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Britney on the Fringe

7/30/2007 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The train wreck is back in town! Wearing a splashy Great Gatsby inspired fringed frock, Britney Spears ditched Vegas and hit up Winston's in LA this weekend.

The Britster entered the Hollywood club Saturday night with a new, unknown female companion (who knew she still had a friend?) as paparazzi tried to get her to speak about her utterly disastrous OK! Magazine photo shoot. Spears, ratty extensions and all, could do nothing but smile.

Spears flashed the cameras ... with a peace sign on her way out.


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She dont deserve to have thos kids, they are much better off without tis trash in their loves. Kevin is soooo looking like a much better parent this skanky spears. Stop being a 99cent hooker and be a mother to those kids u trashtastic slut bag!!!

2581 days ago

Jennifer H Calgary AB    

There is nothing wrong with Britney going out to the clubs and having fun, she is still young. And what else is she supposed to do when Kevin has the kids. Give her a break!! Stop hating.... Canada loves you Britney!!!

2581 days ago

Cat Stevns    

she looks fugly. Ha HA!

2581 days ago


When I slammed Brit in the past on this site, I was damn near lynched. I've never had anything against her personally but her lack of parenting skills and her recent trips into Hoochieville just urks me to no end. I really do wish her well for her kid's sake. She needs her own mom back in her life to help her. Brit needs to grow up.

2581 days ago

Happy Harry    

you people trashing britany do NOT understand...she HAS to be seen in public to keep her career going. at this point keeping her career going is more important than staying at home with the kids. otherwise where will the money come from for necessities like food and shelter. britany will never work a normal office job so she has to make whatever she can make through her music and celebrity while she is still young so the kids can have a FUTURE.

2581 days ago


UGH! Will it ever end for these girls? I can understand as a parent, every now and then you need a night out with your girls just to unwind but seriously if any one of us were to party this much with 2 small children, we would have been reported to child services already. I know someone said she only goes out when Kevin has the boys, but you would think that common sense would kick in since she is in the limelight and constantly judged and photographed, that she would stay low-key and at the least ACT like she is a mother of two small children. People don't understand that what you do has an affect on your children later in life. How embarassing it will be for these boys when they get older and start getting teased that their mom for one is Brittany Spears and for two that the whole world has seen her hoo-hoo and just all the crazy things she has done. She needs to clean up her act now or give the boys up to their dad until she gets herself together or they will end up in the same position when they get older. If I feel bad for anyone its for the babies, not her.

2581 days ago


To #18, Brit does not have a career. That trailer trash skank needs to stay home and take care of her rug rats. No one told her to procreate like minks.

BRIT YOUR 15 MINS OF FAME IS UP. Learn from Beyonce.

2581 days ago


Spears Family,
In many interviews Lynne Spears has told the tale of how your family struggled to get Britney’s career started and how you “stole from Peter to pay Paul.” She explains how she, Britney and a young Jamie Lynn got an apartment in New York while Jamie (Britney’s dad) and older brother stayed behind at the main family home. Basically, it was this big tale of woe about how you struggled for the sake of Britney’s career. This is what Britney and Jamie Lynn have been taught about priorities from a very early age. They have been taught that family and morals do not come first… but rather they come second to fame and fortune. They have been taught that fame and fortune are the all-important goals, much more important that any moral obligation. They have been taught that you go for what you want at all costs, not matter how it affects your children. I understand that Lynne Spears thinks that she made all of those sacrifices so her daughter could have a better life, but do they really have a better life? I am not saying that unless it comes easy and at no cost that you shouldn’t go for it… that’s not what I am saying at all. I also know that great goals come with great sacrifice, but when is enough enough? When your children are not raised properly and there is not one ounce of normalcy available to them… I am sorry, but you sacrificed too much. I look back at Britney’s first video and first interview and think “what a young, fresh-faced little girl with her whole life ahead of her.” Now I think “It’s so sad to realize that this young girl’s life has become nothing less than a tragedy.”

Many people who are considered to be “white trash” think that being rich and famous will make their lives better, but fame and fortune are not a measure of success. Look at Britney’s life… when you take the money and fame and fortune away from this girl, what do you have? Divorced with two children before she’s 30 with no sense of who she is or what she is doing. NO sense of stability or purpose. While her children’s future hangs in the balance, she is still going out on a regular basis. Take the fame and fortune away from Jamie Lynne and what do you get? A 16 year old CHILD who is PREGNANT and living with a boyfriend! Insane! What are Lynne and Jamie Spears doing?!

Listen! Do you realize that you can’t take fame and fortune with you when you die… and that these things mean nothing when you take a step back and look at the big picture. You are not judged by the amount of money you have or the amount of albums you have sold. Your family is a mess and needs help. You need to get your priorities straight. There is nothing wrong with being rich and famous, but if it kills your spirit and robs you of any sense of normalcy, then it’s time for a change. Move out of the spot light… don’t go to places where you will be photographed as often. You can bet your bottom dollar that if you were to buy a home in the mountains of Colorado, sure you might get photographed a few times by the paparazzi, but those occurrences will be less then that of L.A. You can show your children that they are the main priority, not fame and fortune. You can raise them the right way with their best interests in mind. Get some peace in your lives. Hire a yoga instructor, personal trainer and life coach to work with you and your family. Fix yourself on the inside and everything else will fall in to place. Find God if you lost him. He is amazing and loves your family. Don’t try to fix your image… that stuff will happen on its own when you actually do fix yourself on the inside. Britney, you don’t seem to be too concerned about your children. You can go out once in a while, but you go out too often. Get your kids and take care of them! Jamie Lynn, you are far too young to realize that what you have experienced in terms of “family” is unhealthy. I feel so bad for your entire family, but only you guys can fix this. Seriously. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

2581 days ago

Not Your Average Joke    

Who are we to judge? She is young and dumb to what reality really is. She will grow up and realize what a mess she made of her life and career... later on. Right now she knows no different. Her children may be better off with their father but we, the public , have no say in that. Would you like complete strangers commenting on your life and say that your children should be taken away? Who knows she may be at that club promoting something. Gotta get paid somehow!

2581 days ago

I love u Travis    

I britney loves all the paps around her all the time! she smiles and waves , but she crys when they wont leave her alone! she is a mess get help britney before u kill yourself!

2581 days ago


What is it with the peace sign? I do believe, the sign belongs to Lindsey.

2581 days ago


Britney,Nicole,Paris,Lyndsy.....WHO THE F**K CARES?!? E nough wasted space reporting on these bitches.

2581 days ago

Michigan Mom    

Report her for what? Going out when K-Fed has the kids.....And what makes anyone think he's the better parent? It's just no ones follows him around, and why is that? he's a nobody! So no one cares thats he parties all the time.

2581 days ago


Post #18, Ho Hum!! Comments, not a novel.

2581 days ago


We all know, by now

We all don't want to say it,

But Kevin is looking, and sounder much GROWN up to take over the kids

Who is the Better Parent these days....

She is gonna get OLD, before her time, all that Partying, is going to catch
up with her,

She is a very SAD, SICK Woman!!

2581 days ago
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