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Brit's Breakdown, Part Two

7/29/2007 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pop catastrophe Britney Spears is a non-stop tornado of trouble. After walking off the set of her disastrous OK! magazine photo shoot two weeks ago, Brit-Brit continued her busted breakdown while filming a new music video. Sources told the Daily News that she seemed "disoriented" and "erratic" during the shoot for her new single "Get Back."

The tawdry trainwreck seemed "wobbly," said one source, and had to keep stopping for frequent bathroom breaks. "You could see she was getting a bit wobbly, but no one expected her to throw a complete fit. Suddenly, she was in floods of tears and stormed off set. She eventually came back but was sobbing hysterically."

The shoot, and Spears, had to be called off early.

Usher's Gift Gaff

He's got it bad: The nuptials for R&B smoothie Usher and girlfriend Tameka Foster were called off, but that hasn't stopped would-be wedding guests from grumbling about gifts.

Reports the Daily News, the millionaire couple registered for their wedding at Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. Among the items on their wedding wish list, $8 asparagus tongs and a $4,000 espresso maker. Some guests thought the registry was tacky.

"You'd think that he'd invite people to give to a favorite charity," the source said. "Does he really need another toaster?"

Steve Martin's Surprise Marriage

How mahvelous! Funnyman Steve Martin and longtime girlfriend Anne Stringfield tied the knot yesterday in a surprise ceremony. Martin and Stringfield invited friends to their L.A. home for what was supposed to be a dinner party, but shocked guests by getting hitched instead.

Saturday Night Live chief Lorne Michaels served as best man, and guests included Diane Keaton, Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy, reports People.

This is Stringfield's first walk down the aisle, and Martin's second. He was married to actress Victoria Tennant for nine years.

Party Favors... Diddy No Darling On Riviera...Catherine Zeta-Jones, Not So Eggs-ellent

P. Diddy's star is slipping -- at least in St. Tropez. The bad boy rapper showed up at trendy Tropez hotspot Les Caves Thursday night but was refused a table at the swank eatery. "He is so B-List here, no one even acknowledges him," reports a source to Page Six. ... Welsh wonder Catherine Zeta-Jones may be a star chef on-screen, but in real life, still gets scrambled in the kitchen. She tells Gatecrasher that, "I still can't boil an egg because I never get it runny enough if I want it runny, and I never get it hard-boiled enough before it explodes, so I think egg-boiling is the hardest thing I've ever done." But, she adds, dessert's no problem. "I can make you tiramisu anytime you want."


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Why even concern ourselves with these two. What have they to warrant any attention anyway?

2642 days ago


Sorry, I meant what have the "done" to get any attention "not to" . And of course if you were a guest then you would be upset. I mean if you set aside time to come to any wedding, bogus or not, then your time taken. Everyone's time is valuable. But to do this at the last minute was unexceptable.

If it truly was about her Criminal Background, then Usher should have found that out on his own a long time ago. That way no ones time would have been taken over this mess, and wasted weekend. I'm sure people flew out to see them, canceled work dates and meetings.

2642 days ago


BIG Congrats on Steve Martin's wedding. And of course we all knew another breakdown was coming with Britney. I've said it many times. If they press would leave her alone and stop giving her attention, then maybe she would focus more clearly on herself, family lifestyle and then a career last.

Britney is not in need for money, so she needs to take time out to get herself together. Just because you check out of rehab ( Of any Kind) doesn't mean that you are completely cured. Britney needs help away from California, and away from the lights. One day she will have a final breakdown...and then it will be more than one persons blame...I wish her luck.

2642 days ago

simon birch    

I think it's sad to have so much money and not one friend close enough to tell her she is out of control or have somebody step in and PUT in the hospital even if it's for the sake of the children. There is more than ample evidence to prove she is at if not over the edge of a breakdown....But ...that's hollywood for ya'll.

2642 days ago


Congratulations to Steve Martin
He has given us so much joy and laughter throughout the years
I hope he has nothing but joy love and laughter with his new wife
If anyone deserves to be happy it is this man

Good for you keeping it so quiet . . . .have a happy honeymoon

2642 days ago

The Expatriot    

Congratulations to Steve Martin on his wedding. He is one of the most influential actors and directors, teaching subtle and wise humor.

Back then I though that there was no better match for him than Victoria Tennant, yet i am glad he met another perfect match in Anne Stringfield.

All the best, you two.

2642 days ago

Been wonderin ...    

Yippee for Steve & Anne! ... congrats! wishes of many years of happiness coming your way! :-)

2642 days ago


What's wrong with Britney?? I am so concerned for her at this point. There's something so wrong internally. Whenever I read about her I just want to hug her.

2642 days ago

Heather Miller    

Britney has little talent except for dancing, which you need to be very disciplined to keep up. Her singing is only marginal and is enhanced by synthesizers which accounts for her lip-synching at recent comeback concerts. She had better take the money she has and invest it wisely (and not in the latest tiny dog craze) because I think her star is fading. She has a slight chance of a comeback if she goes back to the discipline she had in her early career - but she has burned and continues to burn many bridges. She needs to also get rid of the "yes men/women " who let her perpetuate this behaviour. She doesn't need this publicity - she has become the joke of Hollywood.

2642 days ago


Steve M, you wacky guy you... Congrats !! :-) All the best !! I guess my invite got lost in the mail.. call me...

Brit.... If this is Post Partum Depression, Please see someone, I would hope that you are smart enought to be seeing a good shrink anyway, I think u need one to live in L.A. L.A. Land anyway... isn't it a prerequisite to buying a home in L.A. ??? Serious though... Brit... You need some help !! get a good Shrink, Talk to Brooke Shields or Marie Osmond, if this is PPD, and be happy kid. If anyone told you before, money does not make you happy !! you need to be Happy before you made the money !!! Take some time off, Go Rent a House some where, get a shrink, spend time on you and the kids for a year, and make your Come back after. But go get Happy...

Its not easy to grow up as a trained seal.... Kid Stars need to take some time to learn how to live in the world, and relate to others, and find real, more grounded values in life, before they move on to the next part of their life. Good Luck !

2642 days ago

steve martin's a bit of a perv, non?

2642 days ago

dear god,
i wish steve martin wasn't a pervert

2642 days ago


steve we love you im so happy you have finnally found your true love with a better anne anne heche was a loser she still is and you are soooo way better off with your new anne i wish you a lifetime of happiness

2642 days ago


11 & 12: So what?

Congrats to Steve (and Anne)! He has given me a lot of great belly laughs over the years and I wish him all the best.

Poor Britney. Girlfriend needs serious help. She needs to give the kids to her Mom or K-Fed for a while and straighten herself out.

2642 days ago


Come on Britney, your "crazy" is barely newsworthy anymore. Turn it up a notch and show us all how crazy is done!!!

2642 days ago
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