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Jaime Pressly:

My Name Is Sit-Ups!

7/30/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been just two months since Jaime Pressly gave birth to her son, Dezi, but the new mom has already shed all her baby weight! Betch! How'd she do that?!

Jaime Pressly and Eric Cubiche
Jaime and fiance Eric Cubiche celebrated her 30th birthday -- and the return of her old body -- with an '80s glam rock-themed party in Vegas on Friday at PURE nightclub's Pussycat Dolls Lounge. Don't cha wish your mommy was hot like me!

Today is the "My Name Is Earl" MILF's actual birthday. Feliz Cumpleanos, mami!


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Why does someone need Zoloft just because Jamie looks like a skank, costume or not? Interesting, #8, that you think people who disagree with you need drugs. Frankly, I think she looks pretty bad, too, and I am also sick of the celeb baby-weight "races." What ARE these women so afraid of?

2621 days ago


#11 How do you know she didn't exercise it all away? That's right you don't. So unless Jaime readily gives out that information you don't know squat.

2621 days ago


She looks damn good but that outfit is a bit streetwalkerish.
Could have made a better choice of what to wear, but fortunatly or unfortunatly she does match what shes is wearing.
Lovely couple

2621 days ago


So Demi 12 and Les 8, you two brainiacks can call a lovely person, who had a baby and got back into shape quickly, ugly names and presume to know how much time she has spent with her child? Yeah, zoloft is a solution. Can you possibly know anything about this woman? Do you know her personally? She is a married woman who just had a baby, and she is a skank? You are so repulsive. And what do they have to be afraid of? Getting in shape and looking fabulous? Oh, yeah, double up on the zoloft. The jealousy and ugly anger is so very apparent.

2621 days ago


I would marry this woman in a minute. She is so fine. I do not know how a guy like him could nail someone like her. Jamie keep up the good work on What about Earl.

2621 days ago


Wow, she really thinks a lot of herself. Thanks, Rachel, #13. I love it the way these celebrities brag about losing all their weight but never give credit to the truth about their lipo and tucks and several hours a day with personal trainers while the nannies are tending to their babies. What a joke.

2621 days ago


I wonder if she really has been doing tons of sits up. If I remember correctly, something happens to the stomach muscles while pregnant, as in they separate. Women are supposed to wait some time for them to return to normal before resuming sit ups, cruches, etc. Perhaps that is why her stomach seems to bulge in the center?

2621 days ago


#15, bitter much? why are you judging women on how they choose to look? if a woman wants to look her best then good for her. i don't think she looks like a skank- it was, say it with me, a theme party. i think she doesn't look bad for having had a kid two months ago. stop being bitter, maybe you don't need zoloft...maybe you just need to relax. go take a nap or something

2621 days ago


For tat: Word! My abdomen snapped right back too. Twice. I've never done a sit-up. Genetics plays a huge role.

I'm not getting the hate on for her figure.

2621 days ago


You guys are so funny! Believe it or not, some people are born "genes" lucky! And I happen to be one of them! LOL I was a 7 size when I had my child, and in 7 days, with NO exercise, NO special diet, I was back in my size 7 jeans!!!!!! LOLOL and my name is not Angie!

2621 days ago


I only gained 15 pounds when I was pregnant with the first child. It all came off within 2 weeks. Now my second one: The weight is still on me. lol

2621 days ago


I wasn't big with my first child at all. I was wearing my regular clothes after a week too. The second one is an entire story.

2621 days ago


All you people who are hating on Jaime probably are 200 lbs over weight and haven't seen your feet in years. Get over over yourself. Whether it was her first child or not, or if she was in shape before or not, it is still hard as hell to get your abs like that after giving birth. There are way too many people out there who haven't had children that can't produce results like her. She looks phenomenal and I give her kudos for pulling it off. And no she didn't do it with surgery, she has always had a hard work ethic towards exercising and keeping fit. She used to be a dancer.

2621 days ago

All American Girl    

She looks older than 30. They all lie about age in Hollywood.

2621 days ago


sorry, but he is one ugggggly man. and if we all had personal trainers,nutritionists ,maybe some lipo then yes we can all look that good after 2 months of having a baby. dont like this couple. fug

2621 days ago
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