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Fletch lives!

7/28/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Legendary SNL-er Chevy Chase soaked up the spotlight outside of Koi last night. He noted that while the attention never gets old, "I do."

Samantha Ronson hung out in front of Hyde, talkin' about her DJ career and her Myspace profile. Sam's very popular on the interweb – she's got more than 20,000 friends on the 'Space.

Les Deux was tres busy, with Ian Ziering, Josh Henderson and Kevin Connolly hanging hard.

And Wilmer Valderrama, a long way from his days as Fez, was rolling semi-incognito under a scruffy face and porkpie hat at new L.A. hotspot Opera.


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Samantha Ronson was set up by those that dislike her relationship with Lindsey. I'm not a fan of either one but I can see when someone is being used and it was not Lohan.
Maybe now the people around Lindsay feel as stupid as they looked with their enabling and see they will only end her life if they continue. She is 100 percent responsible for her choices.
I cant stand parents and others who blame the friends. Give the responsibility to the troubled person and deal with what you are trying to run from and blame others for..

2642 days ago

Lucas Marlone    

HOW DARE you disrespect the great Chevy Chase, with a comment about Jamie Lynn Spears! For shame! Anyways,

Chevy is still around? wow. Loved him in, hmm, anything mid/early 90s and back.

Never saw his talk show. Great man. Manages to make "dad next door", look classy.


2642 days ago


I have always wanted to be # 4 Saturday night live Ahhh the good old days..................

2642 days ago


Chevy didnt know who TMZ was last month lol. Is he going to be a regular now?

2642 days ago


Chevy Chase is a cocaine haggard has been. Been a long time since Caddyshack......

2642 days ago

He's Boring now    

Chevy Chase, the unfunniest man in America. Thought he would at one time take over for Johnny Carson. Yeah right Chev. Take another back pill.

I love when Howard Stern tells him like it is, in other words, has been, its over, unfunny.

Belushi and Murray and Ackroyd and Radner were the true funny ones at that time of the shows history...other than falling down, reading news script, and wearing a shark costume he didnt really do much. And now he would have to play the Grandfather for the Vacation Series movie remakes.

Glad to see he can still hobble around some. But do stay away from the big screen Fletch.

2642 days ago


You go Charles!

or whatever your old ass name is...

2642 days ago

The King of the World    

This generation doesn't know or appreciate Chevy chase. He was a class act A1 funny man until his brief stunt as a (fill in guy) for Johnny Carson, flopped bigger than big time. He was NOT meant to be a show host, we all found out real quick. I think it surprised everyone, even himself. He bombed so bad, he barely had a career after that, and even then it took a few years. He ended up doing a few more or those Vacation funny movies. If it had not been for that unfortunate turn of events, he would own Hollywood by now. He was huge, and loved by all. I still love his older movies, classics!

2642 days ago

Give cool a break    

I wonder if anyone remembers rubber band race?

2642 days ago

Boo Hoo    

My brother in-law attended Lawrenceville prep school in New Jersey. While he was on campus Chevy Chase showed up with one of his kids. They were checking out the school as a possibilty for Chevy's kid. On of the students recognized Chevy and went up to him and told him that he was a big fan and he asked Chevy if he could shake his hand. Chevy shook his head no and told the student, "don't worry you'll get over it". Maybe he was having a bad day, I don't know, but I think of that every time I hear Chevy's name!!

2642 days ago


lol #6

2642 days ago


Chevy Chase is a liberal, Bush-hater... damn I hate it I find out these things.

2642 days ago


He raises the moral dilema, do you ask for your maoney back after a Chevy Chase movie when it is at a 99 cent theatre?

2642 days ago


20,000+ by the way for Samantha on myspace. Way to go!

2642 days ago

The Dude    

Leave Chevy alone. Poor guy can't help he's done, it's over, and the only thing to wait on now is death.

2642 days ago
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