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Brit & Fed-Ex -- Over and Out!

7/30/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is single again. Just minutes ago, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon signed her divorce decree. Here she comes, boys!
Britney divorce docs
As TMZ first reported, Laura Wasser, Brit's lawyer, and K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, appeared in Court this morning with settlement papers.

Wasser made a motion to keep the custody and child support provisions secret, on grounds that making it public would be harmful to the two kids. Judge Gordon granted that request, pending a hearing on August 14.


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Wow, so Britney Spears is a free woman now, and K-Fed is a free man? Watch out ladies and gents, we have a couple of trailor trash singles!! I don't know why this is front page news on TMZ!!

2638 days ago


Child Star/Supports a payroll that requires constant new material/pressures from public,family,friends-like you know who they REALLY are. Growing up before the world with a camera in your face waiting for every wrong move.
Before long I can see how you may just want to GIVE them something to talk about so they will go away and pick on somebody else If acused of it do it kind of thing. She is surrounded by people who she THINKS cares and really could care less. Fed Ex had a baby on the way and traded it for Brit's money. He is a MAJOR factor in her breakdown just as Stern was with ANS. Britney IS talented. She is beautiful and she just came out of 2 back to back,emotionally unsupported pregnancies. You guys who post negative thoughts should want to help this young mom get it together. You are as bad as you CLAIM she is. Good news! You aren't the judge of this young woman. As for the no panties many of you actually looked them up? Get real
I support your TRYING to get it together Brit. There will be falls. Get back up. Keep getting up and let no one put you down.
I have 5 kids/made plenty mistakes. It's hard.
I say get it together and there many of us who understand.

2638 days ago


So Called K-Fed only wants custody so he can get as much money out of her as he can, i don't care what they say about her.....he is a sleeze ball

2638 days ago


It certainly is doubtful Britney has learned a lesson from all of this - first if you steal a boyfriend from another - it probably won't work out. You'll be the one to pay in the end. And Britney paid big time!!

2638 days ago


I wish you morons would leave this poor girl alone. She's only as good as her last hit single/video and the poor girl stopped working through her pregnancies and allowed herself to gain weight. Now she's ON THE GRIND and will be back bigger than ever. She was always sexy and provocative. She always had her Hater Blockers on. I think it's pathetic that people think they have the right to bash her just because she's a mother now and apparently we have a bunch of perfect parents in this country and/or people who were raised to perfection by Ward and June Cleaver. It's time you morons stepped down from your high horses and took a look in the mirror. I'm sure you'd be cringing at the monstrosity that stares back at you.


The jealousy never, ever, ever, ends. Nope.

2638 days ago


I am to old to be a Spears fan and although I do not approve of some things this girl does for the life of me I have not seen on thing that would cause her to loose her children!
I have seen gossip and media hype and those playing judge and jury who have never raised a child
I saw pictures of her almost dropping her son, and her visibly shaken by the incident. I saw her with the older child on her lap driving and this only one time. Please tell me what she has done that is NOT gossip.
Fact based events in which children's service's would open a case and proceed to remove her children!.
There is some horror out there in the world, people who are abusive and cruel to their children it's clear most ignore those daily stories and fixate on a girl who is not mother of the year, But hardly committing crimes against her children.

2638 days ago

Is there nothing else to talk about?    

Spears needs this site just to stay in the news. Her musical achievements certainly wont swing it for her anymore. She is tabloid fodder, Nothing else. She need never bring out another album but as long as she flashes her crotch and acts like a hooker and attracts the paparazzi she is laughing all the way to the bank. .

2638 days ago

Is there nothing else to talk about?    

Did I read somewhere that she's pregnant again???????!!!!!

2638 days ago


They both have nasty fake teeth. So gross.

2638 days ago


She should have never got with that loser!

2638 days ago
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