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Britney & K-Fed Officially Kaput

7/30/2007 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-FedBritney Spears and Kevin Federline have officially divorced.

Just minutes ago, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge signed the divorce decree. Spears' lawyer, Laura Wasser, and K-Fed's mouthpiece, making the divorce final.

Spears' lawyer, Laura Wasser, made a motion to keep the custody and spousal support orders secret. The judge granted that request, at least temporarily.

Here's what TMZ knows: K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He's also getting 20 grand a month in spousal support, but that's based on the prenup, and it appears the alimony gravy train will come to a screeching halt in November.

As for custody, we've learned it will stay at 50/50. It's amazing disso-queen Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split given Brit's craziness, which included wild partying, erratic behavior and a stint in rehab. This type of custody arrangement is typically reserved for a stable couple.

But all is not over! We're told neither Brit nor Fed-Ex are happy with the custody arrangement, and either of them can go back to court and ask for a change. On top of that, Kevin won't even speak to Spears, so they will probably be back in court asking the judge to make decisions about child rearing.

One more thing: There are reports K-Fed will go to court as early as this week to get full custody. That doesn't make a lot of sense that he'd go for broke, since our sources say K-Fed has signed-off on the 50/50 custody split. He may not be happy, but it doesn't seem he's ready for all-out war either.


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I seriously doubt K-Fed will fight Britney for more custody. He'd have to pay his own legal bills for that. With his allimony money train ending soon, he's going to have to watch his pennies. $15,000 isn't near enough to party like a Rock Star. You're all idiots if you think he's not doing a lot of that when she has the kids.

2606 days ago


He shares custody with Shar because she isn't Brittney! At lease Kevin realizes it is important for them to see their grandparents. Brittney is acting like a spoiled brat from hell.. Freak

2606 days ago

tuna marie    

if he really cared about his children, he would have gone to court after the week his crazy ex just had to get full custody of them. first she screamed obscentities at paps with her kids crying in back seat. then she goes insane at ok photo shoot, then she gets into an altercation in vegas while holding her child.. if those incidents don't say she isn't capable of raising her kids, nothing does. kevin doesn't want those children fulltime. he really isn't interested in them, he is only interested in britney's money.

2606 days ago

Funny Answers    

This guy only bedded and bread children with Brit to get money. He is useless, and a big piece of crap. She can be helped, he cannot. He believes he is something, what I can tell him. Someone needs to see that she gets help, other than the blood suckers hanging onto her, and hire someone to help get her on track and the kids. K-Fed needs to get lost. Who is the next person to fall for his crap , have two kids, and get more attention.

2606 days ago


Shelly get a clue! BRITNEY IS A TRAINWRECK, she shouldn't even be allowed to have those poor little dogs, but she sure should NOT be allowed to have even as much as unsupervised visits with those poor children of hers. ONLY her behavior with OK magazine proves that much, but added to stripping in public down to her see-through panties and all the other whacked-out stunts she pulls means Britney is only inches from a complete mental meltdown. Think she would let her mother see those children? NO, Britney hates EVERYONE who tries to help her, and if not for Kevin, those poor little babies would never see their grandmother because Britney hates her mother. Maybe Kevin is not the best choice IN THE WORLD for a parent, but he IS their father, and his mental health is fine. You may not like him, but so what, he is at least not a trainwreck, like Britney. Kevin should get those poor babies, and Britney should have to pay Kevin to take on this responsibility. Britney should have to Pay him a lot, after all, it is Britney who refuses to get her life together, so it is HER fault Kevin needs to take their kids away from her so nothing bad will happen to them. Britney should have to pay for being an unfit mother who has not even tried to be a better, more stable human being and mother for her own children. Britney only cares about herself.

2606 days ago


15k for 18 years,and 20k till november.. well he needs to find a job!!

2606 days ago



2606 days ago


Poor kids are going to be bounced between the kettle and the frying pan. How about option 3?? Fostercare!!!

2606 days ago


I believe Kevin didn't need to go after custody of his other children because unlike Britney, Shar Jackson is (fairly) stable from what I've seen. I don't see her out partying every night, flashing her cheeks (and other body parts) to the world. Britney shouldn't lose her children completely but they really need a more stable environment. Maybe Shar should have temporary custody of Britney's children too.

2606 days ago


I can't understand why everyone is putting Brit down, she is doing the best she can and I know plenty of young mothers who have made similar mistakes. That doesn't make them bad mothers, it just makes them human. Everyone thinks because celebrities are in the public eye that they should be perfect. Well get over it. They are human and make the same mistakes as everyone else. Next time you people want to judge Brit, Paris, or even Lohan, take a long hard look in the mirror, it could just as easily be you!

2606 days ago


Well you know what she should have listened to her mother, and now she's paying the price. Anybody with a brain can tell he was only in to her cause of the money but obviously she was not able to see. What ever his intentions are at least he's not acting the way Britney is.

2606 days ago


Justa, it should be OBVIOUS why Federline would go for full custody of his two youngest children by Spears. Shar Jackson, the mother of his older two children, is stable emotionally...she is not out partying at all hours, she is not out exposing herself, she is not putting her children in danger by doing crazy stunts. There is no reason for him to want full custody of those two. Spears has serious problems, and Federline has shown himself to be emotionally stable this last year, while she just gets worse and worse.. I hope he does get full custody. Spears has proven over and over and over that she is unfit to have those children.

2606 days ago


Britney does too many drugs and drinks too many drinks and has shown great instability
and shouldn't even have any kids. These children won't starve to death but they will lack a proper upbring with parents like these two. Another celebrity disgrace.

2606 days ago

a big fan    

Our thoughts and prayers are with Britney at this most difficult time.

2606 days ago

in the know    

# 8 Do you personally know Britney? Are you a doctor and have personally evaluated her? ?Where do you get off giving a diagnosis to a person you never met and never will? From your local library? #10 is right on the dime... Kevin is never seen with his kids because he does his partying inside just like his attorney tells him to. It has been widely reported he has nannies who keep the kids in the bedroom while he entertains when he has custody. He has been to Vegas numerous times when he had the kids, nannies in tow. No one cares what Kevin does, not even the paparazzi so he does what every he wants and no one says a word about his role as a dad. He has not been seen in public once in the past year with his sons, not once. That is very strange since you have the leave the house sometime. Why should he get child support when they have the kids 50/50? Once again just like Shar, she is supporting him as he is also recieving alimony. If he is such a man why doesn't he support himself instead of going to bed at night knowing he ex wife is paying his bills. Anyone who says he wants full custody because he cares is nuts. She will have to pay him a fortune in support plus alimony. He is such a snake in the grass loser. I hope Britney has learned her lesson, she has never been the same since she left him.

2606 days ago
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