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Britney on the Fringe

7/30/2007 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The train wreck is back in town! Wearing a splashy Great Gatsby inspired fringed frock, Britney Spears ditched Vegas and hit up Winston's in LA this weekend.

The Britster entered the Hollywood club Saturday night with a new, unknown female companion (who knew she still had a friend?) as paparazzi tried to get her to speak about her utterly disastrous OK! Magazine photo shoot. Spears, ratty extensions and all, could do nothing but smile.

Spears flashed the cameras ... with a peace sign on her way out.


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800 pound gorilla fart    

Yes she doesn't fit the mold of Moldy LA so WHAT ? Being herself is an adventure .
Dlckheads . You try having cameras' on you 24/7 and see how you respond .yeh right.
Dlckheads .

2605 days ago


In the video when she drove away she did not have her seat belt on.

2605 days ago


She needs a no nonsense stylist/manager (not one from California, and not a Britney worshiper) who will take her, make her stay in what ever mansion she is in (stop buying mansions for God's sake, it makes her look like a nut and that you are rubbing the $$$$ in everyone's face!). Then, have the stores bring the specifically requested apparel, shoes and accessories to HER instead of going to the stores. This way, there are no more traffic jams of photographers, nothing gets leaked and hopfully, this girl/woman, can finally look presentable and not like a greasy, trashy kid. Everyone has said that she looks dirty, which she never did before when she was at the top of her game. A specific look needs to be created that is not trailer trash, and that would be her own, classic signature style. Not a trashy trucker style that looks like she just got out of the sack. A seamstress needs to be brought in,to make sure everything fits properly and not too tight. She does not have the body of a 16 year old anymore. She has had two kids and it is never going to go back. It may go back some, but not to what it was then. She then needs to get a professional staff: two chefs -- two twelve hour shifts so she eats right, a personal trainer, bodyguards around the clock and drivers. If she is going to be carting around the kids, no more excuses for driving with a kid on her lap. She also needs a therapist and some serious counseling. She is trying to prove something and it is not working. The more she tries, the bigger mansion KFed seems to get. She needs to be reminded that this so called 'back up dancer' wasn't even able to make his rent when she plucked him out of obsecurity and now he has a HUGE mansion and money in the bank. I hope she reads this. I really doubt she will. And, I hope if she does get a stylist manager, that it is not some trendy kid but a mature female (not a male, we all know what happens there!) with class and a great sense of style who can follow the trends and put her back on the path. She isn't a kid anymore. She looks worse and worse every day. If she does read this, find my email through this site, I will gladly find her someone qualified to assist her

2605 days ago

Amy Silverman    

For her to spend so much on clothing-she always looks like a bowl of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2605 days ago


Is Britney Homeless? Or does she live at the Clubs. Give us a Break. She is nothing to look at ,these days..... She is a Mess.

2605 days ago


stay HOME already. honestly, is that too much to ask? i don' t have kids but i thought that parents liked to spend time with them, specially when they're young. wtf, are you waiting for one of them to drown in the bathtub or something? then again, you most likely wouldn't notice since you're high on crack or something. since its obvious you're career is over, you should try being a mother instead. god what a dumb skank. take her kids away already!

2605 days ago

Over It Already    

TO BRITNEY: Assuming that you are glued to TMZ and read every tid-bit of press simply because you insist on the attention, you really need to focus on being a Mom to your boys!! What the hell are you doing girl? You won't figure this all out for a few years, but you're going to be sorry that you've pulled some of the crap you've pulled lately. Pictures last forever - but you can do some damage control now and be a good Mom to Sean and Jayden. Get with it and realize it's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

2605 days ago

ms. anonymous    

What a train wreck!!! Her "dress" looks like something that should be around a banquet table....I think she misunderstood what a table skirt is!

2605 days ago


OK! I am looking at the not so obvious here, is there not a seat belt law in California??

2605 days ago


Britney makes me sick..........prior to getting married all she ever talked about was wanting to get married and have kids............guess it wasnt the fairytale or as easy as she expected. She shoud stay home and take a shower. Someone please take those kids away

2605 days ago


She is disturbed! What sane mother in their right mind would go out looking like that after all the really bad press in the last few weeks? She about to lose her kids and she doesn't even care. How STUPID are YOU???? You know it's just not fair that good parents struggle to make ends meet and try to be role models for their children and people like Brittany have more money than she knows what to do with and just takes her kids for granted! I hope K-Fed takes the kids and your money and runs!

2605 days ago


With all that money can't she buy nicer wigs! I just don't get it!

2605 days ago

Who's That?    

Whats most amazing: no seat belt! Brit, get with it! Buckle up, girlfriend! Hope her boys don't lose their mom like Princess Diana's did. If she'd warn a seat belt, she'd be alive today.

2604 days ago
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