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Britney's Mom - The New Dina-Lo?

7/30/2007 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her daughter in full meltdown mode, where was Britney Spears' mom on Saturday night? Why, throwin' it down in the VIP at PURE nightclub at Caesars in Las Vegas -- the same place Brit had to be carried out of on New Year's. Yee-haw!

Lynne Spears, according to Vegas Confidential, went to Vegas to try to patch things up, and even took Brit's little sis with her, dining at Social House Saturday night. Then, Lynne headed to PURE with "a few friends, taking a spot on the VIP main stage."

Brit spent a couple days in Vegas last week, trying to escape Grease-gate, but reportedly had to leave the Wynn after her bodyguards mixed it up with photogs there.

Jessica Alba Goes Rock-Hunting

That supposed split between Jessica Alba and boytoy Cash Warren? Not so fast -- as long as Jess gets some ring-finger-bling soon.

Gatecrasher reports that Alba is ready for marriage, but that Cash isn't, and what prompted the discontent was Jessica's desperate housewife pal Eva Longoria. "Seeing Eva get married made Jessica wistful," says a "friend" of Eva's. "That was the reason Jessica seemed to be in a terrible mood in Paris." But the couple isn't done -- just waiting to walk down the aisle.

Elisabeth's "View" – Let's Make Whoopi!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck won't spill the goods on who's going to be sitting with her at "The View's" coffee table -- but she did tell People over the weekend, "I loved working with Whoopi Goldberg." And E takes a not-so-subtle dig at former swordswoman, Rosie O'Donnell, saying, "She is soulful ... and I don't sense any sort of political agenda." Meanwhile, Hasselbeck says she's finally "feeling pregnant," and that Barbara must love Whoopi too, because, "Who isn't into Whoopi?"

Party Favors: "Wonder Years" Math-Whiz Winnie Calls Paris, Lindsay "Dumb and Irresponsible" ... Starlet-Off-the-Rails Alert! Brittany Snow ... "Simpsons" Make Piles of "D'oh!"

Danica McKellar -- she who bewitched Fred Savage (and other young fellas on "The Wonder Years") -- is telling little girls that being all Lindsay and Paris isn't what it's all about. She's written a book called "Math Doesn't Suck," encouraging girls not to be afraid of math -- and being smart. Danica majored in Math in college. ... Brittany Snow -- the wide-eyed innocent in "American Dreams" -- goes totally the opposite direction in her next flick, "Black Water Transit," when she plays a troubled prostitute, she tells Us. "Basically," says Brit, "I have sex with everyone in the movie." ... "The Simpsons" rolled up $71 million at the box office this weekend -- and thousands of American women are now owed a favor by their boyfriends.


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Elisabitch is nothing but a damn liar? She sits on her flat over tanned orange ass and spews GOP talling points. What Rosie said about the war is factual and the majority of the American people agree that this war has done more harm to secuity of America than good. karma is a bitch and Elisabitch will get hers soon enough.

Why doesn't she encourage her butt ugly husband to enlist and fight in a cause they believe in. Pat Tillman did, and now his murder is being covered up. The truth can't be hidden forever. Sooner or later Bush and his corrupt Klan will get caught in all of their lies.

2640 days ago

tooth fairy    

Isn't Britney's mom too old for clubs? How old is too old for going to clubs? I am confused.

2640 days ago


Danica McKellar should have better manners. If she can't say something nice she shouldn't say anything at all. People have forgotten that Lindsey and Britney started off as children in the business and they became cash cows for their families.

Addiction is a disease and part of the problem is the media who watches their every move. can you imagine what it would be like to have you face plastered on magazines and such , reporting about your failures. These young women need some serious help and it's not a joke.

2640 days ago


. "You go, Elizabeth."

Please go far way !

2640 days ago


LOL...NOTHING Rosie has said about the war or anything else is factual. She makes it all up.

Americans want to win and not run away the way the Left made us do in Vietnam. We don't want to leave people to be slaughtered, especially those who helped us. Funny Rosie has no concern for those kinds of people. She probably likes her dog more.

2640 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's amazing how jealous some people are of Elizabeth on The View. She has a college degree, she's beautiful, and she's HAPPY. The stupid liberals writing in are probably on welfare and can't stand that someone young is actually successful. The media is saying that all Americans are against the war. No one I know has ever been called or polled. I'm sick of people always complaining but never offering any genuine solutions. If we pull out of Iraq too soon, the enemy will be over here in a flash. AND, I'm a proud Democrat - not a stupid Democrat, so there!!!!!

2640 days ago

you go girl    

the real tradgedy here is that a brilliant mind like Whoopi has to go to the view to pay the bills. she eclipses those hags ( except for joy) by a mile. Why isn't she in hte movies and parasite is. i wan to see a story and not look at some anorexic, drug addicted, spoiled, stupid and boring whore. i won't watch the view. i hate to see what we have done to a great artist like whoopi.

2640 days ago


#25 roger , hes smart ,he going places

2640 days ago

Allred Tree    

Nancy Grace was very good on The View today and I hope she replaces Elisabeth. Her husband must wear ear plugs when he is home (which isn't too often - who can blame him?).

I hope that Whoopi is going to be replacing Rosie. Anyone but HORRID GAIL KING - UGH! She is just repulsive and her ass gets bigger by the minute. Rosie's wasn't as huge as Gail's!

2640 days ago


It's almost heartbreaking to see Jamie Lynn, as she looks so much like Britney did in her glory days. It makes you think of how things could have gone differently for Britney. I really dislike seeing Lynn take her daughter, who is in my opinion too young for Las Vegas anyway, to a nightclub there. There are more appropriate vacation locations and venues for young ladies to be in. Also in Britney's current state of mind Vegas isn't the best place to try and discuss their family problems either, if that's indeed why she was there, as I know this is all gossip. If she introduces Jamie Lynn to this lifestyle so young in life, she too may end up repeating her big sister's mistakes.

2640 days ago


I would just like to say that I dragged my boyfriend to the Simpson's Movie, not the other way around, I have been talking about it for months; and your tiny little sexist quip has made me want to stop reading your site.

2639 days ago


If Cash Warren doesn't want to get married to Jessica, he's an idiot and should move on over. There are plenty of guys who would love the chance to walk down the isle with Jessica. And they don't need 2 years to figure it out.

2639 days ago

Great Grandma Angie    

I don't dislike Elisabeth anymore. I do not like the way she makes a big stink every time some one says something negative about her precious Republicans. When that occurs I go from enjoying the show to wanting to throw up. If Elisabeth is going to continue on the View there should be a rule that no politics is to be discussed. There is enough topics to choose from. I have always been a Whoopie fan but I don't know if I like her for the View, she is not very lively. If she wasn't black I am sure there would be a lot of roles out there for her. That is a shame! She is very talented. Back to Elisabeth, she is not beautiful in my opinion. She is an attractive girl, a cute girl but not beautiful. Joy, anyone that types your name on Wikipedia can see your birthdate. You need to get over it.

2638 days ago


How dare U call her dina lowwwww. this woman is trying to save her daughter, not make money from her>>> If this picture is true, heaven help her with her parents love>>>> if not and she may use them , then KARMA BRITNEY>>>>>>>

2572 days ago


to the comment about where did THAT Britney in the photo go? that is the "BEFORE" kevin look . what she has not is the "AFTER" kevin .

2571 days ago
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