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7/30/2007 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hamptons was the spot to be for bargain-hunting celebs like Mandy Moore, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kelly Ripa and Edie Falco this past weekend. The 10th annual Super Saturday "garage sale" event hosted over 200 vendors including the likes of Marc Jacobs and Dooney and Burke. Super Saturday hosts top designers who have a giant outdoor garage sale donating the previous years items with major discounts ... net proceeds benefit The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Guilt free shopping!

In other NY news, Russell Simmons hosted the "Art for Life" party at his plush Hamptons home, attended by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, and supermodel Petra Nemcova.

Meanwhile, in L.A. a pretty preggo Drea de Matteo was seen leaving Koi -- looking full and claiming she was "retired." "Joey" must have been good to her!

All this and much more in today's rummage sale edition of Star Catcher! No checks! Cash only!


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Hasselbeck is a moron. I always hoped Rosie would just eat her for dinner.

2641 days ago

Joe Tyler    

Rosie is a stupid pig. Elisabeth at least had an education. By the way Rosie is a stupid pig. I just hope she and Kelly do not brake up. Otherwise, Hillary Clinton would leave Billy and Rosie would be the first lady----or in this case the first pig.

2641 days ago



You're the moron and an uneducated pig!

2641 days ago


omg!! who ever made
hassleBITCH famous

2641 days ago


OK, tell the 20 something genius who wrote the story to get their designers straight. It's Dooney and Bourke

2641 days ago

Joe Tyler    

OMG---who ever made Rosie famous. WOW---she can play with a flashlight---Give Me A Break!!!! She is a pig---LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!!! She is little education!!! Elisabeth has graduated from college. She nice to everyone on her show. Rosie is a bitter person who needs medication. By the way, I also have an education and not overweight.

2641 days ago


it proves my point
it does not take TALENT
to get on TV AND BECOME
A staaaar??????
give me a break!!!

2641 days ago


i heard Elizabeth was a bitch to NANCY GRACE,,,,,,,WTF???,,NANCY is a geek, but we like her, anyhow, Elizibeth,,is better than Rosie 4 life!!!

2641 days ago

Miss T    

I hate that fat ass BITCH!!!

2641 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Rosie without her education is so very successful and yeah she can be loud and
obnoxious, but she is donating a lot of her money to help the less fortunate not only
finacially bit also emotionally. A lot of people don't like Rosie because she says it like it
is. There have been times when she was kind of out of line, but so has Elisabitch.

She is such an arrogant moron, there are a lot of families that cannot afford insurance
for their kids, they can barely put food on their tables after paying bills, On last week's
show she annouced that parents should pay for their kids insurance. My family are
blessed, we have good dental and health insurance and I am able to stay at home
with my kids. Not everyone has that opportunity, so I was shocked to hear her say
that, it was in referance to Michael Moore's movies "Sicko".

As you all know this selfish beady eyed bitch is doing some major social climbing and
she will do anything to keep brown nosing Bush, In fact when the President had his
colonscopy done they found 5 polyps and an imprint of Hasslebitch's face on on of it.

Michael Moore was on the week before she annouced in her nasally voice " I think
parents should pay for their kids insurance" Barbara Walters looked at her sharply
but did not say anything. she showed her belly on TV, which was disgusting enough.
she is no Demi Moore that' for sure, she grabbed her boobies and makes remarks
that are totally out of line, and I don't understand why nobody tells her off, ROSIE was
the only one who did it and did it good.

They are all supposed to give their views of whatever the topic is about, and a little bit
of debate is fun but Elisabitch reaches the point where she wants to have the last word
and will not let people finish their sentences, specially when it come to The President,
we all have our feelings on how he is running the counrty but this dumb faced bitch
takes it to a whole new level. I THINK Whoopi Goldberg is the one who will be the
moderator of the show, and she is not going to make it, bacause she is too mild to
put up with this selfish ass woman, Kathy Griffin or Roseanne would have been good,
and that Sherri Sherpard is going to be delightful, now SHE is a true Christain, no
drama there. She is for real.

Hasselback is all about drama, she is no true Christain and she has multiple faced,
a total fake. She lacks charector and is what you call a "NAMBY-PAMBY". She seems
to be getting worst she will bring the ratings down and soon it will be cancelled. She
needs to be brought down to earth soon or she should be fired as Star Jones was,
actually they fired the wrong person.

All Elisabitch lovers are like her a namby pamby and you can post as many comments
as you want about me, I don't car, I have said what i know is the truth and I NEVER
EVER go back to read any comments after I have posted mine. She is a moron. Who
wanted to know she peed in her daughters diapers. She has no class. UGLY BITCH!

2641 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

The first two comments on this post, you guys are idiots, you are talking about education
and Rosie eating Elisabitch for dinner. Rosie can afford to eat real food and she is not
a canibbal, How dumb are you? I agree that Elisabitch is disgusting looking from her
beady eyes to her freaking stinking toes.

2641 days ago


Can't stand Kelly or Elisabeth. They are both full of themselves.

2641 days ago


Elisabeth wears a loud 50s style 'house dress' and thinks she defines style. She is pathetic. Go home to your 2nd string football playing husband.

2641 days ago

Joe Tyler    

Rosie is a fat stupid pig! Michael Moore is a fat stupid pig! Both are are bullies and in need of psych help!!!

2640 days ago


Does Mandy Moore ever leave the Hamptons????

2640 days ago
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