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Nicole Richie

Big Stomach, Big House

7/27/2007 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say you, say me ... say guilty!

TMZ was in L.A. County Superior Courtroom moments ago, where a pregnant Nicole Richie faced the music for her wrong-way DUI bust in December -- her second DUI conviction in 4 years.

A court commissioner sentenced Richie, represented by uber-lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, to serve four days in the City or County Jail (her choice!) -- she got credit for one day, based on the six hours she served after being busted. So when she goes back in to the pokey, she'll only serve three days.

Richie was also fined $2,048, was ordered back to school for an alcohol education course and on three years probation.

Richie must report to serve her time by September 28.


The commissioner issued Richie a stern warning, telling her if she drove drunk again and she actually killed someone, she could be charged with murder -- not manslaughter. That's because after her first DUI, Richie agreed that if she drove under the influence and killed someone, she'd be nailed for murder.

The 25-year-old is expected to give birth sometime in January.

A source close to Richie said at today's sentencing she was "stoic and serious, but not emotional."


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If she can survive herion she can survive 4 days in jail.

I think this is the right sentence, it is the same sentence everyone I know who are "regular people" got for thier 2nd DUI. The two I know went to jail for 5 days and had the option of community service or a fine. The also had to go to alcohal class and had thier liscence suspended.

I think Paris got more time because she showed up late for court, denied responsibilty for anything, and was disrespectful. When dealing with the courts humble, like Nicole was, is always the best approch.

2647 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

city or county jail her choice? so she could go to the beverly hills jail for 4 days?

2647 days ago


Got off way toooooo easy. She'll do it again for sure! $2048? what's that? She's poops that! RIDICULOUS! Can someone please explain how they determine this amount? Is that what they feel someone's like that she could've taken is worth? DUMB BITCH!

2647 days ago


Ahhhhh, the simple life!

2647 days ago


SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! She still looks way too skinny and if she's pregnant and due in January, that baby is gonna weight less than a pound!

2647 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Not so concerned about Nicole but I know one thing they better throw the book at Lindsay Lohan!!

2647 days ago

Give cool a break    

>> 31. America's judicial system is absolutely pathetic. Starstruck....period.

Celebrities only expose the problems with the system. It is been like this for a some time.
It seems broken and maybe the publicity would make somebody in congress start looking into this.

Also, is there any research done on topic that humiliating people, puting people in a cage and giving them crappy food would fix their personal problems in 4 days or in 23 days.

System is based on assumption that once person is degraded and humiliated, he or she would feel enough fear and will not do the same type of things again.

Maybe there are some more effective methods.
There's way too many people get back to jails and prisons after being there.

2647 days ago


I give her some credit, she looked great. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the arm candy, all picture perfect. She looks a hell of a lot better than her friend Paris did at her court dates. And after all isn't that what it's all about in la la land? Perhaps she has more class after all.

2647 days ago


Whats in her purse? 2 Million for the Judge.......I am so pissed!!

2647 days ago


That's one hell of a gamble. Its not "if" she kills someone while driving drunk. Based on her history of drug/alcohol abuse it is "when." Shame.

2647 days ago


She is pregnant people!! Maybe she used that as her lame excuse. Who knows? I hate that b**ch anyway. I hate Paris too but I sure do like her better than Nicole.

2647 days ago


Paris was charged DUI, probation & license suspension. Paris broke probation & drove with suspended license, still blaming someone else she didn't know license suspended. Paris was more pissed because she got caught. She never really stepped up and took responsibility. The words that kept getting reported were PR releases. All of these issues happening in time frame under a year.

Nicole -- 2nd DUI in 4 years. Not on probation at the time. No suspended license at the time. Therefore she got the standard sentence in LA. Now if she breaks probation, she will be charged like Paris. If she kills someone -- she's agreed it will be murder charge. I don't recall Paris having to agree to that.

Paris screwed herself. She broke probation. She had the chance but screwed up & therefore had to pay the piper. Lindsay is in the same boat as Paris. Both DUI's within months of each other.

2647 days ago


4 days seems fair, if that's the law for everyone. At least Nicole seems to have stopped partying and is staying out of bars. Seems that she is really trying to turn her life around. She atleast seems serious about her troubles and is not laughing in the face of justice. I wish her well.

2647 days ago

Little Bit    

Court Tv just made a boo boo(and corrected themselves)
The reporter said Nicole got 36 years probation! Also another reporter said he didn't recall which intoxicated pseudo-celebrity was being sentenced.

2647 days ago


Ms. Richie, like Ms Hilton will be infamous for their stupid and bad behavior. When will people stop paying attention to these two. The contribute so little, if it were not for there
parents wealth or fame they would not be noticed at all.

2647 days ago
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