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Leinart Settles Child Support Fight

7/30/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeinartThe brutal child support war between NFL stud Matt Leinart and baby mama Brynn Cameron finally came to end late last week -- but closure didn't come cheap!

TMZ has learned that Leinart will shell out $15,000 per month in child support, around half of what Cameron claimed she needed to care for the couple's nine-month-old son, Cole.

But Leinart's legal battles aren't over yet -- the QB will be back in court August 13 to fight for the right to spend more time with his kid.


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Roger & Me    

Use your head - because people on here are criticizing the amount or the motives does not mean they suggest giving NOTHING. Child Support should be for the CHILD. If she wanted spousal support she should have MARRIED him.

2613 days ago


LOL Exactly.

2613 days ago

Roger & Me    

lol let me slow down and help you with the Crystal Ball comment:

How was he to know she was "money hungry" - you all don't come with signs around your little necks.

You see I wasn't insinuating he wasn't aware that having sex could lead to babies. Im sure you make tons of dough hunny - just keep prickin those condoms with the pins.. you will EARN more paydays soon!

2613 days ago


12. Stan, didn't you once write that you were in arrears on child support? Because baby's mama can't be paying for things for the child on IOUs when baby's daddy didn't pay the court-ordered support on time. forgot to explain that part.

2613 days ago


Brynn asked for $30,000 so she'd get $15,000. For all you who say, "I survive on way less'" good for you. However, your child's father doesn't make 51 million in 6 years.

Matt will get plenty of visitation. Brynn is breasfeeding now, and breastfeeding babies should spend most of their time with their mommy's. After one year of age, most babies are weaned. Matt will have plenty of time.

2613 days ago

Doesn't Matter    

Why would he need a crystal ball? Weren't they a couple long before his status as a pro?

You go Doesn't Matter! She deserves all she gets. It takes 2 to tango!

2613 days ago


[[[[[Stan, didn't you once write that you were in arrears on child support? Because baby's mama can't be paying for things for the child on IOUs when baby's daddy didn't pay the court-ordered support on time. forgot to explain that part.]]]]]

No I am not and never have been in arrears. Mostly I have averaged about one year paid in advance and everyone knows it. That is deliberate. I don't care to be arrested on the say-so of my ex. That has happened to two of my friends. Then they are taken from jail to the court after a few days where it is found that everything was okay after all and then the Mom is not penalizes at all. It's cheaper to prepay in advance if you can so that you can sleep at night. I also have prepaid college from my son's age of about 9 but would have preferred to be able to buy a house with that, rather than being in an apartment now. My ex is looking at buying a horse farms with her spare cash and has a large home.

I cannot count on being able to see my son according to our keeps getting cancelled by my ex. So I just lost a few weekends recently and just heard that my Tuesday dinner with my son is now cancelled. Altogether I have lost the visitation in about 3 1/2 months of time in the last year. Nothing seems to be doable to fix that. I just heard from my son that he has called his attorney asking for help with this stuff. Well so far the guy seems to be ineffective in being able to help the child see the father. My son is now limping after having been intimidated into wearing shoes way too small a few years back. We found out that my ex is a NARCISSIST which explains a great deal. Look it up and read about what they are like to deal with - they are the hardest of all the different types of people.

Thanks for asking.

2613 days ago


[[[Thanks Stan]]]

You're welcome. Honestly...had I not seen some of this mess in our family courts, I never would have believed it. It's like you are in the twilight zone or in a Franz Kafka novel.

That's a shame since every study shows that kids do their best and have the strongest odds for a bright future when both parents are in their lives.

2613 days ago


Who is still unclear about the $15K in child support?

The amount the father pays is based on his income, so if he makes a lot of money, HE PAYS A LOT OF CHILD SUPPORT!


2613 days ago


You have got to be kidding me! I had to battle my son's father to get him to pay $506 per month for 1 child. What in the hell kind of diapers is she going to buy??? This kind of crap is ridiculous and it pisses me off just hearing it. These judges let the rest of us mothers struggle while this woman will be shopping on Rodeo! She should be ashamed of herself.

2612 days ago


It's amazing to me reading the more than igorant comments about child support, starting with TMZ itself. Cameron NEVER "demanded" that amount, it's what the state formulated guideline system calls for based upon Leinart's earnings. Each child support case is different. If these two remained a couple he'd be supporting that child in a manner similar to the amount itself. Educate yourselves, people.

2612 days ago


amy, sorry that you have a dead beat baby dady, but if he made 51 million in 6 years you'd be in better shape!!!!! Why should she be ashamed? You should be ashamed for your idiotic comment. Some men ,not unlike yours, don't want to pay for child care. He apparantly was forced to pay this.GOOD! I am thankful for these laws as you should be. Don't hate on her because the baby dady RICH!

2612 days ago


Why is Leinart's PR firm fighting this battle through TMZ and People Magazine? Brynn Cameron made a brief mention of Leinart's lack of parenting involvement to an obscure paper in Ventura and Leinart's people went into full attack mode.

Maybe if he would spend more time with his child and less time trying to be a Hollywood celebrity, he wouldn't look like such a douche bag.

TMZ is buying all the BS that Leinart's PR firm is dishing out about Brynn.

2612 days ago


Holy christ almighty, that's a lot of money! I hope she spends a few of those dollars on the kid.

2612 days ago


A reader said it the best when they stated something about how much Matt makes. That's not the point. The point is how much it truly costs to care for Cole. Sheis showing her true colors by asking for so much. In AZ the court can take up to 49% of the fathers income. Now seriously, is that really needed? Give him credit fo actually stepping up to take care of the baby. Didn't he buy her a car already? That was going above and beyond than he needed too!! She can tell her lawyer what she "needs" and not just a figure. I'm glad she's only getting the $15k. It should be less!!

2612 days ago
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