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PETA Still Doggin' Paris and Britney

7/27/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The folks at PETA are howling mad at Paris and Brit Brit over their recent purchases of ... wait for it ... MORE LITTLE DOGS!
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears
TMZ has obtained an email PETA sent to the ex-con/socialite AND the pop-star-turned-crazy-chick:

Dear Paris and Britney,

So, you have popped into a pet store to pick up some more doggie arm candy. Your impulse purchases of dogs encourage others to follow suit, no matter how ill-equipped they are to provide a decade or more of care for a little dog who has feelings and needs and who requires patience, veterinary care, and stimulation other than nightclub music and bar laughter. Also, for every pet store puppy purchased, a pound puppy dies (and a breeder -- probably somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri -- is rewarded for adding yet another litter to the pet overpopulation crisis). A California bill that would have required most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered-and therefore would have helped reduce the taxpayer burden for disposing of (killing) homeless animals-was recently defeated by greedy breeders. Perhaps you and other vacuous stars need to tattoo "Don't buy while pound pups die" on your foreheads to remind each other of that home truth.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk, President

The "Very truly yours" was a nice touch! PETA may have a point ... Paris loves her new Chihuahua so much, she hasn't even named it yet.


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Although I agree with Ingrid Newkirk's statements in the letter to Paris and Britney, Ingrid Newkirk is, in fact, a complete hypocrite who has an active role in KILLING dogs herself. Please take a look at this site:

2609 days ago


This is a shout out to Britney....You look downright stupid and dumb carrying a toy dog around when you have 2 children that needs carrying. Dumb ass, your toy dog carrying days are over. Go get your kids and carry them!!!! I hope KFed takes his kids and every penny you have. The way you're spending and throwing money away, your kids won't have crap to live on. Can't take care of your kids, but you have a dog. Yuk, you make me sick!!!

2609 days ago


Thank you Kendra.
You are correct, PETA kills animals and its a fact. They would rather kill sheltered animals than adopt them out, for fear the animals might be abused. Its stupid nonsense. A PETA shelter, in VA I beleve, had invested in a large walk in style freezer. What does a shelter need a freezer for? To keep the euthinized animals so people dont discover that they are actually murders. PETA takes in over 5000 animals a yr and only adopts out less than 5%, what do they do with the remaining 95%? Maybe they fund their organization by selling the dead animals to China so they can produce dog/cat food.

2609 days ago

Ban stupid humans, not dogs    

Shelley (#7) - please take a look at the link I posted (comment #6). Yes, by buying a dog from a pet store you're saving that dog's life, but you're also giving money to those who keep the horrific practice of puppymilling going.

2609 days ago


As much as I hate PETA, they are right in that these stupid celebs that keep buying these petstore puppies are only helping puppymills.
However, they can't say a damn thing about dogs being killed in shelters... why?
Well must we really bring up the whole, site again? Maybe they should start telling themselves that they should be RESCUEING instead of going out and killing animals.

2609 days ago


i dont care for the 2 celebs at all, but if i work 40 hours a week, does that make me a bad mom or dog owner? what the hell does going to clubs or being in a bar have anything to do with her argument? i wish i could bring my dog all over the place, but then people would be complaining about that... maybe she should take a look inside her own freezer then try to talk s*&t

2609 days ago


peta R hypocrites they killed dogs and put them in the dumpster behind their headquarters in norfolk Va.

2609 days ago


Todd, Thanks. The site I posted (I'll repost :) ) refers to the freezer. One of the many horrors, however, is how unsuspecting people hand over their animals to PETA thinking that PETA would NEVER harm the animals. . . they believe that giving an animal to PETA is akin to giving an animal to a noneuthanizing shelter. What they don't even realize is that the animal is getting killed in the van in front of their own house!

2609 days ago


Why Arkansas and Missouri? How did such a stereotyping, ignorant extremist like you become the President of such a well-known organization? No wonder you catch so much flak for trying to do the right thing. You go about it completely wrong. I especially like how the very next sentence goes on to tell of the greedy breeders in CALIFORNIA. Very cohesive.

2609 days ago


Most of you couldn't handle the work PETA does everyday.

You would get sick just looking at the torture done to animals that they
show on their website.

God bless PETA and the good work they do for sheep and foxes and chickens and cows and wolves and cats and dogs and birds and bears. They are saving millions of animals while you whine.

2609 days ago

Gina G.    

Let the Biotches have their mutts!!!

2609 days ago


I agree with PETA - but please, does anyone expect any A-Lister celebrity to get a "free" mixed breed from a pound? They shouldn't just point out Paris and Brit for doing so.

2609 days ago

Gina G.    

Too bad SO MANY people will put so much energy into saving animals but meanwhile not lift a hand (or a voice) so prevent the senseless slaughter of the most endangered species...THE AMERICAN SOLDIER!! THERE IS A WAR GOING ON AND WHILE PETA IS PICKETTING MICHAEL VICK THEY SHOULD BE PICKETTING AND MARCHING ON WASHINGTON.

2609 days ago



I understand your point too. But if we shut down the puppy mills, it wouldn't just force people to go to the pound to get a pet - I would, but many people wouldn't, they would choose to pick another animal to have. So although it is a vicioius cycle, no one really wins. I appreciate the input on your post :-) Shelly

2609 days ago


I know some A List celebrities get their dogs from the pound, look at Jessica Biel. She is way classier than those two losers, Paris and Britney. And then Orlando Bloom got his dog from another country and it was a stray. Just goes to show that these two girls have no brains. They seem to live their lives on impulses only. And its a bit of a stretch to say that Paris and Britney are "A-list" celebrities. I'd say the D list please.

2609 days ago
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