapons of Mass destruction. The world ends today...tune in tomorrow for details.

2552 days ago

Ben Hur    

She couldn't have said it any better, she is a celebrity and they rule and cannot be arrested, they walk, no punishment.

2552 days ago

Jeremy From TExas    

Wow this is pretty stupid. Honestly If someone tried to steal your car regardless of who it is would you just let them take your car????? No!!! Use your brain even if She had said, I am going to sue you if you touch me!!!???? Its Your car buddie so use some common sense. You just wanted to have your fifteen minutes of fame.!!!

2552 days ago


i think lindsay lohann should spend time in jail.. she may be famous i love her movies she is a hot actoress hot looking and pretty... but know this she is also a resident of californa and she needs to follow the laws of californa like others people and pay the price of the laws being broke!!!! so ihope that they put her in jail for a long time!!!!!

2552 days ago


Stupid. "I'm a celebrity, I can do what I want." What friggin' planet is she on?? Can't imagne where she picked up THAT attitude...

2552 days ago


Okay so....

You are completely scared for your life, yet when you have the opportunity to get out (and stay out) you get back in the car?!? That makes a lot of sense.

You are judging someone's behavoir when they, according to you, are high on something?!? What do you expect?

Sadly, your friend dies in a car accident... so you don't speed, but you still do shots (with someone who just got out of rehab) before you plan to drive home yourself... oooouggghhhypocrite.

LL thinks "she can do whatever the F she wants cuz she's a celeb"... yet "strangely", she sure seems afraid of getting caught doing whatever the F she wants....

You hop back in the car with the "plan" to stop the car from being able to be driven... yet you decide it's better for a drunk, frantic person to chase another person while you worry she is going to kill someone then, apparently, to follow through with your "plan"....

Not only that, but your plan began with the idea that the "drunk, frantic celebrity who can do whatever the F she wants" would somehow now obey the posted 25 mph speed limit while she tries to chase someone else....

...err, LL is on something, what is your excuse?

80+% think LL "played the race card" ... because she referred to the ONLY other person who could have been driving (the "white guy" hopped out the car temp earlier remember?) as being "black".... Yes, let's all blow everything out of proportion!!!

And for those who say they don't care about LL, etc, stop denying it already, it's lame ... you wouldn't be reading about LL if you didn't care.

2552 days ago
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