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Hottest Videos -- Week of 07/22

7/28/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ya gotta give it up for Beyonce -- even when she eats it big time, she's still looks goooooood.

Thanks to Britney Spears, playing in a sandbox has never been so dangerous! Brit's bodyguard berates and shoves photogs as they traverse the sand.

Brit's bodyguard to the rescue again -- as he cleared a path for the Queen of Crazazy outside of Il Sole.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly took three men hostage and embarked on a high speed chase -- with one of the guys calling it "the worst night of his summer." What the hell was he doing last spring?!

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ha ha gotta love beyonce and her 2 ton weave lol

2644 days ago


lindsay needs to like die lolololol!!!! and brit too!!!!

2644 days ago


It's not like Beyonce fell that hard. She was coming down the stairs, then her shoes caught up in the hem of that dress and her legs flipped up in the air before landing on the stage. But she bounced back up and kept performing to keep up with the live band. Remarkable rebound! She should laugh about it now even though it's on YouTube and other sites. Make fun of herself. It was bound to get on there. It's one part funny and one part scary when watching the clip. But that happens to many artists in live shows--not everything is all the way perfect. Her album sales are going to increase because of that fall. She's one of the enduring performers in music today!

2644 days ago


Yep, your career is pretty much over when Rob Schneider is filling your spot on the Tonight Show and mocking you. Who wouldn't need a drink after that career ending red flag?

2643 days ago

Democrats are evil    

The Tonight show was a classic. If Lohan can't accept that the public is laughing at her and her drunken stupor, tough S***. She's just feeding the beast with her dysfunctional actions. I can't believe she ran over a guys foot taking his car for a drunken joy ride. She is such a moron. She's on my ghoul pool list, that's for sure. She'll never make it to 40.

2643 days ago


Loooove you Beyonce, keep doing ur thing!! Beauty to a T

2643 days ago


Loooove you Beyonce, keep doing ur thing!! Beauty to a T

2643 days ago


Lindsay should count her lucky stars she did not kill anyone.I hate to say it but I think she is worse then Paris..I heard she made a comment about "I can do anything I am a celebrity"..Well, I wonder which network will interview her so she can try to get sympathy from the public.

2643 days ago

jProud American Author    

I love Jay Leno's show. It is the greatest. Poor Beyonce...she is elegant no matter what.

2643 days ago

idaho potato    

With all the giggling over Beyonce falling, you have to give her high regards. She got up and continued the show. Now that's a star! I like her even more now.

2643 days ago

slightly disheartened jm fan    

I find it odd that when Paris Hilton got into trouble, you (Mr. Levin and co.) were totally sucking up to her. It would seem if you were going to pick and choose which of these spectacles to support, it may as well be one with actual talent. Just an observation. Looks like the Hilton name (and perhaps their money) were too appealing to not suck up to.

At least Nicole knows how to respect the court, and show some humility. No blaming it all on her publicist. Of course, you're not sucking up to her in here either. So obvious.

2643 days ago


beyonce falling was funny, is she like a "Rocker?"................LINDSAY, let us all down..........kind of expected, but not that soon....It is possible she was drinking the entire time at Promises,, whatever...........BRITNEY, who i usually do not even acknowledge, because she is about as classy and entertaining as a freaking bird........LOST HER MIND SEVERAL TIMES, on videos i have watched outside of TMZ........BRITNEY COULD BE MORE OF A HEADACHE, than people think............DOES BRIT DO METHAMPHEDAMINE>>>she definatley shows the signs of a closet tweeker, and somewhat violent!!!!!........O'WELL I'M OUTA HERE TODAY, LATER LOSERS@

2643 days ago



2643 days ago

We know who is unethical    

The problem with Bityonce is that she has no humility. Her and her record label, Sony, tried to hide this. Why would they be scared of her accidentally falling? She got up like a trooper and still performed!!! All she had to do is a presser afterwards and say she had a scary moment, she fell, and thank god she's not badly hurt. And then state, "see just how devoted I am to entertaining my fans? I'll fall down stairs for them!" But no, they fanned the flames by trying to hide it like she hides her hair extensions. I just lost the little amount of respect I had for her.

One thing is for sure, get rid of the stairs in the act.

2643 days ago


I'm glad Beyonce fell, she is an idiot.. I think Jay Leno should have taken into account that thousands of young adults are suffering from drugs and acohol addiction. Funny is funny, but all in all he should have had a little more compassion

2643 days ago
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