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Leinart Settles Child Support Fight

7/30/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeinartThe brutal child support war between NFL stud Matt Leinart and baby mama Brynn Cameron finally came to end late last week -- but closure didn't come cheap!

TMZ has learned that Leinart will shell out $15,000 per month in child support, around half of what Cameron claimed she needed to care for the couple's nine-month-old son, Cole.

But Leinart's legal battles aren't over yet -- the QB will be back in court August 13 to fight for the right to spend more time with his kid.


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Matt Leinart is fugly and hairy.

2455 days ago


I knew she would not get $30,000 a month! $6,000 should be enough to raise a kid for anyone let alone $15,000..........

2455 days ago


7. The girl lives at home with her parents and the baby.

2455 days ago


Child support is supposedly for the child. But there is no accountability on how it is spent, nor any needs testing.

For example if parent A without custody makes 50K and Parent B with custody makes 2 million, in some areas the "low income" Parent A will pay 20-30% of their GROSS before taxes income, plus a share of day care costs, plus a share of medical, plus prepaid college expenses in advance.

Meanwhile the other parent does not really need that money, but can spend it on anything they want.

If you consider parent A, they will need to change their lifestyle unless they are getting alimony from the higher income person (does not always happen).

Having said all of that...parent A will see the child about 4 full days a month on average. Unless that is blocked in which case the courts don't tend to be able to help much if the custodial parent is female.

They get no rebate for the fact that their own residence must ALSO have child accommodations. For example a 2BR apt versus a 1 BR. So that extra cost is born by parent A alone, plus they have to pay for part of the home at parent Bs.

It's not always so harsh but there is no shortage of examples where it is.

2455 days ago


7. The girl lives at home with her parents and the baby.

2455 days ago


She wont live with mommy and daddy for long!!

2455 days ago

That girl is a joke.    

Everyone pay attention to what new clothing, cars, and homes this money-whore is going to have in the next few months. And what the baby should have and won't.

2455 days ago


The fact that he has to go to court to get more visitation tells me exactly what kind of bitch she is.

2455 days ago

Roger & Me    

at first I thought #4 was being sarcastic - Why does it cost $30k or even $15k a month to raise the baby. It is supposed to be Child Support - not get set for 18 years by having a wealthy mans baby. If the $ was accounted for and totally spent on the child that would be great - but most of the time its for the moms wants which have nothing to do with the babys needs.

2455 days ago


[[[The fact that he has to go to court to get more visitation tells me exactly what kind of bitch she is.]]]

Women are nearly 100% in charge of visitation and there is little accountability nor checks and balances. A man who is blocked generally gets little if any help from the courts if it makes it that far ($$$$ and about 2 months to get a court date). The Police cannot help as that is a matter for the courts.

Most men without custody see the child according to a 4 day a month plan (every other weekend) plus a dinner during the week.

Sports stars with an off season and periodic breaks get to spend lots of time with the family at times during the year...that can be ignored when the 4 day plan is rubber stamped.

I think that shared parenting is much better as it is so much more flexible and the child sees both parents more often. Parenting can actually take place!

Some of the men who are routinely blocked from their kids then face the label of being a bad Dad as the kids don't see them much. I know some folks who when they were kids all they heard was what a devil their Dad was who hates them. Then they meet them as adults and realize...they are not. This is not that rare I have a friend who went through that and a cousin who met his Dad at age 28 who then got him off drugs and into college. Now he works on Wall street.

2455 days ago


Haha, and I thought $350/month was a backbreaker...

2455 days ago


I also receive child support, which amounts to about a third of what it actually costs to raise my kids, yet my ex complains, bitches, and moans to anyone who will isten that he is supporting ME and even went so far as to ask the court to order that he NOT have to support his children, as in HIS view, my NEW husband should have to. He has actually stated that I should give ALL the child support TO the kids to spend as they would like, rather than on food and clothing. For a regular parent who DOESNT get 15,000 a month, its hard to make ends meet. This gold digger baby mommy needs to shut up and raise her baby.

2455 days ago


shes lucky to get that, when my child was little, all i got was $60.00 a month on a good month.

2455 days ago


Check this out...the tax angle:

Do I have to pay tax on child support payments I received?
No, you don't have to report child support payments received on your tax return. Child support payments are neither taxable to the recipient on his/her tax return, nor tax deductible by the payer on his/her tax return. Any alimony payments that include an element of child support payments are not taxable on your tax return as to the child support payments element.

So...that 15 K is tax free to her! And if it is combined in some manner with alimony...that too can be shielded. I'm not a tax maven but that is also a factor here.

2455 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

If this young lady would be a little kind he might come back to her. He is pissed now and she was asking way too much.

He wants joint custody and she want his visits at her home so they can bond.

He found a new girlfriend and he's in love get over it. You decided to have a baby. I saw an article were she was saying he never spends time with the baby and I have to do it all by myself. Guess what many women do most ot it my theirselves.

She is goning to freak out when he gets to take the baby to his house.

Matt like th old saying goes It's cheaper to keep her!

2455 days ago
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