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Will Do Time

7/27/2007 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0726_richie_ex-1TMZ has learned Nicole Richie will appear in court Friday and will cop a plea in her DUI case.

Sources tell TMZ Richie will plead either guilty or no contest to DUI. She will appear before the Court Commissioner, who will sentence her on the spot. Sources say Richie will receive a minimum sentence of five days in jail. By law, anyone with two DUI convictions must serve at least five days. This conviction will be Nicole's second DUI.

Nicole was arrested on December 11, after cops say she drove the wrong way on a California highway.


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the question is who's the father??

joel, dj am, "the fly", or brody jenner

my vote is am

2643 days ago


Mothers against drunk driving M.A.D.D, need to clean California up. If you only get 5-days for tow D.U.I convictions, then that is pathetic.

California has to be one of the most liberal states I have seen. You can do whatever you want, and get away with it. Lets all move there.

2643 days ago


Nicole is so much better than Lohan, Hilton and Spears! At least she had the sense to LAY LOW and go in and face her punishment. Instead of pleading innocent she chose to take a plea and face the consequences. She has not caused any media frenzies due to her pregnancy or DUI charge and seems to be in a good place. GO NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!

2643 days ago

Agent D    

Hey, at least she is taking responisibility for her actions. Maybe she has read all the backlash of LL saying she is innocent, and wants to avoid the craziness. Maybe she is growing up a bit, since she probably is preggers.

2643 days ago


These hollywood starlets think they can do just about anything they please! No one is above the law not even a MILLION PLUS DOLLAR SPOON BABIES! How many DUI's does it takes to remove the light bulb icon from over head? Nicole, Paris, and now Lindsey any one want to hic up their way to an answer? Here you go Hollywood Class: JAIL!!!!!!!

2643 days ago


Now there is a movie of the week, girls gone wild in jail, paris, linsey and a slew of supporting cast

2643 days ago


#42 you are so right! They are all repeat offenders who have no regard for the law or anyone else. They don't care if they kill someone because they are out having fun and being sluts.

And as for #40's comment- oh please! Nicole parties just as much as the other two, only difference is Nicole is not as much of a camera whore as her compadres. She does her drinking and drugs at home then goes out driving. Would you still defend her if she killed someone...maybe even one of your family members? I don't think so. The people that defend these "Girlz Gone Wild" would not be if they hurt or even killed someone you's sad that a tragedy has to happen before you see the big picture.

These girls have the means to hire a driver when they go out partying but don' responsible is that?? It's not, but yet you keep defending them saying leave them alone but I bet if it were you in their perdictament, you wouldn't get away with it, you would be locked up crying like a baby.
And everyone saying leave them alone and condoning their behavior must be just like them and not care about anyone but yourself, and are heading towards the same distruction but sadly you won't get the same "star" treatment...duh!

2643 days ago


#46-get your freaking facts right before you start bashing people! Yes, Paris, Nicole, Lindsey, and Britany are druggies and alcoholics and can very well kill someone one day but Brandy was not drunk or on drugs so to put her in the same category as them is a stretch. Yes she was in a car accident that ultimately killed someone but it was an accident, not a drunk driving rage as you make it seem. She should sue you for slander! Get it right!

"Brandy, who was neither arrested following the incident nor found in possession of drugs or alcohol"
Need more?
"Investigators determined that Brandy wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or any other substance at the time of the crash, nor was she talking on her cell phone or similarly distracted."

So with that, how can you possibly put her in the same category as these alcohol abusing drug addicts??

2643 days ago

big joe    


2643 days ago

Ihavea Nidea    

I don't understand why actresses and actors are getting DUIs. They all have bodyguards and assistants, why don't they just hire a driver or limo to drive them around when they want to go out partying.....Is it just me who thinks that??

2643 days ago


These girls are so silly---One day when they look back they will be sorry...

2643 days ago


This is another example of Celebrity Justice. If the average person was busted for DUI, they would be doing at least 2 years in the big house like Lindsey Lohen's Dad. My belief is that if you did the crime, you should do the time. Her friend, Paris Hilton, did more time than she will do. She was only beaten out by Scooter Libby, and that was due to President Bush commuting his jail sentence and Mr. Libby might even get a full pardon from President Bush.

2642 days ago


Four days?!! For a second DUI. It's a joke. They should take her kid from her. She'll probably screw that up too. All judges in every state should be elected. They would do things a lot diffeently then.

2641 days ago
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