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Paris at Work and Play

7/29/2007 11:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard out here for an ex-con socialite! Paris Hilton spent her day shooting a music video at LaChappelle Studios, before deciding all that hard work deserved a little reward. Time for a vacation!

Later that day, the blonde whatever-she-is was back at her Hollywood manse packing up and jetting off to parts unknown. All the while, her precious new teacup Chihuahua was in hand. Hilton was heard remarking on the weather with her trademark phrase, saying, "It's hot!" That's hot.


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The only scenarios that we want to see this MEDIA SKANK in are:

Performing various S*X acts
Getting LOADED on weed, blow or X
Dogging out other SKANKS in public
Stumbling around LOADED
Driving under the INFLUENCE
Going to JAIL or being HANDCUFFED and put in the backseat of a squad car...MY PERSONAL FAV!!
Lying her A** off on Larry King AND getting called out for it by a dude who is like 100 yrs old....."what is your favorite Bible passage?"......duhhhhhhh

We don't care about anything else....please save the "Paris is a performer..blah, blah, blah"

And.."mike m"...x-con refers to someone who has been CONvicted of a crime, not exclusive to State Penn.....and "costaMesaboy"...we all know your mommie won't let you leave the OC to go to LA and certainly not at 3:30 in the am...

2588 days ago


Please, no more Paris articles unless it's the report of her death.


2588 days ago


mARY, its true, she gave him a hand-job underneath the table,,,,,haha****GO LOST BOYS*** ,,,,,MARY,,,,i used to sell waterbottels for like 5 bucs a pop.. at raves all over La n' the 90's,,,,,blablabla......i luv La, moron, SD & Vegas,,,,,& my ex is from Ojai, n' Ventura county, so kick rocks loser!!!

2588 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

She just doesn't get the big "PHOTO-OP" picture!

Maybe one of the papz could load his camera with bullets instead of film. They'd never catch the guy, they're all over her like flies on chit anyway.

No one cares about her nasty arse anymore - she's last month's news!

2588 days ago


mary X-con refers to a Prison inmate, issued a #, then you are an ex-con,,,,moron..& will pretty much go to prison there after recieving a #....EVERYONE GOES TO THE COUNTY JAIL...EVEN ME, EVEN AT TWIN TOWERS, for an old warrent in LB. which is La county, & im not an Ex-con..........get a life YUPPY

2588 days ago

Parents Need to Know    


You're acting up a little early today!

2588 days ago


For those of you who sit in front of your computers all day posting to everything on this site - get up and go outside and do something!! You look pathetic posting in here all day long.

And for those of you who sit there and defend _______ (insert name here) like you know them, you don't. They probably could care less about you. "I know that ______ would never do that!" Give me a break. Maybe if you weren't sitting in front of your computers all day in your fantasy worlds you would be happier. People can respond to this all they want and rip me a new one - I won't read them. I am going out and doing something today. Later Losers!

2588 days ago


I've never hated Paris (don't know her), so maybe it's easier for me to begin liking her. Let's see if she continues to keep her life under control. As for the herpes posts, millions of people are living with herpes. She is not unique. Compared to Britney and Lindsay, I'd say that Paris is doing very well.

2588 days ago


#22 whatevr you say!!!..............i'm watching the kids. & why are you on here??? i could care less about Parasite my-self, but she is not an ex-con, besides what do you care!!! ,,,,allready have a life.........I'M TRAPPED...haha,, you wouldn't understand LOSER

2588 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

paris iz cool im sure she could use a break from the paperazzi and watnot not that shell probly get 1 wereever she goes!!!!im sure it waz hectic shooting that video!

2588 days ago

Gramma Grace    

As a 69 year old grandmother...I don't give a rats ass about what Paris is wearing or doing... She will self destruct...

But I would like to remind everyone that while she was self-destructing, and driving while drunk (let's forget that tepid DUI phrase)...she could have hit your children or grandchildren and killed them... !!

Bad girls gone wild need to be treated as what they are...dangerous drunks and dopers...

2588 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

What happened to tinkerbell? Did she get gassed to make room for the new ones? This dumb Ass don't need anymore animals when she can't even take care of herself! Same goes for trailer trash britney. Get those kids away from her.

2588 days ago


She just doesn't get it. Her 15 minutes of fame have long expired.

She needs to GO AWAY and TMZ needs to spend time on people with talent.

2588 days ago


Why do so many people pay attention to idiots and losers like PARIS? If all of us will stop bothering reading news about bitches like her, they would get lost. She is nothing without her DADDY's in heritance! I say, once a loser, always a loser!

2588 days ago


Hey TMZ staff, what's TMZ's definition of "ex-con?" Last name Hilton? As in "ex-con Paris Hilton," "ex-con/heiress Paris Hilton," "ex-con/socialite Paris Hilton?"

I dare you, double-dare you... to call ex-con/actress Michelle Rodriguez an "ex-con" in your next post. Just to be fair, you know.

After all, Ms. Rodriguez had 2 drunken driving convictions and served time in 2 states. Of course she's hispanic and might sue you for discrimination or beat up your photog or something. Well, you deserve it.

2588 days ago
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